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cyrilpahinui • 6 years ago

The Times they rare a changing: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

Well if the US paid terrorists can't achieve Washington's goals one way, they can always find another. Once is a misfortune, twice a coincidence four times is more than just a pattern it suggests a concerted attempt to destabilizing a country. Now where have I heard that before - Oh I remember, Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, in fact anywhere which might prevent Russia's southern pipeline and China's emergence as a partner with Russia in this joint venture.

Lim Kooi • 6 years ago

Thanks Susan. You are very perceptive.

Georgann Putintsev • 6 years ago

hmmm ... food for thought on globalized Corporate Warfare?

Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

There is no way that the US will allow China to have "spheres of influence" that is the sole preserve of the US. The way the Chinese stock market went down was all "off" as well. I and probably the Chinese Government too, suspect stock manipulation set up over many months was the real culprit. It isn't difficult if you know how to do it and even easier to cover your tracks. So yes, Ukraine and now China - yes I think Corporate Warfare by the biggest corporation of them all - the US.

cyrilpahinui • 6 years ago

something like hacking into US servers???

Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

I don't know enough about hacking or what American servers have got to do with Chinese stock markets and I wouldn't dismiss any valid comment by someone who may well possess knowledge beyond my own. If you can show me the correlation I would like to see you comment more since I don't understand how the stock markets across the world actually operate.(Short future selling etc, yes to a degree, but not the actual mechanism.)

Scott Burrell • 6 years ago

This explains it well

Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

Many Thanks for this!

ssivonda • 6 years ago

Well spoken Susan. Seems that there is a pattern , and I'm sure the Chinese police are trying to find the common link as to the reasons for the explosions and then onto the perps. I'd look at ownership for firms that may have money problems and can solve them with insurance coverage. Sort of like what's called here when a building goes up in smoke...."Jewish Lightning" . Ooopppss....did I say that ?

Guest • 6 years ago
Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

Quite possibly, but what I find odd is the timing and the number of incidents. This is stretching coincidence to beyond any reasonable expectation. I agree that China might be cutting corners but the same could be said of nearly all the industry. That still leaves the question pf why now and why four in a row? If you want fact then don't start your comment with "The most likely reason", it is just as airy fairy as the comment you responded to.

Mike Haines • 6 years ago

Energy Weapons. DARPA/HARRP

Marilyn Powell • 6 years ago

No wonder China is off our west coast and Russia is off our east coast .

Richard LeFors • 6 years ago

I have American made tin foil hats to protect y'all.

magic3400 • 6 years ago

JDF SOF at work

moon batchelder • 6 years ago

Most definitely US terrorism to stave off China's ascent to number one super power... and payback for economic advantage

phil tayler • 6 years ago

Its not all one way. China is obviously dumping Trillions in American bonds thus making them next to worthless, unless America buys them back to stabilize the system. Meanwhile the US has lost a Military base in Japan. Vaporized. (that's under wraps too) Its also likely the typhoon lashing Japan at present, may have ominious beginnings. This a War for the economic power of the world, with the west on one side and BRICS on the other.

Joe Birch • 6 years ago

trillions hey? China's foreign currency reserves are about $2.3 trillion so you are claiming China has sold all of them - if you took that dumb hoodie off and actually looked at the truth you will find China's sales of US treasuries amounted to $94 bn so far this year ... hardly trillions.

As to vaporizing US bases in Japan ... do you read infowars, zero hedge and rense on a daily basis because they propagate made up rubbish like this for an audience of tin-foil hat wearing loonies. In fact is that why you are wearing a hoodie to hide your tin-foil hat from the spy satelites?

Steve Widdicombe • 6 years ago

Precisely Phil, and after 9-11 and the West's allies and the unadulterated tripe they feed us from birth, guess who I think deserves to win?

Nana Chel • 6 years ago

Chemical plants in china ... nuclear plant in Japan .. I'm afraid to find out what's next :(

Michael R • 6 years ago

Tianjin was an inside job (to divert attention away from the embarrassing stock market crash), not an American attack. Obama's style is appeasement and disarmament, not covert attacks.

The key event is the Chinese stock market crash, which shattered confidence in Xi Jinping's leadership. A lot of Chinese lost a lot of money, and they are not happy.

China blames America for its stock market crash, via a Morgan Stanley downgrade of Chinese stocks, which they interpreted as an act of economic war.

After the stock crash, China has been engaged in a war on two fronts (1) a propaganda war inside China to distract attention away from the crash, and to divert blame away from Xi and (2) a war of retaliation against America and allies e.g. devaluing the Yuan, dumping US treasuries, and all sorts of global "accidents" fires, chemical spills, explosions, sinkholes, and maybe even unusual earthquakes.

China has a doctrine called Unrestricted Warfare, which involves all manner of covert attacks on civilian infrastructure. We're getting a taste of it now. In the future, it will be much worse.

Susan O'neill • 6 years ago

"Tianjin was an inside job (to divert attention away from the embarrassing stock market crash), not an American attack. Obama's style is appeasement and disarmament, not covert attacks."
You have got to be kidding - since when did Obama advocate appeasement, if he wanted somebody out of the way he doesn't do appeasement. He has shelled 7 countries in his 6 years in office and set about destroying Assad to "appease" Israel and the Saudis and helped overthrow the elected government in Ukraine in order to precipitate another war - against Russia. How convenient then, that the two largest militaries beyond the US and Israel are now facing massive difficulties just as they were preparing to cement a more harmonious joint venture of a southern pipeline which just happens to run through - yes, you guessed it, Syria.

Michael R • 6 years ago

Obama wants Assad gone because of his pro-Muslim, anti-dictator, pro-underdog, pro-liberation ideology. Obama hates Israel, and views them as a colonial/invasive power in the Middle East.

You do have a point, yes, sometimes Obama is gun-ho. But it's generally only for "oppressed" Muslims. Ukraine might be another example of this stupidity, but again it was to liberate the underdog, not to start a war with Russia. Obama is the idiot who gave Russia the stupid reset button.

But in regards to China, there is NO WAY IN HELL that he will start a conflict with China. He just recently stopped US boats patrolling disputed areas of the South China Sea.

Steve Widdicombe • 6 years ago

Glad you said it Sue, I was going to let him have it. The Obama death array makes Clinton look like the Christ.