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Guest • 6 years ago

How does having an opinion and being crazy make someone a whistleblower? The caliber of so called reporting on this site is hilarious.

snoopdog • 6 years ago

The globalist oligarchs are technically insane -- they don't seek a balance between cultural mosaics They seek homogeneous totality, and kill diversity. Thus they set their world up as a table of dominos all ready to fall at once. They don't see the world as symbiotic balances of specializations -- the globalists are to stupid in their franchise systems......to model after natural science. They wish the world was a robot rather than a living system. Nature is their enemy and they try to kick down all trees.
The unnatural man is an idiot.

AndyA121 • 7 years ago

What about the terroist training bases in the U.S, at least 40 of them?

sam sneed • 7 years ago

tim osman rules

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Ho-Ho ~ Presume you mean Australian "Peter William Vanstone" which is the name Bill and Gracie Vanstone gave him the day he was born ~ Bet he 'REALLY' got his rocks off on that Hindu Kush weed, or sadly, perhaps the nubile young boys he got to go out to pick the ripe heads off the plants ~

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Nothing more embarrassing than an 80 y\o pretending he didn't fart in a lift with a class of 8 y\o schoolgirls who know 'THEY' didn't ~ "Tell me, girls ~ Can any of you spell patriotism?" ~ "Sure old man, it's 'B.L.A.C.K_O.P_F.A.R.T' isn't it?" ~
"No, that's not right girls ~ Now can you spell Al Qaeda terrorist in Libya?" ~
"Yes we can ~ It's spelt 'L.O.O.T.E.D_L.I.B.Y.A.N_G.O.L.D' isn't it old man?" ~
(Meanwhile, the old man keeps farting and blaming the little girls in the lift) ~

R-WOOD • 7 years ago


Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Mom? ~ That you? ;)

wiggins • 7 years ago

Dreadful behavior......where do these people come from...?


lisabeth • 7 years ago

remember what I am telling you everyone who is called stupid nuts mad wrong untruthfull and and will be in a few years from now called wise from the very few left
bengazi was for the very last person the wake up call and evidence how no fligth zone was converted in "lets take afrika and colonise it under used of paid liberators and if they dont want the liberators under us of made extremists and if this dont work under use of cementation of the region and and .

Paul Conroy • 7 years ago

How foolish we are to think we would know anything about what the governments of the world do, maybe they do lie, maybe we are controlled, maybe we are slaves but at this point in time nothing has happened, I feel free and if someone lies in government I can't do nothing about it, never has anyone changed it to suit the people !!! They don't care about us only money and control but in return I care not about them because I am free to be me, plus they can never have what I have and that's my own happiness

mankind • 7 years ago

Betting that there's a lot of sh*t buried in the Sandbox.

Ninerism • 7 years ago

Once again, GARY WEBB's assertions in DARK ALLIANCE are being supported by Wm.Robert Tosh Plumlee's own knowledge about dark alliances from Iran-Contra, to drug running by CIA' s ops using Costa Rica. etc (Hassenfus, etc).....And now Plumlee's own understanding of Benghazi, and the State Department's attempts for cover-ups. Hey, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, eh?! Hillary, like Billary, talks fast and furious. A lot of anger, but no real susbstance about how that attack came about with the death of an Ambassador WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!
Zetas encroaching along the border, down Mexico way, now found to be finding caches of weapons, freely provided? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?! Let Eric Holder play FAST AND FURIOUS, what difference does it make for Mexico's people and US citizens?
MOCKING BIRD now shown live on your own cell phones, just in case you might miss the nightly news?! Does the government pay for your cell phone, too? LET FREEDOM RING! RING ONCE, RING TWICE, whatever it takes to get their message out now. EBOLA is the newest Big Lie weapons of choice.
God bless men such as those who have real courage and integrity, such as: ALEX JONES, WM Robert Tosh Plumlee, GEORGE NOORY, GARY WEBB (God rest his weary soul), and all other true patriots who support our Constitution and Bill of
Technocracy advances agianst human rights.

Capt Nelson • 7 years ago

The attack on the consulate in Benghazi leads back to former Egypt's Muslim brotherhood which in turn leads back to the WH . Let's not forget about Hillary Clinton closest aide Huma Abedin whose mother is a member of the Muslim sisterhood along with the wife of former Egypt president Morsi . Abedin has never dined having ties to Muslim brotherhood or other radical groups .

Denvore CC • 7 years ago

In any event , Benghazi is an uninitiated disaster and it's clear the Obama administration stories aren't and never did hold up . And so long as they continue flopping around and refusing as they did to admit responsibility for whatever it was that did happen , not to mention give an honest accounting for what that was , the stories will float around and gain purchase .

Coy Coleman • 7 years ago

All scandals lead to 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue. They are probably all tied also. If Holder has to protect his wife's emails something really bad is being hidden.

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

What's at '1300 Pennsylvania Ave' Coy? ~ The old wooden outhouse where little boys are educated in the ways of creepy old men? ~ Or were you just referring to '1600 Pennsylvania Ave' where creepy old men go to die? ;)

Cygnusx1 • 7 years ago

Mr. Plumley needs to spend some time with Trey Gowdy. Give Gowdy the chance to blow the lid off Benghazi. I would dearly love to see Clinton and Obama try to squirm out of that. Trey Gowdy would rip them to shreds.

Escaped Government Slave • 7 years ago

Any government official involved in arming al qaeda/isis/is/, running drugs....should be prosecuted and sent to the firing squad forthwith.......why not?

Alex2 • 7 years ago

I am... nominating Tosh Plumley's term "The Sandbox," for the psychological operation, black ops, political payoff, drug intel, media, Justice Department tangle. Love that... .

That is, the operations side and all aspects of it.

Where as Zion control of banking/media and its relationship to the Tribe and to the formerly WAS-P elite is a broader scientific control world wide, that obviously includes pacification drugs in the food supply and mass mind molding over years as we saw in coordination with Federal Courts and a man marrying a man, woman a woman Hollywood psyop etc. .

Dang, the Shooter of the two Sheriff’s Deputies (On the same day as the Staged Shooting in Washington State OF Course) was indeed A TWICE DEPORTED ILLEGAL ALIEN:
Suspect in killing of deputies was twice deported

But of course you never heard one word about this Shooter being a TWICE DEPORTED ILLEGAL ALIEN on the Globalists Run Propaganda Whore Channels including CNN/CIA/MSNBC/FAUX News Yesterday. To these Communist Propaganda Outlets, the Shooter was simply a "Resident of a small California Town" along with his "Armed Woman" for whom the Propaganda Whores Refused to Indentify yesterday, also. So these are the Kind of THUGS that the OBOLA Administration are bringing into America via their Criminal Globalist Master’s North American Union Mafia Plan. Seal the Borders you Criminals in the District of Criminals (DC)!!!
Thanks, Alex and Crew for brining forth THE TRUTH about this ILLEGAL ALIEN THUG COP SHOOTER.

Guest • 7 years ago

benghazi and fast and furious sitting in a tree...k i s s i n g...first comes tyranny then comes death-obola...
sounds(now comes)like thee occult is arming...obola might be easier to handle than fracking constant CHIT storms...either way sum a itches need to see a fight...
start the discussion trey gowdy, put it on C-SPAN--are these sons of bitches making bank from heresy...

with Egypt to Rome • 7 years ago

Why doesn't he mention why and for what fast and furious pushed, the zeta were just the merc (with a large ex military surprisingly trained for urban warfare and economic sabatoge), but all these actions were just set into place for the Knights Temple "cartel" to set back into home. I guys a K.O.M. (St.Johns littles boys)affiliate wouldn't want to help people look the right way, they've been good at missleading tboughts these pass 1500 years. They're both jokes to anything higher tho. Your Vatican is starting to lose its hold and it's alliance with the Jesuit is about to crumble under its own greed, lost self control, falling outside the compass lines.

SICK OF THEM • 7 years ago

Who gives a shxt. Obummer is going to do whatever he wants and the congress doesn't do anything about it. Hasn't anyone noticed their reps don't mention anything about their voting history for obummers agenda. Call your rep and ask them about their voting record. You can find all congressional votes for all bills online. They vote for bills restricting are fundamental rights then they don't back up their voting record. Most are liars promoting their own agenda, not the americans people agenda. I hope somehow ebola breaks out in WA DC and infects them all. Could happen!

Escaped Government Slave • 7 years ago

Now we have the CIA chief, the muslim John Brennan training up to 15,000 new al qaeda/isis stooges at CIA training facilities in Jordan....in the open....everyone knows about this, congress sits with their thumbs up their asses

ebayer • 7 years ago

If you're like me,the first thing you thought when you read this guys name,you thought"Who the hell is Tosh Plumley"?

Google Tosh Plumley.

lucius-cornelius • 7 years ago

In the UK 'tosh' means rubbish. So 'to speak tosh' means to talk a lot of hot air and 'plum' is a slang term for something being good.

So Tosh Plumley could mean "someone who speaks rubbish very well'.

Just saying...

PhillyBill59 . • 7 years ago

I don't believe a word this Plumlee character says...at all, except one thing.
He is a pilot, and likely did work for a spell as a subcontractor with Evergreen.
But that doesn't mean he was involved with all that claims. I suspect he's more about "shop talk," and "urban legends," than anything concrete.

He's been around for a long while, and every now & then he will pop back onto the radio guest circuit. If you've never heard of him, or heard him interviewed, you might say to yourself that the guy sounds potentially legit.

But...if you have been around the radio dial for a longer spell...when you hear his name mentioned as the days' guest...you say to yourself..."Oh No! Not this guy again." Or...at least I do.

Bill H. - An American in Taiwan

Ghost Rider • 7 years ago

I like your comment. Knowing the code word Evergreen relates to CAT and Paul Helliwell (long passed on)..Plumlee has some credibility because he was one of the elite members of OP 40 from the 50's.
Lots of crazy Brotherhood stuff going on then..( Bay of Pigs thing)...
Old 41 killed Plumleee's real boss: Adler Berriman Seal (July 16, 1939 – February 19, 1986)( El Gordo) (Barry Seal)...He was killed by by Medellin Cartel contract killers ...supervised by Ollie North(Old 41's hatchet man....still is...)...But all said Plumlee is not in the loop now....he lost his hook when Barry bit the dust...I should know considering my age and background...
But the circus still performs....just with a new modern agenda and players...Still the same old smoke and mirrors...O Bola is controlled by the same outfit that has controlled all presidents since Woodrow Wilson....Jack Kennedy was an exception...when he attempted to be the real president ...the Secret Service blew his brains out from the rear limo...following his car...used a M-16 with frangible exploding projectiles....The rest is history...
Semper- FI....from the dark side..........

PhillyBill59 . • 7 years ago

Hey Trident...

Well Sir...I do tip my hat to you. Well said, and you've certainly been around the block a few times.

You are exactly right. And...the day the axed JFK was indeed the day America died...or shall we say...was fatally wounded.

Recognizing the game is just as important as being inside of it. And you said it all...the same game is still being played, only with a different cast of characters.

Thanks for the response. Good Stuff...!!!

Bill H. - an American in Taiwan
U.S. Air Force

Carlos Danger • 7 years ago
Psychic Warrior • 7 years ago

Greed, guns and god an AGENDA 21 cover-up in action. The capitalist, gun running divine right of Nazi America is revealed here in this video. The missing parts to the sub-Rosa government would be the alien connection. Check earthfiles.com for this information.