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Ava Reese • 6 years ago

Really well written article. Anything that helps athletes reduce their propensity for TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a good thing. It looks like a simple program of building neck strength should be a huge part of every sport where athletes take or risk head impact.

What I hope to see in followup to this article:

1. A feature on nutritional support for preventing and healing brain traumas.

There are MANY things which have been show to help. And many more that are being discovered every day. Even just keeping the brain really well hydrated makes an impact. Athletes who cut weight and then are exposed to hits to the head should make sure to be fully hydrated. The brain takes longer to rehydrate than other areas of the body.

Certain preventive measures can be taken to help prevent, reduce, or reverse the pathology of TBI, where damaging tau proteins and amyloid plaques are formed that lead to all the problems down the road. Even something as simple as consuming coconut oil, getting lots of the right type of protein, and, as I said before, hydration, can help athletes nutritionally fortify and protect and heal their brains when, inevitably, head injuries do arise.

There are more sophisticated substances, too. I want to see an article on that stuff.

2. An article on getting the PEDs out of sports and catching and punishing the cheaters.

Too many clean athletes face opponents whose strength and stamina have been artificially enhanced from PEDs. I don't feel good about rooting for any player or watching any sporting event who is taking this type of advantage in a situation where they are also HURTING other human beings. Especially knowing that those people will eventually face such serious ramifications later on.

I am a sports fan who ALWAYS feels conflicted, deep down, about the risks these human beings are taking for the sake of our entertainment. In my opinion, ALL sports promotions (NFL, CFL, UFC, Bellator, Invicta, NCAA-football, WBC, etc) need to enact immediate measures to have a brain trauma healing / reduction a foundational part of their sport and required or offered for all athletes.