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sharkonwhisky • 8 years ago

Thanks for this thorough and expansive article.

I'm wondering though, it's all very well giving up man made fluoride in water and toothpaste etc...but fluoride binds strongly to the pineal gland tissue...so how does one eliminate this fluoride that has already built up there, and is that even possibje?? Or will it happen by itself in time? I ask because a big song and dance is made of pineal gland detox diets, but as far as I can tell, there is ZERO scientific evidence to support any of these dietary or supplement suggestions, and they all rest on pure unfounded speculation and nothing else.

There are ways of reducing the impact of fluoride *while* you're ingesting it (curcumin in turmeric and tamarind leaf) but I've not encountered any scientific research or evidence examining or supporting LONG TERM pineal gland detox of fluoride deposits, once one has cut down on their man made fluoride intake.

Roann Sullen • 6 years ago

You can decalify the pineal gland with:
Spirilina 3000mg, Ashwagandha 200mg 2x daily, Activated Charcoal 520mg,Harataki 1 tbls. with 6oz water before bed, gotu kola leaf powder 500mg w/water, and last but not least turmeric 1teaspoon w/pinch of black pepper in 6oz water you will start to notice a difference in how you feel in about 2 weeks within twq months you will be amazed. These together remove not only floride, but also mercury and heavy meatals from chem trails. Enjoy. These are all pretty inexpensive depending how much you buy. you you can go on e bay make sure you look for organic Ashwagandha, Harataki and goto cola, if they are grown in heavy metal polluted ground "very bad" so make sure organic and if they meet GMP standards "awesome" However many of these farmers are small growig them on small farms so as long as organic, not heavy metals you will be ok:)

Stelian • 5 years ago

And all these must be administrated at once? Or can I just choose one remedy?

Steel Harris • 6 years ago

Everything? This is almost less than what I already know. Smh

Matt • 6 years ago

Bill Donahue hidden meanings on YouTube is another great resource on the pineal gland. Great information here. Thanks! New Age gibberish; I'll take some more of that, please. If you want gibberish, go find a religion.

Rebecca • 7 years ago

Borax is poisonous if you drink it! This is not only possibly cleaning your pituitary gland, it is killing you! And possibly making you trip balls because the poison is evidently making you think that youre cleaning your brain! Please call poison control if you try to drink cleaning products to clean your brain again.

Teri Anderson • 5 years ago


Breda McShane • 5 years ago

It's a food additive. E number 285. But it shouldn't be. lol.

Miriam • 6 years ago

Fine advice from my favourite doctor. Gotta love that clear bullet point list. I had no idea about tamarind being great for cleansing fluoride from the body. Good to know.

I am grateful. Thank you! ♥

Shelly Marie Moss • 8 years ago

I'm really wondering why Fossil Shell flour (food grade diatomaceous earth) isn't on this list!

Barney V Burchfield • 8 years ago

Does wearing contact lenses affect the benefits to the pineal gland from getting sun and/or sun gazing?

Father of the Dawn • 8 years ago

Hi, really fascinated by this article. Could you please explain how the [2] reference (Jennifer Anne Luke. The Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland. Excerpts from pages: 1-9; 51-53; 167-177. 1997) indicates that "fluoride hardening accelerates sexual development in children" as the reference states on page 177: "Whether or not fluoride interferes with pineal function in humans requires further investigation". I can see that there is a possibility that fluoride affects sexual development in gerbils as the study suggests, but it doesn't appear to be such a supported idea in humans. A bit more insight into how this conclusion has been reached would be great.


Roann Sullen • 6 years ago

Because this gland lacks the natural blood-brain wall of protection that
helps to shield other areas of the brain, it is more exposed to
substances like fluoride. And since there is fluoride in most people’s
diets, the substance can build up over time and calcify the pineal
gland. Here’s why that matters: the pineal gland synthesizes and
secretes the melatonin that is necessary for a well-balanced circadian
rhythm. Calcification reduces the level of this hormone in ways that can
throw off the natural rhythms, affect the onset of puberty for young
girls, and limit the protection that melatonin usually provides against
cell-attacking free radicals.

D-Tub • 8 years ago

That's a really long book but I saw information on page 7 that might be what is being referred to.

Father of the Dawn • 8 years ago

Thank you for your input :) yeah, I did read that - this article is referencing the books pages 1-9, 51-53 and 167-177 but again on page 7 it says that although tests were carried out, "the investigators reported no adverse systemic effects from drinking fluoridated water" and this isn't really evidence. I'm not sure a professional would consider that this kind of information is fact? It just kind of makes you wonder what else the author is writing about as if it is a fact when actually the reference is more of a speculation that kind of disagrees with the author. I'd still like to know more as I am led to believe that the author is a professional in this area?

D-Tub • 8 years ago

I guess that's one way look at it. Personally, I will listen to information from different sources as food for thought but I don't readily accept information as fact right off the bat.

Father of the Dawn • 8 years ago

I do agree, I usually look at articles with that kind of view, but when the author is suggesting we change our lifestyle to avoid fluoride and even stare into the sun every day because our health may be at risk otherwise, it's hard to just take it with a pinch of salt - especially when there are references to scientific evidence. It seems from some of the other comments that other people do genuinely believe this. Can you imagine how many people are actually staring into the sun every day, because some "doctor" wrote about it in an article who references a 400 page study that eventually concludes with the opposite opinion of the author? Very few people will read through the studies and will instead accept that if the studies were made and the author thinks it's evidence then it must be a fact.

I think this article may be very damaging to peoples health and mental state, some people are very superstitious and could become paranoid of fluoride because of this - the evidence for that is in other comments. If the article was put in such a way that implied "this is not fact, but merely my opinion" it would be okay, but it comes across as professional advice and I'd like that to be backed up by how that conclusion was reached.

Anyway, rant over :) I just hope that other people who look at these articles don't - for example - risk their kids teeth by stopping them using fluoride toothpaste because they're scared it would speed up their sexual development when actually their kids would have to be gerbils for it to have any known negative effect.

Roann Sullen • 6 years ago

fluoridation has come under increasing scrutiny as health concerns,
lack of efficacy in preventing tooth decay and ethical issues of
administering chemicals via the water supply have surfaced

Connett, an attorney with the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), summarizes
10 important facts about fluoride that everyone drinking fluoridated
water should know

uncovered reveal that fluoride impacts far more in your body than just
your teeth and provides serious risks to infants, along with little or
no benefit to your teeth, among others "buy activated charcoal, to brush with removes plaque, and stops cavities with none of the effects of floride " floride is a nero toxican"

jimmylisterjr • 7 years ago

Just saw this comment despite how long ago it was made. But one may want to read a material safety and data sheet on a pacific compound. Like for example sodium fluoride. Because that way an individual can make a more detailed and informed choice. And also remember that in toothpaste they may list the ingredients but may not list the dosage. Also one may need to consider other sources of fluoride intake as well. Again just using fluoride as a example. And remember there are different forms of fluoride that are in use to. Even in the city water supply.

Remember even though most food manufacturers my filter the incoming water supply. They may not filter everything out of the water either. So processed foods may have fluoride in themas well. Just because filters that can completely remove fluoride are not cheap. Especially on a industrial scale.

And on a historical note. Fluoride was used on the concentration camp prisoners in Germany during world war II.

Roann Sullen • 6 years ago

Floride is a nero toxin. It was discovered by the Germans and the Russians if you use floride it will calify the pineal gland making the prisoners docile, so they would not cause problems. It is in our water and toopaste, not to help us but to dumb us down. When the pineal gland is calified it causes many problems:
1. sleep
2. mood
3. hormone imbalance
4. More people drink fluoridated water
in the US alone than in the rest of the world combined. In Western
Europe, for instance, 97 percent of the population drinks
non-fluoridated water.
5. According to the World Health
Organization (WHO), there is no discernible difference in tooth decay
between developed countries that fluoridate their water and those that
do not. The decline in tooth decay the US has experienced over the last
60 years, which is often attributed to fluoridated water, has likewise
occurred in all developed countries (most of which do not fluoridate their water).
6. Fluoride affects mant tissues in your body besides your teeth
7. Fluoridation is not a natural""Process
8. 40% of American Teenagrs show visible signs of Fluoride overexposure.
9. For infants, Fluoridated water provides NO BENEFITS, only risks
10. Fluoride supplements have never been approved by the FDA
11. Fluoride is the only medicne added to public water
12. Swallowing Fluoride provides little benefit to teeth
13. Disadvantaged commumities are the most disdadvantaged by fuoride

jimmylisterjr • 6 years ago

Agreed. The real question is. Why in the hell are they putting it in the public water supply? They claim it's to treat cavities. Doesn't that make it a drug now? Because that's what it's being used for as a medical treatment on a mass scale. And I have not seen anything from the FDA saying Fluoride is safe and effective for public consumption.

D-Tub • 8 years ago

I would guess probably not many people are staring into the sun or taking sharp 90 degree turns in life just because they read one article, but that's only speculation and based on a hope that most people know better. But, like you say, there's always someone that needs someone else to protect them from themselves. Kind of like how hair dryers have a warning label to not use them in the shower.

Roann Sullen • 6 years ago

I do sun staring. However you do it in the early am, and towards the evening just before sun set. It actually gives you a great sense of well being.

Father of the Dawn • 8 years ago

Yeah, although it's probably more like an article by a doctor suggesting people use hairdryers in the shower, then saying that it's bad for your health if you don't and scientific studies back up his point despite the label... If you look at the other comments it seems that some people are looking into the sun because of articles like this. You can convince people of almost anything if you try hard enough, not everybody has the thought to check sources and think for themselves. It just seems irresponsible.

Joe • 8 years ago

Great article. I've heard of closing your eye lids and staring into the sun instead of eyes open. Is there any evidence the eyes closed method is beneficial to the pineal gland?

sharkonwhisky • 8 years ago

I think it would still be viable actually and better than nothing (and a much safer bet when the sun is strong) as research has shown that somehow the pineal gland can detect ambient light, but a clear mechanism (i.e. is it direct or indirect detection) hasn't been found yet.

Global Healing Center • 8 years ago

I'm familiar with the benefits of Sungazing but hadn't seen anything about closed eye gazing.

syke bih • 6 years ago

this changes nothing. who discovered the pineal gland? how does one remove one from a body? there are many expectations that the title of this article simply does not live up to

Brent • 7 years ago

"The pineal gland responds to the bioelectric signals of light and dark, and meditation activates this bioelectric energy. With practice, you can learn to direct this energy to this highly-sensitive organ" - no, you can't. This is new age gibberish.

Jen • 6 years ago

Then don't do it. I'm sure you're perfectly happy with your life believing just as you do. In fact, websites like this will only irritate people with your belief system, so why bother to look at them?

Brent • 6 years ago

A year late on this one. Anyway, the idea that you can direct bioelectric energy to your pineal gland is ridiculous. The neurons involved in carrying signals to the pineal gland are not under voluntary control. They just don’t work that way, and suggesting that they do borders on quackery. Kind of out of a chiropractor’s sandbox on top of it all.

Kikaha • 6 years ago

Too late on this one 😂
Yeah, neurons cannot be precisely activated... but thats what neurology is for. The human brain is divided by sectors and in functionality. Thinking certain things activates certain things. Dont ask me exactly how what activates, im not a neurologist or something, but you can in fact influence what your brain does, because you ARE that brain ;)

Tasha Evelyn • 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing this I have learned a lot, and you just confirmed my concerns!! Namasté