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Spudo • 5 years ago

yeah and those previous dungeons and dragons movies worked out so well. . . medieval themes movies have lost box office appeal.

Doug_101 • 5 years ago

I think if done properly, it could work. This GOTG angle may be what is needed - laugh at the ridiculousness of some of the situations and monsters and such. But, they have to be prepared to commit to it. Previous adaptations of the property have had piss poor scripts, which always lead to terrible movies. If they ever want to go serious again, they can finally adapt Dragonlance.

Trev • 5 years ago

Love Dragonlance, but the ... poorly received animated film may keep any serious adaptation buried. Chronicles is too similar to the Lord of the Rings in any case.

Doug_101 • 5 years ago

Yeah, the animated adaptation was unfortunate. Love those characters, though. I recognize the similarities to LOTR, but I read Dragonlance first, so it holds a special place for me.

Phil Beckwith • 5 years ago

Though a kingpriest trillogy or legends trillogy would be epic

Trev • 5 years ago

It's a Dune-like, but a Dark Sun adaptation would be a good way to capitalize on Mad Max. Likewise, a Spelljammer style bridge could go full-on Guardians of the Galaxy; they could even use the same script and just make up new character names. (I'm serious about Dark Sun, though.)

Jeremy • 5 years ago

Well, there's a difference between a medieval movie like, say, Ironclad, and a fantasy movie like the Lord of the Rings. Fantasy movies haven't lost their box office appeal, it just happens that none of the ones coming out lately have been done very well at all. Besides, this is the year nostalgia strikes back and where producers, writers and directors are taking the hints as to why their previous attempts at capitalizing on these sorts of projects went wrong and ultimately failed. Deadpool and Star Wars are perfect examples, people seem to be pretty pumped for Warcraft (in my experience). But I digress. If you have a good writer, a good director, a good cast and all that jazz, you can be successful-- especially with source material as fantastic as the Forgotten Realms.

jawsnnn • 5 years ago

I think it is becoming standard marketing practice to rattle off the names of a few "hip" movies when describing what your new upcoming project resembles most. The more varied these referenced movies, the better.

What's next: A Godfather meets The Avengers meets Full Metal Jacket with a hint of Land before Time?

SpiritArmor • 5 years ago

I don't know about you, but I'd watch the hell out of that mashup.

Other than that, I totally agree with you. It's especially bad when news sites make comparisons that aren't actually accurate OR true, because they want to grab more eyeballs.

Yeah, nobody watches Game of Thrones.

Batman • 5 years ago

Those movies sucked because they were hella cheesey. But the correct way has been paved by stuff like Lord of tue Rings and Game of Thrones now. This could be great, as long as they dont screw it up again. And giving it a Guardians feel, I like the way that sounds. Personally, im pretty excited about it.

Michael • 5 years ago

So were counting what one producer says as an "EXCLUSIVE" for most of your articles now collider? ----____----

Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub • 5 years ago

when we conducted the interview one on one...yes we will call it an exclusive

Still brNdn • 5 years ago

I've brought this up in the past. It's a pretty bogus notion.

Kruger • 5 years ago

Wasn't original as or even more funny than GOTG?

I hope Irons returns, he has a great comedic talent.

Big Dick Ritchie • 5 years ago

"I believe they see Dungeons & Dragons as something that could be cultivated as a multi-universe movie where there will be spinoffs from the first movie being in Forgotten Realms and subsequent movies being in different worlds.”

This quote is why I have no faith in the studios. They all want this damn universe, these universes are getting out of control but that is all some executive at a studio cares about. Don't ever forget that the director of Jem and the Holograms said he envisioned a shared universe between GI Joes, Transformers, and Jem and thr Hollograms. There is so much wrong with studios now a days.

A good trilogy of one solid story is sooo much better than an interconnected universe of some random stories that are supposed to all fit together because money.

Doug_101 • 5 years ago

Agreed, but if they adapted the right D&D material, they could get both. There were plenty of great Forgotten Realms story arcs that they could adapt and through that build a coherent universe. Or, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, Dragonlance. Just making "generic D&D movie" with no focus is what will probably lead them into trouble. Start with the already good stories that have been published and successful and go from there.

Stimulator • 5 years ago

I thought there already was a shared universe with various children's toys as the stars... isn't it called Toy Story? ;)

Somebody • 5 years ago

Well, G.I. Joe is still planned to be part of a shared universe. It's definitely not shared with Jem and I don't think it's shared with Transformers, though.

For what it's worth, GI Joe, Transformers, and Jem did occupy a shared universe back in the 80s.

Astra Rose • 5 years ago

If you're talking about the DCEU(Batamn vs Superman) and Marvel Cinematic Universe, well they are all in the same universe.

So making a universe for a D&D is great. hell they can base it off of the novels for the game!

Sprechen Zatoichi • 5 years ago

"This movie about a 40-year-old game will have a setting like these other movies about a 60-year-old fantasy novel. It will also be a romp like this other 35-year-old movie franchise based on 80-year-old serials. Also Guardians of the Galaxy, hey."

estrus • 5 years ago

... sooo just like the 1st movie, but with more Wayans.

Snarky • 5 years ago

May we have a Dungeons & Dragons animated series film adaptation?

MK • 5 years ago

Yes please!

Astra Rose • 5 years ago

or how about the books that are written for the game? They are fictional stories based in the universe already. It'd be epic!

TheMuppetManiac • 5 years ago

There's a lot wrong with Your Highness. They didn't have a script that they used on set. So all the scenes were improvised. So yes they had the action set pieces worked out, but everything else was basically made up as they went, with a loose plot. The scene with the Wise Wizard could've been really funny. It just becomes a cheap joke about him being a paedophile. But it comes down to writing. Too many comedies rely on improv. Improv should be use to spice up a scene. All the great comedies were written and rewritten and the jokes were worked on for a long time. Your Highness could've been a great comedy. But they didn't take the time to write a great movie. Lazar is a horrible character. Too many scenes are too long. It's an OK movie with funny parts, but it could've been really good and it would've lead the way for more comedy/fantasy movies. What it did was probably scare studios away from them.

MK • 5 years ago

I still don't understand why someone hasn't made a movie based on the Dungeons & Dragons animated series - with all these teen series like Hunger Games and Maze Runner, that would fit exactly into it. So much potential since it went so much darker than most cartoons would but obivously there were limits to what they could do on CBS Saturday morning cartoons.

Red Polygon • 5 years ago

The challenge here is that there is no central story or vision for a D&D movie. Its origin is that of a world created for players to make stories from - a rich world, for sure, but one where there was no central narrative at all. Anything these filmmakers make will just be made up, with no historical resonance.

It's possible that they'll come up with a good story, but essentially no one associates D&D with any specific story. Their best bet may be to come up with something fun that maxes the heck out of beloved D&D references (raid that Monster Manual, folks) and build into the best-written D&D novels from there.

Even with all that, it still strikes me as odd that no one ever just makes a Dragonlance movie series. It's all right there, waiting to be adapted. The public may not be familiar with it, but it's the closest thing to a pre-packaged mass-appeal D&D story.

Astra Rose • 5 years ago

The. Fictional Chapter Book Series For The Game.

JP • 5 years ago

Dragonlance, Hollow World, the Dune-like Dark Sun suggestions sound interesting even though I am unfamiliar with it. All of those could be very different from anything yet still work while still keeping a Tolkien-like theme.

Bill Moody • 5 years ago

I always thought it would be cool to film a group playing a D&D module, and then afterwards turn that into a feature film... It could be something serious or something completely hilarious, depending on whoever is "playing". I've had some very fun times playing D&D in public games, because I'm the clown that always screws up or messes with the serious players. :)

Lost Valyrian • 5 years ago

Ever see "The Gamers"? It's amusing.

Bill Moody • 5 years ago

No, but now I want to check it out. Thanks.

Frank Visage • 5 years ago

The Faerun setting would give them a huge amount of source material. The Harpers, Zhentil Keep, the Red Wizards of Thay, the Drow, Mind Flayers, Waterdeep. If they actually get capable writers/ producers/ actors there's no reason they couldn't make a good movie. If they could just focus on a story, and not how that story is going to tie into a dozen other movies. Dark Sun would be cool, though.

Travis Board • 5 years ago

I hope they manage to make a good movie out of the property. I'd love to see a future movie with a stop in Sigil. Demons, devils, angels, and everything in between all in the same place and not fighting? It would be like the Mos Eisley cantina on steroids.

jacalder • 5 years ago

Why not base the movie on the excellent Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the 80's? There's already been at least one terrible D&D film with adults and the typical D&D set up that is no different than the awful made for tv movies on channels like Sci-Fi channel. Following the D&D cartoon would be a better way to have the same tone as Guardians of the Galaxy. Except skip the unicorn. No one liked the unicorn.

greg Baldwin • 5 years ago

they allready have a script they could use...the ICEWIND DALE TRILOGY..
has everything great story, good characters...and they can milk it for 3 movies...with as many more as they want..
they books have already been written

Josh • 5 years ago

Agreed. If the Crystal Shard isn't on their radar then the producers of this project are already behind the ball.

Marc Hoaglund • 5 years ago

Actually, they did three. All horribly made . PLEASE keep Courtney Solomon as far away from this project as possible !

Lost Valyrian • 5 years ago

The Hobbit was earnest? LOL Anyway, this is a terrible idea. With the success of Thrones, why the hell would they think about going campy?

Joe Harrison • 5 years ago

This is going to suck ass. If they do not do a Forgotten Realms movie, no one will care or want to see it. I do not want to see a Tolkien-esque universe of D&D.

Me • 5 years ago

I liked GOTG but I don't think that is the right tone for a D & D movie.

spongefist • 5 years ago

That D&D starter kit box has brought back fantastic memories ! amazing image, amazing game. It would be fantastic if they could finally do it justice. The first Conan movie was the best movie in this genre. Ladyhawke not bad at all. Willow OK, loved Krull, Beastmaster some good ideas and of course Dragonslayer...
Bring it on

Conor Sullivan • 5 years ago

I'll never understand the Your Highness hate. It's near-perfect. The Mcbride/Hill/Green camp cashed in on the success of Eastbound And Down by making films that would usually never make it past the development phase. They made the movies that they wanted to see, instead of latching onto safer options. We should reward that, as film fans.

Kenneth Lewis • 5 years ago

sounds like crap

Matt Dyson • 5 years ago

Was it Paul Feist that wrote some humorous novels based upon the classic, Greyhawk, dungeons such as White Plume Mountain, etc...

Sean Robert Meaney • 5 years ago

Jeremy Irons as Bargle! Bam!
Musical film in the style of paint your wagon! Bam!

Two thumbs up...right there.

BRENT HYDE • 5 years ago

Spudo I don't know if it's so much Medieval movies have lost appeal. I think its more of an issue that writers try to make the things too childish and goofy. The first LoTR series was excellent and I would love to see something of that quality again. What ruined the Hobbit was legolas running up falling rocks, invincible dwarves running around in barrel suits, etc. But look at the love shows such as Game of Thrones and Vikings are receiving. The fans of these dont want goofy kid shit. they want a serious toned movie. That being said, This new D&D is going to suck.

Marc • 5 years ago

Please, make it good...