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malik • 9 years ago

How the CIA made Google
Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet


Guestr • 9 years ago

I'm afraid this "deal" is more about coming censorship and new level of news manipulation than about business and profits. Google is one of the biggest and efficient tools in the hands of bankers and zionists. It reaches phones, tablets and other devices of hundreds of millions of people around the world, controls the most popular search engine and video sharing platform. It's one of the biggest war assets of the US and English elite.

Bernd • 9 years ago

The German independent media.....it is worth a laugh from here to Washington.

Regrettably the one time mighty "Zeit", the weekly paper for the academia in contrast to "Der Spiegel", the weekly magazine for everybody has turned into a belligerent and warmongering "Schundblatt" with almost no readership left, that it now needs the help from CIA owned and controlled Google in order to survive.
Stay away from German mainstream media. Boycott is all there is left. Owners and editors need to be punished for their openly warmongering, disgraceful, hateful and solely "Atlantist point of view" reporting.

Guestr • 9 years ago

Not accidentially is the German press called Lugenpresse by Germans. Almost all of them has been publishing lies and manpulations for several years. But can someone expect honesty from bought journalists?
“Bought journalists”, who are they?

zweistein • 9 years ago

Makes total sense. The Guardian, die Zeit, FT are anyway printing the same nonsense, almost word by word. Much easier to feed-in the propaganda directly from the Goggle-CIA servers. Way to go, idiots!