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Question Diversity • 7 years ago

I went to see a black gun fight, and a peace rally broke out.

Seriously, they're trying still to this day to convince us that St. Sandwich of Ham dindu nuffins, a sweet little innocent angel, and some white cop just had a taste for black bodies that day and summarily mowed him down. Then his supporters do something like this, which only winds up undermining their case and convincing everyone of the opposite.

Robert Binion • 7 years ago

Isn't he the patron saint of strong arm robbers?

Question Diversity • 7 years ago

You're thinking of GENTILIVS GIANTIVUS. Interestingly, he and St. Sandwich of Ham share a common first cousin.

WJaMrenfan • 7 years ago

They are not really related, are they?

Question Diversity • 7 years ago

Not by blood. Sharing a common first cousin doesn't mean they're related somehow; if they were actually related, we would have been told that they were Xth cousins Y times removed or some such.

bobjo • 7 years ago

Whenever there is a gathering of blacks there is bound to be either noise, gun shots, rioting, looting and killings. Blacks just cannot be still., but have to create chaos.

Dean Buvia • 7 years ago

Its indigenous to the species.

JohnEngelman • 7 years ago

American Renaissance posters too young to remember the Woodstock Festival in 1969 have probably read about it. 400,000 young people, nearly all of whom were white, met at a dairy farm in New York State for a four day rock concert. There were no fights. No one was killed. The few blacks who attended were perfectly safe.

What would have happened if 125,000 mainly black young people had met for a rock concert lasting only a day? You do not need to wonder about it. This is what The Washington Post had to say:


1975 Human Kindness Day’s cruel violence

By — Jenny Pike, Silver Spring September 4, 2011

But plans were made for Human Kindness Day IV, May 10, 1975. Stevie Wonder was the main attraction, scheduled to close a show that included performances by Graham Central Station and other bands.

The crowd was huge, an estimated 125,000 people stretching from the Washington Monument west to 17th Street NW. There were sporadic assaults early in the day, but the real violence didn’t start until after Stevie Wonder’s performance.

A 22-year-old man from Vienna was standing near the base of the monument when a group of men grabbed his wallet. He gave chase and was struck in the mouth with a club. An 18-year-old from Annapolis was jumped by a group of 20 teenagers who beat him and threw bottles at him until he was able to run to an ambulance. The worst injury was to Steven Laine, who was stabbed in his right eye while cutting across the Mall on his way home from work at the Agriculture Department.

“I said, ‘Help me,’ and there was no response,” Laine told a Post reporter from his hospital bed.

By the time it was over, there had been about 500 robberies and 600 injuries, and 150 people were treated at hospitals.


The article does not say it, but nearly everyone present was black. Most of the victims were white. A friend of mine attended. He said that none of the blacks did anything to protect the whites who were attacked. They seemed to approve of what was happening.

JohnEngelman • 7 years ago
IstvanIN • 7 years ago

There were some recent Afro-Caribbean festival in England recently that attracted a lot of stabbings. Mysterious.

Joe Williams • 7 years ago

The annual Notting Hill 'Carnival' (west London) in August. A celebration of black 'culture' - logically, it should only last 5 minutes but it's allowed to drag on for 3 days. Stabbings, muggings, beatings, rapes, to a hellish soundtrack of blasting reggae. The Monday evening is the grand finale when the bluds turn on the cops in an intensely artistic display of bottle-throwing. The whole event is raucous, manic, salacious & downright dumb, with a constant edge of imminent violence. Which sums up neatly the characteristics of many young London blacks.
A police officer said that even in its quieter phases it's 'eerily depressing'. Yes, as if a once relatively peaceful, stable, homogenous country has allowed its traitorous politicians to import the forces of chaos, but it's impolite to mention it. Everybody I know avoids it like the plague. And then we have the muslims.

Frank DeScushin • 7 years ago

"He said that none of the blacks did anything to protect the whites who were attacked. They seemed to approve of what was happening."

That black inaction to help a white victim of black violence or to speak out against black racism directed at whites is completely in line with everything I've read and everything I've experienced on the topic.

Black people complain that the violence of from a small minority of blacks should not be held against all of them. Yet it's not just the actual violence from the minority of blacks that non-blacks notice, it's the silence from the majority of blacks that non-blacks notice.

A majority of blacks don't stop black violence against non-blacks.

A majority of blacks lie to protect the black who acted violently or in a bigoted manner against non-blacks.

And as we've seen a majority of blacks will rally around black criminals who attacked non-blacks as we saw with OJ Simpson and Michael Brown.

People associate blacks with interracial violence not only because a minority of blacks perform it, but also because the majority of blacks seem perfectly OK with it.

I've mentioned before that I have numerous black coworkers and acquaintances in my Facebook newsfeed. After every high profile police shooting of a black suspect I see white people in my newsfeed going out of their way to condemn "this racism" even though there was no proof that racism led to the shooting.

After high profile incidents of a black person attacking white people as we saw with the Dallas police shooting, the Milwaukee riots, and the Charlotte riots, I didn't see a single black person in my newsfeed denounce the overt black-on-white violence and racism. Not a single person.

rob • 7 years ago

Altamont was In 1969 in Alameda County CA. It was an ugly scene. A black was stabbed to death by the Hells Angels security. I found out many years later on Amren that he had a gun on him, and a white girlfriend with him. Showing her off, ill bet. The angels were acquitted. Nothing about him having a gun on him in the politically correct media for years after it happened. (Peejay in Frisco)

Red-haired gal • 7 years ago

I was born in 77 but I saw videos about it. There was a lot of dancing, smoking, and I heard a baby was conceived but don't quote me on that unless you have heard about it?

Unperson • 7 years ago

Sounds like the Milk of Human Kindness was past is sell-by date.

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

"Human Kindness Day" with blacks, indeed! That's like celebrating National Brotherhood Week in Pol Pot's Cambodia. Not a very good idea.

JohnEngelman • 7 years ago

My father used to take his family to the Washington Memorial grounds for Fourth of July celebrations. Nearly everyone was white. There were no fights, no crimes.

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

For July 4, we visit my mother in Boulder. There's a park-and-ride near her place, with a five-story parking garage. I carry folding lawn chairs for us, and we can see the fireworks from Boulder and all the surrounding municipalities from the top level. Lots of other people now do this. The walk back to mom's place is about 20 minutes.

It's a nice environment, mostly elderly people and young families with small children. Yes, nearly everyone has been white.

Sloppo • 7 years ago

The black way of showing kindness causes a lot more bleeding than the white way, but who are we to say one way is better than the other?

bobjo • 7 years ago

WOW, sounds like kill whitey day for the Negroes. Stabbed in the eye? OUCH!
I heard that there were a few pregnancies because of Woodstock.

JohnEngelman • 7 years ago

Probably. I do not think anyone was raped.

sane whiteguy • 7 years ago

Some anarchist tried to burn down a Nathan's hot dog stand at Woodstock.

Funruffian • 7 years ago

This is the kind of data and history that needs to be shared in the media, public schools and just about anywhere in Group discussions. No more bull about we are all the same in violence.

If the left were not incite them to riot, much less mayhem would happen,

rob • 7 years ago

Blacks being shot remind me of a nuclear chain reaction involving uranium atoms (Peejay in Frisco)

Uncle_Dan • 7 years ago

Another situation requiring critical mass.

MekongDelta69 • 7 years ago

Shootings at black 'peace' rallies have been obligatory and mandatory for a long time.

It's called, 'civilized society' -- in Africa.

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

According to (author of this article) Denise Hollinshed, gunfire just breaks out. These are not really "shootings", as that would necessarily require some deliberate action on the part of genuine perpetrators.

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

Meet Denise Hollinshed of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. She thinks guns go off all by themselves. Also has haunted house music playing in her head.


Question Diversity • 7 years ago

I've never had to meet her. Though the P-D has a copyright on the phrases "gunfire broke out" and "gunfire rang out," I think, because at least according to the news according to the P-D, it happens a whole hell of a lot around here.

Uncle_Dan • 7 years ago

This is why guns need to be banned: they're unstable.

Guest • 7 years ago

Not enough praise can be given to The Talk.

So, amen feel good story of the day? Methinks yes.

Question Diversity • 7 years ago

This gives me a good opportunity to introduce a concept of my own invention that I have expounded upon in my own blog and in Colin Flaherty's threads, but I don't think I have here.

It's called The Dynamo of Bell Curve City.

The dynamo effect describes something of a perpetual motion effect, wherein A both causes B and is caused by B, and B both causes A and is caused by A. If they are close to each other and A or B happens, then A and B will keep happening, virtually forever.

Black funerals = A, or...
Black anti-violence/peace marches = A

Black murders = B

Rhialto • 7 years ago

Nuclear physics has a similar concept, critical mass of some radioactive elements. When it's reached there is massive nuclear fission, and if the shape is correct a massive nuclear explosion.

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

Gunfire just "broke out" again, did it, Denise?

Kenner • 7 years ago

A rash of gunfire.

InAFreeCountry • 7 years ago

The Legacy of St. Sandwich. LOL

Red-haired gal • 7 years ago

Why are they having a candle light vigil if this happened 2 yrs ago?

Unperson • 7 years ago

Because they're on CP Time?

Michael Christopher Scott • 7 years ago

So they can have some more shootings and then more candle light vigils, followed by more shootings, etc.

It's like the Energizer Bunny: it keeps going and going.

Guest • 7 years ago
Red-haired gal • 7 years ago

Hi! Yes I am getting confused with all the gentle saints....ugh

Moraine View • 7 years ago

Isn't it time to call blacks 'bleaks' or 'lacks'? Everything they do is bleak and they lack good sense.

PesachPatriot • 7 years ago

Illegal and irresponsible gunplay at a vigil for some aspiring rapper who turned his life around? This news story happens somewhere in america every day and twice on weekends...all the journalists have to do is chance the name of the deceased, city name and street address....

I'm guessing this shooting started over an argument about which JRR Tolkien book is better....the two towers or return of the king....st. sandwich never got quite the same national and international media attention as st. skittles of florida or st. swisher of ferguson but at least he is still inspiring peace,non-violence, civility and a love of cold cuts among his demographic in st. louis(very extreme sarcasm)....

Franz Gans • 7 years ago

Get 5 Negroes together and you have a likely target for a drive by gang shooting

Bill Moore • 7 years ago


When an African starts shooting, they seldom hit their intended victim. They just can't seem to be able to shoot straight. It's normally the bystanders that get killed or wounded.

Therefore, if there are any Africans around, get the Hell out of there.

I was in the US Army in a war zone, and it was dangerous to be near an African with a gun.

Trump in 2016,
Bill Moore

Bill Moore • 7 years ago


Africans cannot assimilate into Caucasian culture.

Google "Countries Ranked by Average IQ". The average IQ of Caucasians is about 100, and the average IQ of native Africans is under 70, which is mentally incompetent.

Africans do not want to, and are incapable of, assimilating into civilized Caucasian society.

We must correct this problem during the upcoming Civil War 2.

Just My Thoughts,
Bill Moore

slargusparg • 7 years ago

Is there a reason that they are having a vigil for him two years after his death? Did they need extra money for snacks or something?