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Redhand • 1 year ago

I tried reading her speech over at LGF but got lost in the letters: sort of like looking at a Roman inscription where (1) the language is foreign and (2) all the letters run together anyway so you have to figure out what the individual words are and what sentence they belong to.

It was such hard work it made my brains hurt!

Thank you Yas, for making it all "crystal clear," as if you were deciphering fragments from The Satyricon to show us the real poetry behind seeming incoherence.

Now, if only The Donald would choose her as his running mate!

willi0000000 • 1 year ago

Thank you Yas, for making it all "crystal clear," as if you were deciphering fragmentsfragrance from The Satyricon to show us the real poetry behind seeming incoherenceincontinence.

sorry, had to.

smut clyde • 1 year ago

Oh very good. Put that in Yastreblyansky's Greatest Hits already.
But you can't claim all of the credit; some of it belongs with the material.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

Thanks so very much, Smut. You and Beth have definitely put it there. Yes, the material is very rich. I was certain I'd fuck it up by not knowing where to stop.

Kordo • 1 year ago

This brought a tear to my eye, seriously. I'm sorry I haven't been here before. Well shot, skillful hand!

SisterArtemis • 1 year ago

Needs to be read by that great orator, William Shatner.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

We can hope he'll come up with his own edition.

Jay B. • 1 year ago

Somewhere in heaven, Seamus Heaney is drinking a celestial Guinness and cursing the fates for not being born a Palin.

arundel • 1 year ago

This is outstanding. Thank you.

Aimai • 1 year ago

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

nothingisamiss • 1 year ago

I am weeping with joy. Thank you.

LuigiDaMan • 1 year ago

Skewering Palin by way of Adorno, my least favorite philosopher, is your ultimate achievement. Having to read and dissect "Dialectic of Enlightenment" has almost been made worthwhile by your ecstatic take.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

I love Adorno, but I guess that's because I've always refrained from reading him, so I can maintain a strictly unbiased view, free of actual knowledge. I am to Adorno as Republicans are to the Constitution and the Bible.

Wonkaholic • 1 year ago


marxalot • 1 year ago

This is beautiful.

Playonwords • 1 year ago

An anal-ysis worthy of Pseud's Corner

boloboffin • 1 year ago

My goodness, Palin is smarter than the average bear! Which she shot from a helicopter.

redoubtagain • 1 year ago

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Keats

smut clyde • 1 year ago

After Chapman turned up at his niece's birthday party, blind drunk and clutching a hand-made gift that brought great delight to the recipient, Keats was heard to remark that "A string of kewpies is a joy for Heather".

Joe Hoffman • 1 year ago

That's a homer!

Mrs Tilton • 1 year ago

So, umm, I guess a pint of Palin is yer only man?

c u n d gulag • 1 year ago


It's like "The Waste Land," with plenty of former!

'ThIs is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way the world ends...
Not with a bang, but with a simpering idiot's hateful whimper.'

ELIZABETH_NYC • 1 year ago

It actually does read like some brilliant fringe poetry the way you set it up. Seven cantos, no waiting.

Avattoir • 1 year ago

But really, is it not less "poetry" than "peotry"?

She's the broad bard of Wasilla's trailer park crack roomettes, the dim Dylan of self-induced early dementia, screech owl to the teapster set, the dumbest bunny in the great north woods hutch, not so much a mama grizzly bear as a sadly undeniable multi-mama who's increasingly grizzled and definitely unbearable.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

Metaphorical overload.

Honestly, Palin did it better.

Avattoir • 1 year ago

In fairness, it's hard to out-dung an actual dung beetle.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

The rule that made my writing punchier:

Omit needless words.

-Thanks to Strunk and White.

Avattoir • 1 year ago

A Battle of the Brevity Classics? LUV to, thnx: http://tiny.cc/weze8x

SPöRK • 1 year ago

If you wish to receive respect for your intellectual superiority, perhaps consider creating your own responses instead of links to badly acted Britcoms.

Btw, you have lousy taste in entertainment.

Avattoir • 1 year ago

Always enlightening to learn of the cultural reach of Sam the Eagle.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

^ That's more like it.

There is hope, young grasshopper.

Avattoir • 1 year ago

You need to consider the possibility you might just be pretentious whippersnapper. How do you know I'm not 68 and remember watching live not just the first the first moon landing, not just being subject to the military draft, not just the first TV news feed that showed Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald while Oswald was being transported in police custody, not just as the Beatles' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, not just Ike's last keynote speech as president when he delivered his warnings about the power of the American "military-industrial complex", but, on a teevee set with rabbit ears and a quarter inch relay line to a metal weather vane on top of neighbor's garage as Ted Williams pinch-hit in the second All-Star game of 1959.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

It's tough to be pretentious in ten words or less.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

Speaking of being pretentious in fewer (not "less") than 10 words, Strunk and White managed to combine pretentiousness and complete grammatical cluelessness with the most extreme brevity. Classic example, on the passive voice.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

I didn't say "less than ten words," I said "ten words or less," which is acceptable grammar. You can't rearrange my words and then attack me for poor grammatical construction.

Also, I wouldn't share the first thing I find on Google . . . mainly because the criticism you managed to present has as many grammatical errors (and run-on sentences) as your writing.

Opinion blogs are not considered evidence.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

Hahaha. Geoffrey Pullum's frequent tirades at Language Log (not exactly an "opinion blog" but a hangout for some of the most distinguished voices in the field of linguistics) against the stupidity of Strunk & White are famous in the trade, and though I generally disagree with him on theoretical issues (he's a mathematizing formalist, I'm a radical functionalist), he is always right on this subject. I knew what I was looking for and chose what I thought was the funniest and most devastating. You have no idea what you're saying.

The less/fewer distinction has nothing to do with word order; it's about meaning, as Strunk & White themselves say:

Less refers to quantity, fewer to number. "His troubles are less than mine" means "His troubles are not so great as mine." "His troubles are fewer than mine" means "His troubles are not so numerous as mine." It is, however, correct to say, "The signers of the petition were less than a hundred, "where the round number, a hundred, is something like a collective noun, and less is thought of as meaning a less quantity or amount.

Though they spoil the point, typically, with their incomprehensible terminology and incoherent examples; I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule, as there always are, but I defy anybody to figure out what S&W think they are from this garbled account. You're much better off following the simple and concise standard linguists' rule of "fewer" with count nouns, "less" with noncount nouns, which is what you violated above.

When you run across grammatical errors in this space feel free to let me know, and I'll thank you.

SPöRK • 1 year ago

I'm glad you found a blog that reinforces your position. Since you found words on the internet, they must afforded equal weight as one of the classics of the genre, right?

Silly me . . . I foolishly thought they didn't have equal intellectual merit.

I would also draw attention to the act that Strunk and White wrote their clever little book during the Harding Administration. English has morphed in the century since its publication date.

"Ten words or less" . . . acceptable within the context of vernacular conversation.

Another Kiwi • 1 year ago

Top Notch Yastreblyansky! An adornoment to the oeuvre.

disqus_pTeu5EQuzX • 1 year ago


vacuumslayer • 1 year ago

Oh boy.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

Thanks, Beth. You and Smut have made me a star. Glad I didn't go to work today (waiting for a plumber who's not in fact coming until tomorrow) so I could just sit here and watch the stats.

vacuumslayer • 1 year ago

I was happy to do it. I need to get out into the blogosphere more and broaden my horizons. Great post--you deserve all the applause.

Redhand • 1 year ago

Happy to be just a face in the crowd on this one.

Yastreblyansky • 1 year ago

You will always be the Original Fan. At least I hope you will.

Redhand • 1 year ago

Thanks. MUCH appreciated.

keta • 1 year ago

Very nice!

contekkst • 1 year ago

I am severely hooked on O P uM: Outrageous Palin, uh, Mumblings!

contekkst • 1 year ago

I am severely hooked on O P uM: Outrageous Palin, uh, Mumblings

susanoftexas • 1 year ago

Wonderful. It's like she is reciting a patter song.

MBouffant • 1 year ago

And now a link & quote from Amanda Marcotte in Salon. "One blogger ..." indeed!