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roy33avsrule • 5 years ago

They didn't have a better description than 3 men and 3 women aged 18? There are plenty of those around the city.

dat • 5 years ago


Walter Thompson • 5 years ago

Unless police have a detailed description that could help readers identify someone, it's our general policy to only report a suspect's age and gender.

Independent1inSF • 5 years ago

The homeless, vagrants and druggies are spreading around the City. I think we need Bloomberg (who fixed Manhattan) to fix SF... And, I'm a staunch liberal. However, these people are ruining SF. 300 Million plus on the homeless (many of which are vagrants taking advantage of the system)...

My Mugshot Is Irrelevant • 5 years ago

Bloomberg "fixed" Manhattan by pushing the homeless into the other boroughs. Moving people to other places so the tourists won't see them isn't fixing the problem.

Independent1inSF • 5 years ago

Perfect! Amazing! Do it!

My Mugshot Is Irrelevant • 5 years ago

San Francisco has no other boroughs, in case you hadn't noticed.

ohhellsnawh • 5 years ago

"To save space, we've left out reports of stolen vehicles and thefts from cars."

Nice to know that grand theft and burglary are no longer important enough to write about.

Walter Thompson • 5 years ago

They're certainly important enough to write about, but the high volume of vehicle-related crimes makes it challenging to report each incident.

As a compromise, we usually include a roundup of monthly crime statistics in Park District after the station's monthly community meeting, which is held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Going forward, we'll post Inner Sunset crime recaps twice each month, instead of once a month.