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Agnes Croft Crane • 2 years ago

Is there any connection between back muscle spasms and hypothyroidism? I have been on synthroid( .100 mg.) for 36 years and have been having muscle spasms off and on that last for days for about 20 years now but have been otherwise very healthy.

Dana (Amy Myers MD) • 2 years ago

Hi Agnes! That is not something that I see... muscle weakness perhaps but not muscle spasms.

Kathy Dameron Williams • 3 years ago

I have had hormone issues since my mid 20's I am now 43 I have been to 4 doctors not one has ever had a diagnosis just here take this birth control, when that stopped working moved me to a strong estrogen pill that has increased my amount of Migraines caused major weight gain and now my hair falls out by the hand full when washing it.
I have been working on changing my diet and would like to try the Meal Planning Tool but am afraid of spending money on something I might not be able to use I have Numerous food allergies I cannot name one fruit or nut that I can eat. I know I have a problem with some wheat's and some dairy and I have shellfish allergies. How does someone with so many food allergies go about changing their diet and eating healthy when everything revolves around fruit, vegetable's and nuts?

Hi Kathy, thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear you have been dealing with all of this. Dr. Myers recipes are dairy and nut-free (as well as free of many other allergens or inflammatory foods), so her books, our free recipes on the website, and the meal planning tool are all wonderful resources!

Also, it sounds like you could benefit from a Wellness Coaching appointment with me where we can narrow down foods that will agree with you and work to heal a leaky gut which is likely contributing to your symptoms. You can read more here and please let me know if you have further questions: http://store.amymyersmd.com...

Kathy Dameron Williams • 3 years ago

I would really be interested in talking with you and trying anything at this point, as of yesterday I was taken off Aygestin because it was not working and started on Provera that they want me to do for 2 months, But I believe it is the cause of my very bad migraine I have had for 2 days. I have a few questions and am looking for any help possible I tried to talk to my Dr about having blood work done to check hormones and they said they cannot have hormone testing done until they have a diagnosis and know what is wrong? Wouldn't the hormone testing be something they would use to help get a diagnosis? I have been going to them since 2011 and still no diagnosis.
I have been slowly changing my diet and am on day 3 of the Meyers Vanilla cleans. And would love to to set up an appointment they did agree to do basic labs, CBC with DIff/PLT, Lipid Panel, Glucose Plasma and TSH W/reflex to FT4.
Should I go ahead and get those before I set up an appointment?

Hi Kathy, I can interpret the labs that you mentioned. I would suggest setting up an appointment to go through those first, as well as your health background. Then I can recommend any additional labs that would be helpful at that time as well.

tyneir • 3 years ago

What if you have an active auto immune condition (ITP)?...do we want to "stimulate" our immune response?...its already haywire. I would like to incorporate more of the suggestions above but unsure if these suggestions hold true for active autoimmune disorders...thanks!

Hi, these things support the immune system but do not stimulate it as in autoimmunity. The nutrients listed are actually very important for reducing the autoimmune stimulation. Hope that helps!

heidi • 3 years ago

2 1/2 years ago my Levothyroxine dose was decreased. Ever since I have gotten sick very easily and frequently. I eat very well, sleep well and exercise. I am now learning so much more through your site and just ordered the Thyroid connection book and CD so I can inhale your info sooner than later. Could the reduction in thyroid med and thus reduction in thyroid function contribute to increase illness?

Hi Heidi, yes if your thyroid is not well-controlled by meds and/or other means, it will definitely cause symptoms and can unfortunately make you end up feeling just like you did before treatment. I would suggest getting updated lab work and asking your doctor (or perhaps finding a new doctor) to medicate you based on your labs. Perhaps even using a different form/brand of supplemental thyroid hormone would be better as well.

Wendy Allen • 4 years ago

2000mg of fish oil stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. Fish oil may help the immune system in an awesome way. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO...taking vitamins/good oils/minerals...probiotic...LDN...detoxing may help the immune system. Vit D3 5000IU, Vit C, zinc, fish oil, Mg and more may help the immune system. Washing hands may help...just soap/water..not antibacteria soap since a person can become resistant to it. Kids may get sick after much sugar at holiday times. Sleep/sunlight may help. Fall is when the flu/colds start since the sunlight is lower.

Amy Myers, MD • 4 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

Wendy Allen • 4 years ago

You are welcome! Happiness...