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Marcus Aurelius Tarkus • 7 years ago

I am relieved that the substance being administered via the oral syringe is medicinal and not Eucharistic(?). Upon first viewing the photo--and knowing this "pope" as I do--my knee-jerk suspicion was of the latter.

miklyd • 7 years ago

Francis is such a phony...

Philip Michael • 7 years ago

"Francis is constantly kissing and hugging babies and small children, but he never seems to administer a blessing to any of them.")

Jesus said to him: Judas, dost thou betray the Son of man with a kiss?
The actions of Pope Francis is a story of betrayal, through and through. Double standards, deafening silences, verbal diahorea that undermines the Church's perenial teaching, cosying up to dissenters, despots, and heretics on a regular basis. Added to all of this is his condemnation and disinterest of orthodox, pro-life, pro morality Catholics, who valiantly struggle to defend and keep the faith as it was handed down by Christ and his Apostles in the face of apostasy. God bless the Remnant and all who write for the defense of the faith.

Bill Crofut • 7 years ago

Pope Francis has received virtually every other secular accolade.
Perhaps he trying for an oscar.

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz • 7 years ago

Montinian Circus.

Steve Skojec • 7 years ago

Don't you wish he was as tired of doing awful things as we are tired of having to write about them? I often think to myself, "My poor audience doesn't want to hear me mention ONE more thing about Francis...but he's done SEVEN of them worth noting since the last time I forced myself to write."

Most likely the worst papacy in history. Certainly the most exhausting.

Craig Roberts • 7 years ago

Poor you. :(

Chris Ferrara • 7 years ago

And yet we have no choice but to write about them, for this is history in the making, and who is more important in Catholic affairs, which we cover, than the Pope? Especially this Pope, who INSISTS on being the most important person in Catholic affairs, reminding us of it with at least (on average) one appearance of the God of surprises per week.

Philip Michael • 7 years ago

I agree wholeheartedly! However, one of the aspects of Catholic journalism that irritates the heck out of me are the reports written by mainstream Catholic journalists writing in the national Catholic papers; especially in the UK. It appears that Pope Francis can do no wrong. They say his antics are a matter of understanding and being positive about his good and merciful intentions, blah blah blah. When traditionalist writers defend the faith they mostly "preach to the choir". How does one reach the ten of thousands of Catholics who read these papers and go along with the line because essentially they consider themselves obedient Catholics and the thought of criticizing the pope is abhorrent to them.

Steven • 7 years ago

Our "humble Pope" sure loves his publicity.....preferably staged and coordinated in a way to lead towards self canonization.

Teresa • 7 years ago

Just looking at the photo, for a moment I thought the pope might be giving the Precious Blood to a child allergic to gluten. With this pope, ANYTHING is possible.

joxxer • 7 years ago

"Show men" and celebrities have no shame..

Guest • 7 years ago
Michael Leggett • 7 years ago

Ben, when I was Grand Knight of a Knights Of Columbus Council here in Queens in the RC Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, I learned just how dangerous Freemasons are, in that your reputation is put on the line & often wrecked by Masons, who will find ways to wreck not only K of C Programming, but the person who implements that programming.. They often go into your job to wreck your reputation & into other parishes to wreck your name & calling. And This doesn't bother theae people in the least, save for the fear that they may be found out.
Negotiate with THE MASONS?

Bungo Baggins • 7 years ago

So, did the masons ruin your name and that's why you are no longer a grand knight? I'm kind of curious to more of the story.

Malcolm • 7 years ago

I hope that Mr. Leggett considers it none of your [expletive] business.

Bungo Baggins • 7 years ago

I was curious about the Freemason part and I meant no rudeness, he doesn't have to answer if he doesn't want to, no biggy. What I don't understand is your out-of-the-blue rudeness. Get behind me, Satan for thou will not temp me into a rude discussion with a rude person.

Julius • 7 years ago

I just don't get these men (Francis and gang)! These men know that by doing works that are (at best) secondarily pleasing to God, they cannot entertain a hope of the beatific vision because they avoid doing what primarily pleases God, that is, teaching, converting and saving souls with the Truth of Christ. They know this yet they rebel against it!! Then we have many of our own "useful idiots" who defend and even promote these outrageous things. This pontificate is bringing about a sword to divide the flock. But at least everyone will know where they stand. There will be no excuses later!

Ana Milan • 7 years ago

If you don't believe in God or an afterlife then such concerns don't bother you. They live for the status they hold & a trouble-free conscience which they have endowed themselves with - no sin, no worry.

Julius • 7 years ago

I love when the neo-Catholics try to defend these stunts by saying something like: "well wherever the pope travels he is constantly followed by cameras and cant do any good deed or visit anyone in private without being filmed. It just shows his humility that even with cameras rolling he wont be deterred from his mission of charity." Bill Gates enjoys administering medicine to the the impoverished. Maybe the two should team up and go full throttle in saving bodies instead of souls. Don't forget the cameras! Did not our Lord say:

Take heed that you do not your justice before men, to be seen by them: otherwise you shall not have a reward of your Father who is in heaven.
Therefore when thou dost an almsdeed, sound not a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be honoured by men. Amen I say to you, they have received their reward.

jola szymanska • 7 years ago

So, on Monday , Holy Father walks around and tells the Sheep : " Do not allow yourselves to be corrupted by trivial materialism ..." , and on Tuesday , sells little, trivial, material & overpriced ( insane markups ) souvenirs to the Flock , like The Vatican Euro Coin Sets issued by the Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican City State , and featuring 3 different images of His holy head that cost well over a 1000 € a set. If Holy Father really practiced what He preaches , there would be a Big Garage Sale in St. Peter's Square every Spring .

Philip Michael • 7 years ago

And so the sorry saga continues. Does one thing says another,. Genuine modernist.

Weissfjord • 7 years ago

Is there a chance that someone (anyone) could take the Pope by the arm (preferably not the one holding the medicine as that would make a mess) lead him to one side and gently but firmly (can you even DO that? Who knows now that Charles Bronson is no longer with us) suggest to him that instead of Publicity Exercises he might like to try some Spiritual Exercises? This could be convincingly sold to him by emphasising the added benefit that he'd lose all that modernist junk in his trunk. (Then again, maybe keep that last bit secret or it might act as a deterrent).

Chris Ferrara • 7 years ago

Yes. In Chiapas he praises a couple married fifty years, and then--at the very same place and time--praises and embraces divorced and "remarried" couple, telling them "you are so integrated into the Church." And this after praying at the tomb of a notorious Communist bishop, denounced by the apostolic nuncio and asked to resign on account of flagrant Marxism, fomenting violent uprisings, gross deviations from the faith, and close association with condemned Liberation theologians. Read it all here at Catholic World Report, whose reporter has clearly had enough of this circus:

Michael Leggett • 7 years ago

Back in the days of Gorbachev, the word "Glasnost" was translated to mean "Openess." However when the Soviet Union shut down, Glasnost was actually translated to mean "Publicity Stunt."
It is as if Francis was Sovietized.

Craig Roberts • 7 years ago

It all depends on the state of your intentions.

None at all.

"Age, thou art shamed.*
O shame, where is thy blush?**"

-Shaky, Julius Caesar,* Hamlet**

Newman_Noggs • 7 years ago

Pride goeth before a fall . . . but the fall may be several years from now. Hang tough.

James Cunningham • 7 years ago

Isn't it always pride without shame? How I pity the ignorant fawning masses who walk for miles and sleep in the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pope and his publicity hungry entourage.

Mister Trad • 7 years ago

How does one not fall into despair in the age of Francis?

jola szymanska • 7 years ago

You see, Knish, our Holy Father, for some reason ( and, I think , I know what that reason is ) believes that all roads lead to God . To bring more people to God, His Holiness has decided that all major highways must be redesigned and modernised , because they are outdated. While all those major roads are under construction / renovation , The Sheep will have to take The Narrow Road to get to God . So, don't worry , Knish . God will always find a way to bring His children Home , regardless of Holy Father's good or bad intentions.God bless !

Mister Trad • 7 years ago

Thank you, Jola! God Bless.

PlushGrizzly • 7 years ago

Shhhh.... Christians do not despair.
As long as you have eyes to see, YOU are OK. Now we must fight for the awakening of the deceived.
Honestly, I deapair, too. Because they do not want to be awake.

Daniel Alexander • 7 years ago

by having an abhor to sin

mancor47 • 7 years ago

I am no longer shocked by the antics of Bergolio. There comes to a point when one must call a spade a spade. Don't apologize Mr. Ferrara. You are doing your duty when pointing out the errors and blatant antics of what seems obviously a heretical pope. I as a Hispanic person I am greatly disturbed at the number of my fellow Hispanics just following mindlessly a pope just because he is "One of Us". When will people wake up and realize that following a person just because they are the same race or creed as you are and who is obviously and deliberately in front of the world trying to dismantle what is left of the Catholic church, wake up? Let us pray to Our Lady of Fatima that we will get a better pope than this one.

Guest • 7 years ago
Julius • 7 years ago

Don't think there are but a handful currently at the top who can profess our creed without crossing their fingers behind their back.

oldfogey • 7 years ago

He is not Hispanic, but I may be wrong. My wife says I always am.

Al The Silent Crusader • 7 years ago

Mr. Ferrara, is it too soon or too rash for good, faithful, orthodox Catholics to now begin with all sincerity and careful discernment if Francis is: a) validly elected; b) if he is actually a heretic?

I really want to know. He reminds me of so many so-called "conservative" prelates who say and do all the "right things" publicly, but does everything behind the scenes to promote some sort of diabolical agenda.

I am not a Sedevacanist, but really think these questions need asked and definitively answered by the competent ecclesiastical authorities.

What do you think?

Laura Sedivy • 7 years ago

I am convinced that he is a Marxist and as the late Fr. Malachi Martin stated, "You can't be a Marxist and be Christian, much less a Catholic!" He is more concerned with the work of man's environment (our common home) which has never been the mission of the church. The mission of the church is the salvation of souls and by his CHAOS and CONFUSION he is leading souls astray. He does not genuflect during consecration. I ask you, is he an apostate pope? I strongly urge readers to obtain the transcribed interviews of the late Fr. Malachi Martin (who, btw, has read the Third Secret of Fatima and was sworn to secrecy). Books are like $10 each through Triumph communications (dot) net. Is this papacy a chastisement for the lukewarmness of Catholics? We are all to blame. We (as a group) have lost our faith without knowing it. Some are gaining it back (probably all those subscribing to The Remnant). Let us pray and sacrifice all the more for the conversion of sinners and the return of fallen away Catholics.

See True or False Pope?, by John Salza & Robert Siscoe.

Al The Silent Crusader • 7 years ago

Already did. They DO NOT address John Paul II's UDG.

Pro-Life Voice • 7 years ago

He was validly elected. He is a heretic. Pray for him and our church.

Chris Ferrara • 7 years ago

If only he weren't the Pope! But he is. And even if he had not been validly elected, it would be impossible for any of us to determine it.

Consult the historical example of Pope Honorius, posthumously condemned by an ecumenical council for aiding and abetting heresy, a conciliar decree affirmed by his own successor.

TruthMinded • 7 years ago

Chris, respectfully, you're wrong. The example of Honorius entirely distinguishable from Bergoglio and absolutely DOES NOT suggest that a council must declare a Pope to be a heretic--indeed the See of Peter is judged by no one. It's nonsense.

Even St. Francis DeSales (Doctor of the Church)--in speaking explicitly about Honorius--teaches exactly the opposite of what you say:

St. Francis De Sales (17th century), Doctor of the Church, The Catholic Controversy, pp. 305-306: "Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinions, as did John XXII; or be altogether a heretic, as perhaps Honorius was. Now when he [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church."

The teaching of the Church (as referenced by St. Francis) is clear: an explicit heretic falls IPSO FACTO (by that very fact) out of the Church. No declaration is needed.

The other facts regarding Honorius which make him a poor foundation upon which to build your theological view (e.g., that potentially heretical popes must be declared such by an ecumenical council) include:

1. It is not entirely clear whether Honorius was a manifest heretic or was merely guilty of not stamping out heresy. The Third Council of Constantinople was confirmed by Pope St. Leo II who only confirmed the condemnation on the latter issue.

2. Honorius reigned for only 3.5 years after the instance of potential heresy occurred and he issued no dogmatic decrees in that time.

3. Honorius' lapse was not widely known as his potentially heretical letters were sent to Sergius. Indeed, Pope John IV (640-643)--the second pope after Honorius--defended him against the charge of heresy as a misinterpretation. Pope John IV said that Honorius was not saying Christ only had one will but, rather, that Christ did not have conflicting wills.

So, no, you're wrong to think that Honorius is some justification to still regard Bergoglio as pope when his heresy is so manifest, so widespread, and so undeniable. He JUST denied the papacy (again) with his Joint Declaration with the schismatic Eastern Orthodox. It's absurd to regard this man as Pope.

Guest • 7 years ago

Yes, he may have helped the heretics, but they did not condemn him for BEING a heretic. To be a member of the Catholic Church you must have the faith. Heresy severs one from the Church because it is incompatible with the faith.

Stabantiuxtacrucem • 7 years ago

"but they did not condemn him for BEING a heretic."

You're mistaken. The Council decree, approved by the Pope, explicitly names Honorius among the heretics whom the Church was anathamatising. Pope Honorius without a doubt was and is a formally condemned heretic.

Ana Milan • 7 years ago

That was before the internet & 24 hour news. No-one really knew what was going on except those close to the situation. With the abundant traditional websites & journalists it should be impossible for these deviants to progress their agenda and for the filth to be laid bare once & for all so that the NO Church can be fully exposed for what it is. We can never restore the CC without this exposure as it is nigh impossible for the un-catechised to absorb the true picture.

slyphnoyde • 7 years ago

As a simple member of the public living an ocean away from the conclave, I have no reason to speculate that Jorge Bergoglio was not validly elected Pope. Whether he is a heretic now in practice, of course, is another matter which can be addressed apart from the question of his election. Unfortunately, I suspect that there are not enough Cardinals and not enough Bishops around the world to declare him a heretic and therefore no longer Pope. To the best of my knowledge, there are no (living and in office) Cardinals or Bishops left from before V2, maybe not any left even from before JP2, who himself seems to have done some doctrinally questionable things. It does not look good, sadly.

M.R. • 7 years ago

"...Not enough Bishops..."? Well - is there one at least? Living, I mean.