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DLA • 7 years ago

Drones and tech works both ways.

Vauban • 8 years ago

About the only saving grace is that these bloated bureaucracies are run by bumbling, mindless government employees who only work a 40 hour week and who are themselves somewhat suspicious of their employers.

satin85718 • 8 years ago

Three different times I tried watching the book of Matthew on youtube which is long viewing time. I get to the middle of the movie and no sound. I backed it up and no sound which I had before. Next night I tried to watch the life of Jesus, same thing happened. Next night I went to watch Matthew again, same thing. I went to a different TV and advanced to where I had no sound and finished watching the movie. Then tried watching from original TV and couldn't get youtube, black screen which lasted through the weekend. Monday had youtube. This has now happened two more times. I watched a christian movie three nights ago and next day got black screen. Last night I only got youtube logo. I can bet I have youtube again. Homeland security at its best. Be careful if a TV is in your bedroom. Devices are on a surge protector with a switch. We turn them off when not in use. If the TV is normally turned off but is instant on you are being monitored still. I now dress in the bathroom.

Guest • 9 years ago

USA presence in other countries, in real & cyber spaces:

fbi/cia are always deadly *Trojan Horses in other countries.

Modern Eugenics, A Secret Global Holocaust Enterprise:


*Time line of cia atrocities:


See my 10 point summary of my efforts to survive fbi clandestine assaults and at the same time my victory over the world's most heinous assassins in fbi/cia.


This is not the time for beautiful platitudes or political mouthing off. The main issue facing civilization is the murderous barbarism of USA and its allies.
The assault on mankind is spearheaded by fbi,cia, dod and their homicidal and evil associates globally such as GB, France, Germany, Australia, "?Isreal", etc. So, get it straight: continue to live in fear and to hide from the ugly reality of this government's bestial conduct and you (the reader of this message) thereby contribute both to the inhumanity that envelopes us as a species and to the Nazi type Gestapo regime, now super charged, that is the United States Of America today. All sidebar issues are of little consequence when humans are reduced in perpetuity to chattels & slaves of the ruling class.


BROOKLYN BOB • 10 years ago


Clint • 10 years ago

Bob; please don't turn this into another stupid partisan bitchfest. These problems are so much deeper than Red vs Blue, and another anti-Obama rant just clouds the real issue and takes the focus off the monster growing behind the political Punch & Judy show.