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Mike • 3 years ago

The state does not like it when they can't brainwash your kids.

If the State can't brainwash your kids - where will it find sufficient cannon fodder for endless illegal wars?
Do you want the terrorists to win?

Mark • 3 years ago

Except in matters that touch on religion, you usually make sense and are humorous.

disqus_3BrONUAJno • 3 years ago

He's not the only one that resists superstition as rigorously as he resists oppression and mindless regimentation.

JayC777 • 3 years ago

You know that it is superstition, how?

No evidence to the contrary.

disqus_3BrONUAJno • 3 years ago

It meets or exceeds every dictionary's definition of superstitious.

Thanks. . . you took the words right out of my, umm. . . fingers =P

Guest • 3 years ago

I've found that reason is a much faster way to solve a problem than wishing it away.

"I know what you're going to ask, I just like hearing you beg." ~ God

Guest • 3 years ago

It stunts intellectual growth, not just personal growth.

Religion says that demons are the cause of sickness and disease. . .
Science says microbes are the cause. . . and has discovered ways to combat many illnesses without resorting to exorcism or Inquisitions or burning at the stake. . .

disqus_3BrONUAJno • 3 years ago

Which terrorists? I'd say state sponsored, but they all are.


Clementine • 3 years ago

I concur!!

Rick E. • 3 years ago

The powers that SHOULD'T be have been incrementally-but slowly-implementing this anti homeschooling agenda for about a decade now. And now they have a receptive and compliant totalitarian government behind them.
This will become worse and worse as these months pass by! The globalists are firmly entrenched now, and with help from the current administration, they will increase their attempts to subjugate us, and brainwash our youngsters.

Guest • 3 years ago
disqus_3BrONUAJno • 3 years ago

Most human beings are curious enough to highly educate themselves if we would be willing to merely aid them in their search for the answers to endless questions.

The mom • 3 years ago

Exactly! !!! We called it relaxed homeschooling or un-schooling.
Both boys turned out super talented and very well rounded.

disqus_3BrONUAJno • 3 years ago

The Fahrenheit 451 scenario draws near.

Guest • 3 years ago
gato felix • 3 years ago

Will that day of reckoning be at the hands of an unknown entity, or at the hands of the opressed masses!!

Guest • 3 years ago
gato felix • 3 years ago

As would I!!

James Michael • 3 years ago

Fast approaching....

Lewis Taylor • 3 years ago

I think it's time the kids stand up! Tell them not to go along with this bull!Kids now know there mind early on. But they have to stand up!

Clementine • 3 years ago

The government is here to take power away from it's people...without their indoctrination that will back fire.

Tatiana Covington • 3 years ago

Once I was given wrong instructions by a former employer... emphasis on former. Long story short: this set off a chain of error catastrophe, resulting in his loss of $2M, his firm's bankruptcy, and the complete loss of his life's work. He was penniless at 50. It was worse than a crime: it was a blunder.

Guest • 3 years ago

Home School Legal Defense Association is likely hiring in Ohio

TanDaLayO • 3 years ago

Get rid of your strawman.(your name in caps on your various I.D. paperwork)...and they have no jurisdiction over you. It's not impossible..just takes some legwork. OR, get out of that corrupt state..and to one that is friendly to freedom for families. Search around..WA state is one. It has lovely scenery, temperate weather... German families are relocating here due to bad laws for homeschooling in their country. You deserve, and have the right to determine your own child's future...Don't let anyone enslave you..or take your rights...no one..

geneww1938 • 3 years ago

Every study proves home schooled students far exceed their peers from public schooled. And this is in spite of the fact that many home schooled are students pulled from public schools because they were considered as ADD ... disabled, etc. and they were so under-performing.
I Thank God that our daughter home schools her two children. They read/write Latin and Greek, are a few years ahead in math and sciences and are very socially adept with sports (soccer and baseball), fencing, wrestling, karate, archery, hunting.
Their attorney father has taught them (and a large group of their peers) the details of our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and each of its amendments.
How many parents of junior high students can claim that.

CHARLES S • 3 years ago

No one wants their children brainwashed. And as for Kasich, I, for one, will NOT vote for the imbecile Kasich!!

Gazoo • 3 years ago

Prosecutors will be persecuted !!!!

James Michael • 3 years ago

Shakespeare said it 500 years ago ...Kill ALL the liaryers.....

Guillotine_ready • 3 years ago

The more control bureaucrats are allowed to give themselves the more they will abuse and seek to increase it. Children are weaponized and used to intimidate the parents into compliance, CPS, is a good example of the state kidnapping children many of whom end up in horrid conditions.
This has all stemmed from the unwillingness of parents to fight at the very first sign of threat to the family. It is a key survival skill to be able to realize quickly when a fight is going to be inevitable and to make a move to win immediately. Americans have allowed this crap to go so far that the only reasonable thing to do is abandon the state run schools and reduce the number of bureaucrats dramatically and make sure we never allow this cancerous corruption to fester again.
Yes fighting back is lonely and you will be labeled as the problem, but after a while others will join you. Many perhaps most these days are lost and as unfeeling as it may be it is time to stop worrying about them, they cannot be saved.

breakawaymotorsports . • 3 years ago

Forced "education" is nothing more than subsidized day care where the "teachers" teach political correctness and corporate agenda to the innocent children.Any wonder this country is spiraling down the crapper hole?

Gun Slinger • 3 years ago

The state doesn't like it when they lose federal money for kids being in public schools. Home schooling takes the money away. Oh well, at least some kids got a proper education.

CurlyBill • 3 years ago

Im just sick of bureaucrats... ruination is coming our way. Prepare!!!

kirkpatrick • 3 years ago

If the kids don't go to pubic school, how will they learn Spanish and the Quran?

Same way they do now - at home.


__deborah harvey • 3 years ago

the wise man hides himself in time of trouble.
i educated mine entirely sub rosa and not in ohio.
the ohio politician, capri cafaro [capri means goat] tried to pass the most ridiculous law against homeschooling. it was soundly defeated.
but the forces of evil will never give up and i am sure even more garbage 'laws' will be coming down the pipeline.
it is none of the gov't.'s business how i educate my own.
in pennsylvania the pols said the state must oversee the education of its children.
i agree. the state may oversee the educaton of every child to which it gives birth, and i will oversee the education of every child to whom i give birth.

James Michael • 3 years ago

You nailed it completely and in reason there milady....

James Michael • 3 years ago

The sworn servant cannot require anything from the master.....
Stop being slaves Americans....

donl • 3 years ago

Get rid of Socialism /Communism and it will be safe to send your kids back to a public school.

Mary • 3 years ago

We home-schooled over half of our younger children during the 80's and early 90's. Talk about regulations! I am a trained English/History teacher and in this state that was sufficient to teach at home at that time. Still had to do the Iowa tests and meet regs. Now helping with one grandson - in third grade - can't write decently or compose complex sentences or spell very well. But we are working on it! Historical knowledge is beyond tragic. Thanks public school for the SOL's - they make SUCH a difference!

danton61 • 3 years ago

Let me see if I understand this; A Homeschooling family is "obligated legally" to submit paperwork that is unnecessary ANYWHERE ELSE; They are "advised" by an agency that is "diametrically- opposed" against their success, and, it may rightfully be assumed, would most likely sabotage any and all efforts to homeschool. These bureaucratic "creeps" don't care about the kids; they are more concerned with "centralization-of-power" for themselves, the kids be damned. NICE GOING GOVERNOR KASICH!! What a prick this guy is.