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Dead End. • 7 years ago

Look at the ignorance of African looters cum rulers. After the Swiss used our money for investment, and job creation in their country to make life comfortable for their citizens; they will still take certain charges before returning the rest to us.... We are just making buffoonery of ourselves and our continent....Too bad...

TKBaba • 7 years ago

Why not wait for the remittance of the $321Million first and there after press for the balance. Just my take.

Even with all the BREAKING NEWS on looting and corruption, how many of the looters and corrupt politicians are in jail today?

Until Nigerian government start taking hard line punishments on looting and corruption, the Western World will continue to shame Nigeria.

CeeCee1818 • 7 years ago

The Swiss government should be paying interest on the money they "borrowed ". Shame on African looters! I could upvote your post a thousand times.

Naijaman • 7 years ago

Borrowed from who?

CeeCee1818 • 7 years ago

That's why I put it in quotation marks, I know they stole it, I was being polite.

Life is Good • 7 years ago

They did NOT steal it and if fact you should be grateful they found the money for you. Other countries will hide and claim it and nothing will happen since you don't have the records in the first place.

Blue Star • 7 years ago

please change that "borrowed" to 'stole', they are thieves!

Life is Good • 7 years ago

Someone stole your money, another country is helping you repatriate it and is charging you for that and you are complaining? Are you aware that only the loots in Western countries were recoverable and those in Asia and other African countries mostly disappeared?

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

I tire for some people my broda. Shall we say people nowadays don't want to hear the truth anymore?

Genocide, mass looting, and permanently destroying countries are few of the crimes of World Super powers without mentioning any country.

Switzerland now have a service to leaders, the same service most bank have with individuals, keep your money for a charge. People are making it like Switzerland came to Nigeria with guns to rob us. Only if some of them are aware, like you rightly pointed out, how much of our Loot has disappeared in South Africa, maybe they will start a riot

Life is Good • 7 years ago

Don't mind Nigerians. The irony is even that it is Switzerland that told us they saw some Abacha loot in their banking system, we don't have evidence and now some people are complaining bla bla bla. Its not our fault, if they have denied like the Asians and South Africa did and told us to provide evidence, we would have minded our language.

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

I just laughed when I saw some of the comments. People fail to understand what happens OUTSIDE Nigeria and how that relate to what happens INSIDE Nigeria. That Nigeria is part of a global system of corruption, deceit, institutional slavery and propaganda.

In other words that the International community is a rat race

John A • 7 years ago

What more do i still have to add to this beautifully written comment.
The foolishness of the black race is beyond human imagination.

Ayoola Stephen • 7 years ago

Well said!

For real.It is too bad and sad indeed.
Very well said by you.
Instead of them to pay Nigeria millions of euros as interest on top of the money,they deduct even still.
All the past and many present military and political leaders looters in Nigerian and Africa leaders are really fools.
They still continue to loot

musa aliero • 7 years ago

Not millions but billions! That's $400m 20 years ago!!! It's worth atleast $5 to $10 billion now!

Blue Star • 7 years ago

That is the truth, paying us our own money less than 1% of the interest they made on it over the years! What a shame!

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

You think keeping stolen money is a cheap business? It works out about 4million every year for the 20 years period, that is actually a reasonable price. People coming here to attack Switzerland just shows how and why we are backward as people.... That's just misplaced anger.

What is Switzerland business with Nigeria's problems? If they can keep everything they will. More uglier practices by countries all over the world. They never force anyone to bring stolen money into their country, they never kill anyone, all they do is charge you millions to keep your billions, simple.

musa aliero • 7 years ago

See what your saying. Have you ever taken any course on finance before? Do you know what the time value of money means? Do u know by simply keeping this money in a fixed deposit account alone without the time value, the money would have doubled doubled by now? What r u saying about how expensive it is to keep money. If money is expensive to keep as u said will banks be chasing you to keep deposits? Only thing I said that made sense is the fact that they don't care! And every other country only cares for themselves!

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

No, I didn't say that, you have quoted me wrongly. Mr Finance teacher please go back and read my comment patiently. You can not understand anything when you rush through it.

( Corrupt/ Slush money / Loot is expensive to keep / hide. )
Just by definition, you should understand why it is expensive.

And Sir, the kind of account you have determines what happens to your funds. The Swiss bank did not open a savings account for Nigeria or Abacha, so why should they give you interest? It is in their interest that you don't even remember to come back for the loots. So many African leaders have lost their Loot to this schemes so we should even be grateful that we have some of it back.
Time has effect on worth of money if stored in assets or fixed /savings account not when in a hidden slush account. This is to the best of my knowledge

CeeCee1818 • 7 years ago

So you mean they have a right to EXTORT millions for holding Africa's stolen loot?

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

I am not saying it is right, I'm saying it is the norm and there is nothing we can do about it.

As a country, this is one way they make money from government and looters all over the world, no be today.... e don Teeeeeee

It just shows how stupid and wicked our past leaders have been.

Well calculated correctly hahahaha.
You're a true correct Nigerian.
Well said my friend

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

Could it be that Abacha was running an account with expensive charges and have accumulated over the years.

Switzerland is a service provider to these politicians all over the world so we shouldn't attack a country for being serious

Are you really a doctor??
If yes,are you insane??
Did Switzerland have the right to receive such huge amount from any individual without ascertaining it's origin??
Are youu trying to legitimize the deadly crimes being perpetrated by Switzerland around the world daily??
Are you now humanising such man inhumanity to man by the Swiss government??
Hide your face in disgrace forever

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

I won't even bother to enlighten you about my comment. You lack the basic knowledge to have an healthy but constructive argument with. You are so backward to think opening/ running an account with the Swiss banking institution is like walking into GTB to open one?

Illiteracy is indeed a disease. You might think calling people names on a public forum adds credibility to your comment but only shows how much of a low life you are.

People at the bottom like to pull everyone down with them. You can't pull me down bro, you are on your own.

OYO lo wa!!

You are already down and pulling others down by being officially a criminal.
When you side with the Swiss banks that are known wordwide as a haven for stolen and looted funds coupled with mafia gangs and weapons exporting countries being the avenue to lauder their money,then you are FADED FOREVER.

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

And how do feel after writing this?
Big Man se? In your mind " I called a stranger a criminal " se? Now feel two feet taller, abi?
Hmmmm We have problems in this country

OYO lo wa se

You are the problem and you are also not a Nigerian but a CIA AGENT homosexual satan the devil lucifer here online trying to influence Nigerians in the wrong way like you people have been doing from time immemorial and have kept the reality from Africans for a long time.
You have been able till now spin the truth around into your favour but not anymore.
CIA agents can write and speak the language of any country they target and want to loot and destroy so,do not think that Nigerians will believe that you are one of them here online..

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

I hear you!

Thank God Almighty for finally hearing

Blue Star • 7 years ago

Dr, which of the Doctors are you please? Jonathan's colleague? No matter the type of account Abacha was running sir, this was a stolen money and Swiss is good at being haven for stolen wealth worldwide. Can you please tell me the type of account you will be running that will charge you 20% of your own deposit? Haba, i thought you called yourself a Dr? Na wa oo!

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

Mr Star , are you on Star? Its not 20% , it is 1% a year. 4 million of 400 millions. Over the 20 years, it accumulated to the 80 million.

See I'm not a bandwagon commentator like some people here. I suggested "maybe " it was due to the charges. I know of more expensive charges than this one. Some gullible Nigerians don't just want to hear anything other than their own opinion. They lack wisdom to understand that it takes different views on a topic for you to get close to the truth.

We both agree that this was a dodgy slush overseas account. Do you think Abacha would care how much is being charged?? Or he will agree to anything as long as he can keep it out of Nigeria's grasp.

Blue Star • 7 years ago

Since we no read much book, pls it will do us good if you could break down the analysis, because Swiss bank have no right to collect such fund in the first place not to talk of the deductions. I am sure if such money was to be found in any African country, such country would have paid through her nose. So are we saying a deposit of $400million 20 years ago = $321million today? Where is my secondary school economics teacher?

Dr Alomo • 7 years ago

Sir we all doing a guess work here because ONLY Abacha sabi the true details of that account. Secondly, I'm not saying I'm more intelligent but just putting out my opinion.

See firstly Nigeria and Switzerland are not in the same level. We can not dictate to them. They tell us how it goes, if we like it we take it, if not bye bye. Sad as it may sound, that's the reality.

Now within the International system that dictate to the rest of the world, Switzerland have the most sophisticated financial structure in the world. They keep money for Nations, Global bodies and the corrupt world leaders. No where in the world can you hide billions like in Switzerland but not for free, for a FEE.

My point is instead of people directing their anger towards Abacha and all that he stood for, towards those still praising him today, people are wasting time attacking Switzerland.

Rather than sit down and properly analyse where the faults lie, we are so quick to jump on to the bandwagon to blame this person or that tribe or that country.

GEJ still fresh, but 20 years from now people will still be blaming Awolowo, Ibb, OBJ, Muritala for issues

otunbajonathan • 7 years ago

Nothing at all dey worst, if abacha dey alive who go ask am ? ...make dem just bring am like that .....recession dey oo.

Hahahaha.U mean say di one weh come back better pas notin.
I understand you

Jasper • 7 years ago

Buhari owes Nigeria a big apology for openly claiming that Abacha did not loot Nigeria's funds. He should hide his head in shame for defending a thief so passionately. If he stands by his position that Abacha did not steal, then his administration has no right to collect this money, and the Swiss govt should keep it

Abacha's wife and children are still sitting on billion of dollars of stolen wealth. Buhari should then send EFCC after them to retrieve the monies, if he's really fighting corruption.

Peaceometer • 7 years ago

Where and when did Bhuari said that. Discuss matter on ground and leave character assassination.

eddie • 7 years ago

I just Google search that news. PMB and Babangida were said to have made the statement at the 10th year remembrance prayer for Abacha in june 2008 according to this day newspaper.
Their argument back then was that a competent court will have to convict you before you can be declared "corrupt". Since Abacha wasn't convicted, he is not corrupt, according PMB in june, 2008 on this day newspaper.
The news is still online, search it bro.

Blue Star • 7 years ago

One would have expected you to include the link to substantiate your claim! You dont ask people to start 'googleing' when you can easily include the link sir

eddie • 7 years ago

Come on, don't sound lazy. If you can come here to post your comment, what stops you from doing what I just told you? Mtweew.

arise_9ja • 7 years ago

He said it in 2008 during the 10th anniversary of Abacha's death. When asked what was Abacha's achievement, Buhari went on to praise Abacha saying that Abacha kept Nigeria one against all odds. To these northerners keeping Nigeria one (under endemic poverty) is an achievement.....they despise referendum, dialogue or opposing view with passion.

Rony • 7 years ago

He did said that when Mariam Abacha visited him at early stage of his tenure. You can google it

Izedomi Ohirein • 7 years ago

This is why I have no regards for Nigerians who do not blame the West for encouraging looting in Nigeria & our so called leaders who loot our commonwealth & take it to other Countries.
Ants have more sense than most of us.

Deji Fadina • 7 years ago

This is an ugly shakedown and the Swiss should be ashamed of themselves.
In the first place, setting up a banking system that thrives on the looting of the citizens of poor countries by their leaders is not a civilized manner to trumpet the godliness and decency a so-called preferable Capitalist system.
It will just be stupid to tell them to keep the money, considering the use it could be put here.
But it does not cost $79 million to tranfer $400million.

CeeCee1818 • 7 years ago

True. It's a shakedown pure and simple.

Oluwole • 7 years ago

I would advise that FG collect the $321m from Swiss Government and thank them for their magnanimity. After collection of the money, the FG, through EFCC, should take legal action against late Gen Abacha's family to recover the balance of the stolen $400m plus interest that have accrued over the years and the cost of money recovery. I am sure late Gen Abacha would have left behind a lot of assets built or acquired with stolen money which are now inherited by his family. Part of these assets can be sold off to compensate the FG for the shortfall. This will serve as deterrent to other corrupt Nigerians, irrespective of their positions or personalities.

Blue Star • 7 years ago

It is sad and totally unfair on Swiss and other looting collecting countries around the world how Africa is being treated. It shows how the western worlds conive with greedy African leaders to perpetuate evil and make Africa poor. Imagine us paying charges on our own money that was illegally transferred and received by these co-thieves, after doing business with such illegal money and paying nothing as interest! I am sure Amnesty International, World Bank, EU America, IMF will see nothing wrong in this! But AI can count the number of deads and yet cannot come out to fight such an inhumane act! This is totally absurd! That is why I usually laugh at those that run to the International agencies to rescue or fight for them, the bitter truth is that the west meant nothing good for Africa, and this is an example. If not, Swiss should be charged for receiving illegal funds but they are the one dictating to us how much we will receive! Na wa oo!!

vic • 7 years ago



Daniel Dalon • 7 years ago

Ask the Swiss government to waive the fees. Switzerland is richer than Nigeria and dwarfs it in terms of per capita income, and regularly gives financial aid to developing countries in the billions of dollars. A mere $80 million dollars as aid in such a sensitive case would make Switzerland look good in the eyes of both its people and the international community.
Unless perhaps some Nigerians stand to benefit a lot if the commission is paid then no government official would be willing to ask for the waiver.