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Batman • 7 years ago

Uh I need them D:

Moon.mermaid • 7 years ago

Hi anyone can tell me how long does a Hot Buys item stays at the starplaza? *

sweetdreamsmaya • 7 years ago

Hey girls I need to be styled by two more stylists for Academy task. It's doesn't matter what clothes you use, I just want to pass this task. I am broke right now, I have only 493sc. So if you want to style me contact me Sweetdreamsmaya.

Boots are gorgeous :)

Mrs. Bad Girl x • 7 years ago

The boots looks dumb by my doll :S so I'm not buying

New Post!

spin that record babe • 7 years ago

they added givenchy,ysl and chanel tribute to starbazaar brands section! :o

Josinadebr. • 7 years ago


Starbazaar search has been updated!!! :D

kylie šŸ€ • 7 years ago

Yes STARDOLL :D oh wait I don't have a lot of money -_-

Gimme your applz • 7 years ago

*looks at my sd*
Noooo... :(

olvie ā˜Æ • 7 years ago

what about Dior? :o

Josinadebr. • 7 years ago

Maybe they'll keep updating??? *-*

lahurina • 7 years ago


olvie ā˜Æ • 7 years ago


Zackiegold • 7 years ago

I love the real life versions, but hate the Stardoll ones.

Guest • 7 years ago
Guest • 7 years ago
Angeldog2 • 7 years ago

Go to the 'ask a question' page and talk there. Not here -_-

Louise (milulite16) • 7 years ago

Yes, but no.

Rose • 7 years ago

I'd love these if they were ankle boots. ^_^

Abseil • 7 years ago

Pals store has gone from plaza, items from it are still purchasable from people's suites if they have them. EDIT: also purchasable through catalog

Zackiegold • 7 years ago

It's still there. Ā°_Ā°

sdoreymenano (Sofia) • 7 years ago

The store is still at starplaza under DECOR

spin that record babe • 7 years ago

they seem pretty, but kinda awkward on my doll since the foot part is too short and it makes my doll's feet look very small..

I thought I'd hate them but surprise, surprise, I actually love them *__*

Btw, I have a feeling my hair's a bit funky.. Should I change it? :o

Angeldog2 • 7 years ago

User? :)

RoyaltyRuchi • 7 years ago

i don't like them very much. although they are nice but just not for me.

Notnoworlater • 7 years ago

okay.. so at first i thought no, then yes, then no, and now yes...

..., I think I will get them, if only because they look great with jeans. they are wide enough at the top to cover the jean, which most of my other boots do not...

silvered • 7 years ago

Hmmm...I'm starting to see your point , I may get them after all. :)

your decora majesty • 7 years ago

I think they're a bit expensive... I mean they're just boots. Ordinary boots. x)

Charisbar • 7 years ago

Don't like them too....

really ugly imo

DoctorWhat • 7 years ago

I don't kbow if I'll buy them now but in reality I want them so much! I love wearing over-the-knee boots<3

ChicAutumn • 7 years ago

I especially love the heel, wish they were a bit shorter though! My outfit:

Guest • 7 years ago
Guest • 7 years ago

No off topics in here darling, you can post your look in the new pages where it says "Post Your Look"

Guest • 7 years ago

i have too meny boots, and this are not special for me. Rather spend that on the new store

kat! • 7 years ago

i really like these actually. we dont have many non-costumey otk boots

HšŸ’æLšŸ’æG I R L • 7 years ago

Starting to like these! Which outfit looks best with them? (sorry didn't really add any accessories for first 2)

Philotas • 7 years ago

personally the third one's my favorite ^^

abmeow • 7 years ago

love the second one <3

Guest • 7 years ago

I love me boots, Have got them but face to ugly to make a outfit in my suite lol

L/\\\R/\\\ • 7 years ago

how do i upload a pic of my doll on here?

Guest • 7 years ago

Using snipping tool or at the same time use the keys Ctrl Alt and prtscr . then go on paint and paste

Cirice • 7 years ago

They'd look better if they ended under the knee!

TOP'sTopVIPxD • 7 years ago

I'm such a boob. Took me a good five minutes to figure out what OTK stood for. Lol ~perks of being sick~
Back to the point, I already made the mistake of buying the HB hiker platforms. Won't do that again. -_-
It must be the round toe.

Sabrina • 7 years ago

Now enlighten me and say what OTK is for.. LOL

TOP'sTopVIPxD • 7 years ago

Over the knee *facepalm*

Angeldog2 • 7 years ago

Over The Knee.

Cyber • 7 years ago

you didn't like the hiker platforms? :O

TOP'sTopVIPxD • 7 years ago

No, not really. The fit is weird imo. Selling as soon as possible LOL