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SpeedersKill • 6 years ago

Maybe the $ should be collapsing but the fact is it has been soaring the last several months to multi-year highs.

knight2 • 6 years ago

Please thank our lying muzlim homo POTUS for everything he has done to us.

Goon E. Googoo • 6 years ago

I've lost a lot some respect for AJ over the last few months. I don't mind that he pushes his supplements. People are free to purchase what they like and it supports the show. If it gives them a sense of protection Hey its all good :)

But AJ your becoming selective in what you want to talk about, you abandon topics at a whim, important ones. You lose credibility with me when you do that. I admire many of your qualities but I wish you were able to split the air time fairly instead of running in the direction where you can cause the most panic instead of the most good.

You should also give more air time to the kids you employ, they connect with many of us and in some way far more talented.

Thanks for being there but its time for you to take a step back and think, please.

lopata seven • 6 years ago

Mr Cohen can take a rifle and go to holy fight with enemies he is fantasizing about.

Mike Gillum • 6 years ago

If Obama had half the balls, half the intelligence and half the knowledge of how world affairs really work of Putin he would be 300 times ahead of where he is now. In a battle of community organizer vs KGB leader, Obama loses big time.

ricck lineheart • 6 years ago

If another intelligence from another planet were to land and spend only a few days to study the situation of todays world they would surely believe the U.S. is a nation of discord , a nation of invaders and a nation that disregards human life in many ways .

Tom Turek • 6 years ago

They already have.. and told us JUST THAT! ricck.. open www.theyfly.com, read The Pleiadian Mission by US psychologist Randolph Winters, and see uTubes of UFO Contact from the Pleiades by Rtd USAF Intel.. Col. Wendelle Stevens, both of the same ongoing 70+ year et contacts.
If you believe that 4M years ago your ancestors were chimps and that we are 'alone, that is your tiny problem!

President Putin has embraced ā€œEurasianismā€ as the alternative to a "NWO" based around US hegemony (Shadow Govt)ā€¦ In a major foreign policy article in 2012, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin outlined the main premisesā€¦He stated that Russian would be guided by her own interests first, based on Russiaā€™s strength, and would not be dictated to by outsidersā€¦While Putin uses the term ā€œNew World Order,ā€ it is one that is antithetical to the Globalist Versionā€¦He questions the US missiles being placed on Russiaā€™s borders, and the continuing belligerence of NATO, stating that ā€¦The Americans have become obsessed with the idea of becoming absolutely invulnerableā€¦ Importantly, Putin is fully aware that Globalist Agendas are being imposed behind the facade of ā€¦Human Rightsā€¦ and criticises the selectivity by which this morality is appliedā€¦The series of armed conflicts started under the pretext of humanitarian aims is undermining the time honoured principle of state sovereignty, creating a moral and legal void in the practice of international relationsā€¦Currently Mr Putin sees the offensive against Syria in world historical terms in determining what type of world is being mouldedā€¦

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

You mean he thinks America is full of it? ;)
Hey ~ So do I ~ Are me & Putin brilliant? ;)

Positive ā€¦ thats what he thinks ā€¦America's Establishment is full of it
Yes mate ā€¦You & Mr Putin are cool and brilliant ā€¦
Fair dinkum

Best Wishes

Rob • 6 years ago

Good for you Mr.Putin.. you have balls and support from all over the world. The USofIsrael, the world's thuggish bully is falling and it knows it, so they are thrashing around like a demented psychopath breaking everything it can to steal what id doesn't have.. the 300million yanks and rednecks are hated worldwide for good reason.

Billo • 6 years ago

Nobody hates Yanks, they hate our Zionist jew run government and it's military.

jubilee • 6 years ago

I stand with Russia, Fcuk the junited states of America and it's use of terrorists and fomenting wars across the planet.

toe jam • 6 years ago

russia won all the turf without firing a shot? the us is on the way out. alex jones wants people to think russia is bad and the us and nato is good. i stand behind putin.

Blacktom • 6 years ago

f*ck putin

knight2 • 6 years ago

f*ck you!

jeffydiver • 6 years ago

I think Putin is great and extremely intelligent, and with his little finger he's gonna break the back of Europe too.

Ted Dolan • 6 years ago

RUSSIA AGGRESSIVE??? WHO is BOMBING and DRONING seven(7)!!! muslim countries???? Who is occupying sovereign foreign nations!!!! Who is sanctioning countries illegally for their own petty reasons.??? Who is arranging the coups in UKRAINE THAILAND HONDURAS???? NO country LIES on the scale of the USA!!!

Observer • 6 years ago

Ok everyone. Someone has to rule the show. Who would you prefer? If the USA and Europe don't conquer and push towards complete control, who will stand in?

China and Russia
The Arabs

Take your pick. You lot think being a Russian citizen is better than being an American in today's world? Move there and back Russia then. If you're going to whinge about being in the west, leave it then.

I find the short sightedness here incredible sometimes.

putin • 6 years ago

Russia and China have their own problems back at home.
But dids that have put together USA in last years . Invading foreign country s and killing people with help
of their "extremists" like isis or some other group is an act worthy of prosecution.....
Lets say someone occupies your house, yard and
start killing your folks. What would you do?
That is not "rule the show", that s "criminal show".

Observer • 6 years ago

I'm sure other superpowers wouldn't do any of those things... dominate and implement [military bases] invade Afghanistan... Oh wait.