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Aytollah Obola

The Democrats chosen Ayatollah
Doesn't know chit from chinola
From Liberia to Nigeria
Sick folks meet the criteria
To bring Americans a lethal dose of Obola!

If you're crappin'yer pants and coughin'
And your organs are startin' to soften
Just jump on a flight
Obama'll treat ya' right...
He's desperate to fill ten million FEMA coffin!


Jes Sayin • 7 years ago

A terrifying plague justifies depriving folks of their liberty without cause, without due process of law. Apparently, mere accusation that someone is a terrorist wll also suffice. Through terror, US citizens have relinquished their 4th Amendment rights and appear eager to relinquish their 5th Amenment rights as well.

bradford cutler • 7 years ago

Well I'm glad to see such political heavy weights like Chris
Christie weigh in on such matters as he'll serve as a good counter-weight to
Obola's no borders, no quarantine policies

haifisch8587 • 6 years ago

They will enforce the quarantee until the WH calls and then they will fold like a cheap suit

mtzpdlkldpztm722 • 7 years ago

Yeah, he'll put his weight behind it, no doubt about that,
heh heh !!!

diseased illegal • 7 years ago

i quarantine myself from the emo/hipster virus so i dont end up a bleeding heart liberal. just keep washing hands and feet. everything will be fine.

Martha • 7 years ago

Karl Johnson one of the discoverer of the Ebola virus said , a virus can be useful to a species by thinking it out . Not to worry people , we the government have it all under control . Nothing to see here , move on .
Do you think government could be lying to us again ?
I reiterate : Ebola and the diseased illegal = pig over tail
( A primitive form of biological warfare )

Bruce • 7 years ago

According to the CDC, since 2004 an average of 200,000 people are hospitalized with the flu each year. Plus hundreds of thousands that show up at the hospitals and are treated and released. Fever, chills, vomiting, the runs, aches and weakness are symptoms of both the flu and ebola.
This will overwhelm our healthcare facilities when every one of them HAS to be initially handled as if they have ebola.

RightNow9435 • 7 years ago

guess all those health workers will be returning via Chicago and Washington now

Gays N Gun • 7 years ago

You're unpatriotic if you think Professional Wrestling is fixed .

snoopdog • 7 years ago

Now they have a use for empty office buildings. Install UV germicidal lights in the air supplies and returns, and negative ion generators, electrostatic air filters.
Showers and soaker tubs full of rough silver or copper colloids. And a good supply of pure water with nano silver particles, to drink and rinse with. The attendants should have suits with pressure hoses to keep them isolated and cool. Another approach seems to be to set up tents in a warehouse each with separate exhaust hose.

NoMoLies • 7 years ago

So my NJ is the only state to have the common sense to quarantine suspected ebola carriers. 49 more and we will have some kind of defense. Oh wait, I mean 56 more.

Jes Sayin • 7 years ago

Habeas corpus time in Mafialand?

TurdBurner • 7 years ago

I guess you didn't read the article. NEW YORK s also quarantining people.

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago


RickVick • 7 years ago

Stop using pharmaceutical drugs and stop drinking fluoride water .
Stick to weed please !!!

Carlos Danger • 7 years ago

The other White meat
Obama wants every leg

GRAMS GOLD • 7 years ago

And where is our POS and new Ebola Czar when this new patient surfaces? Missing in action. That's because I've finally realized he won't issue a travel ban because it's against his "open border" agenda. And he's psychopathic and insane as well, because he doesn't care if all us Americans catch Ebola, TB or WHATEVER, as long as he screws up this country and then rescues it as some diabolical f-in tyrant:

Something is Mighty Fishy about the Supposed Shooting of two California Cops on the same day (OF COURSE) as the Staged School Shooting in Washington State .
Two sheriff's deputies killed; suspect in shootings captured

First off is this Marcelo Marquez Shooter Guy an ILLEGAL ALIEN?
Secondly, The Lame Stream Propaganda Whores are REFUSING to Identify the “Armed Woman” who was also Arrested with Marquez: which means one of two things:
1. She is also an ILLEGAL ALIEN
2. She was Marcelo’s 3 Letter Agency “PATSY HANDLER”.

Since this incident happened on the same day as the STAGED SCHOOL SHOOTING in Washington State: this could be a Staged Event as well. Especially, since the Propaganda Whores are refusing to IDENTIFY the Armed Woman. Even FAUX News is refusing to Identify this Armed Woman who was Arrested with Marquez.

Guns N Rosaries • 7 years ago

Sensory overload.

Gays N Gun • 7 years ago

But the newest generation of weapons are said to leave minimal traces of radiation that will dissipate very rapidly perhaps in a matter of hours .
NYC city was first nuked , there is no doubt about it :) now Ebola experiment on it's way
Brave people of the Big Apple beware .

q • 7 years ago

Why not quarantine these people aboard a ship in the middle of the Atlantic for 21 days and stop putting the American public at risk?

GRAMS GOLD • 7 years ago

Because Obola doesn't give a shit about the MISERY he subjects us Americans to. Otherwise, any sane, caring leader would have put in a travel ban. Wake up and smell the shit! (No offense to you, I'm just really PO'd over this whole thing. It's so blatanly obvious now. http://www.gramsgold.com/

thetruthhurts • 7 years ago

It's a Hoax.

Guest • 7 years ago

several websites are stating a 42-day incubation period for the virus.

thetruthhurts • 7 years ago

Why isn't there blood and vomit all over the place. Are people really this stupid?

Rumplestiltskin • 7 years ago

Before everyone goes off half cocked take a look at these two sites;



They give a little more circumspect understanding just how Ebola is transmitted and how it is detected. They are Quarantining people before they even know what they are suffering from, including those who more than likely do not have the Ebola virus along with those who might be infected, which will assure that over 50% will become infected if not separated into different quarantine rooms or booths, and at over 70% fatality rate, they are going to have to cover their stupid *sses when the legal suits start to fly !!

ready to roll • 7 years ago

Thanks for the info,if i get quarantined for 21 one days,then i will need 4 Oz of weed,12 bottles of Jack's,some porno films,there is a BUSINESS Op for any American to make 'RATION PACKS',sell them as a bug out kit.

GRAMS GOLD • 7 years ago

I'm liking where you are going with this...being a woman, I will need a bunch of Sci Fi movies, wine, salads and soft pillows...

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

About time for "Ebola-passports" isn't it? ~ Electronic 'Ebola-passports' connected to an implanted 'RFID' chip that detects the temperature rise from Ebola, notifies a big 'SKY-NET' grid just like on the movies, a space-based Star Wars laser turns on it's 'AXIS' (sic) to acquire the target, then 'ZAP & POOF' in a puff of smoke ~
All Ebola-cases are immediately nuked, and the Flu is eradicated too ;)

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago



Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Senator Reid? ~ Senator Harry Reid? ~ Senator McCocaine? ;)
Excuse-me Sir ~ Which US Senator were you reaching-out to? ;)

Darwin 1489 • 7 years ago

Flu breaking out this out to be interesting how people think that have ebola and it's just the flu. Government doesn't need anymore confusion. An idiot becomes quite dumb when confused.

Psychopathic Useful Idiot • 7 years ago


Headlines such as this are so funny “Thanks for Ebola service; now go into isolation”. This headline should state “Thanks for your Service to an International NGO who is using you: a Well Meaning Doctor as an “Useful Idiot” for the Globalist Eugenics Plan to IMPORT AND SPREAD THE EBOLA VIRUS INTO THE USA”. Again, Containment of a Virus Outbreak MUST happen at the SOURCE OF THE OUTBREAK!!. And where is the Source? The Bio-Weapons Labs in Africa used by the Black Ops Goons.

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago


jay • 7 years ago

All Americans are Liberals even the conservatives. Don't confuse leftists with those who hold our founding principles.

rxantos • 7 years ago

You are using an old definition of the word.

Try to say you hack into computers. Most people would believe you are cracking into someone else computer. When the definition is to tinker and lean on your own.

For good or bad commies have taken the word liberal as if it where their own.

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago


Thought_Crimes • 7 years ago

The mandatory quarantine of people from ebola infected countries by only 2 of the 50 states may be too little too late. A 21 day quarantine may also be inadequate because the ebola virus can incubate for periods longer than that. The coming winter weather and the flu and cold season may allow the virus to spread through the air. The safest way to avoid exposure would be to avoid crowded places, public toilets, restaurants, and air travel as much as possible. ThoughtCrimes.biz

CAGED ANIMAL • 7 years ago

It was check points to see if you have been drinking. Now nationwide ebola check points. Are they going to turn us into suicide car bombers because I think people are more willing to get the point across that this enemy government has crossed the line and that my freedom is nothing to fxck with. Law abiding citizens have had enough. Either push back or get on your knees and bow to your master because we are on the road to slavery.

Theron Heideman • 7 years ago

Wow this site has turned into wall to wall ebola fear porn.
Methinks Alex is revealing his CIA controlled opposition colors.

mtzpdlkldpztm722 • 7 years ago

Nothing new about that ... he did the same thing during the swine flu outbreak of 2009 ... which as we all know turned out to be a gigantic dud. He even buffaloed his crew into hoppin' on the panic wagon.

The only thing that worries me is this DST ( dogmatic social theme ) ...


The mad scientists are frustrated because they can't create
an unstoppable, invincible virus. They tried it with the
"killer bees" and fell flat on their faces ( feces ) .

mtzpdlkldpztm722 • 7 years ago

I'm not tryin' to sound like Joe Namath here, but I'm not predictin' that this whole thing is gonna fizzle
out ... I guarantee it !!!
They're doin' this as a sick excuse to round us up
and put us in a boxcar.

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

It's just a 'Psy-Op' that's repeating the fictional facts of a 2 y\o drill ~
Your Dept of State has spent $1 Billion on this shet in addition to what other govt departments have spent ($250 mill on books, $750 from slush funds) to push the constant repeat of old stories since they paid (Forced) free world media to repeat the 2006 South Ossetia versus Georgia\Russia conflict in 2008 as if it had just occurred , as well as repeating the 2004 Fukishima disaster etc 5+ years later, often repeating stories like this Ebola drill that never even happened in the first place ~ What they're doing is most probably distracting you into the lead up to your next 911 style false flag ~

Guest • 7 years ago
Charles Corso • 7 years ago

And the intern than answered the phone cared?

Enough of this DemoCRAPtic Liberal-Tard “Criminal Intentional Stupidity”: We need All Flights Halted from Ebola Hot Zones NOW! Containment Starts at the Source of an Outbreak!! The Liberal-Tards need to stop catering to the Big Pharma Vaccine Manufacturers who will be as about as successful at an Ebola Vaccine as they were with a Polio Vaccine. Just, Startpage: VACCINE INDUCED POLIO in INDIA. If anything, the Globalist Eugenics PIGS will use their Toxic Ebola Vaccines as a way to Spread the Ebola Virus.
Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio

The Globalist Propaganda Whore Channels are using laughable Toxic Pro-Vaccine SPEW such as "Race to find an Ebola Vaccine". No, it is a "Eugenics Race to Exterminate as many Sheeple as Possible via Vaccine Induced Genocide Tools like the Freakin Polio Vaccine that gave 50, 000 Children Vaccine Induced Polio in India."

GRAMS GOLD • 7 years ago

The lamestream media presstitutes dominate TV. They're all spewing NONSENSE about why we shouldn't have a travel ban. Their arguments make no sense; it's so blatanly obvious now we are being lied to. http://www.gramsgold.com/

HANGTHEOWL • 7 years ago

Well all y'all good folks have a great day,,the owl is going to fly back to his roost and drink beer,,,I have to cut some firewood ,,,,it's gonna get down in the 60's here in Florida tonight,,BRRRRRRRR!!!