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Amy Lewis • 10 years ago

Great Article! Google has also come out with an Easter egg on Hanukkah. Just type hanukkah in the search bar and you'll see a blue and white colored design on the navigation bar.

Lady Commentariat • 10 years ago

"Easter egg on Hanukkah" ... I had to laugh at this juxtaposition of terms.

njguy54 • 9 years ago

So will Google come out with a Hanukkah egg on Easter?

Brian • 10 years ago

I have two other theories about the white and blue striped flag of Israel. First, like the U.S. flag, the two blue stripes represent states, in this case the ancient two nation-state kingdoms of Judah ( South) and Israel (North). Or, one blue stripe represents the river Nile, while the other is the Euphrates river referring to "To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates.’” from Genesis 15:18.

sheila jones • 10 years ago

Seems like you learn something new everyday.