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Jolly Roger#2 • 7 years ago

So on the other side of the country at a brainwashing center a brainwashed child snapped and shot people, their solution is to take guns away from the people who are not brainwashed.

Whats next shipping people into the country that have a incurable deadly disease that can not be contained?

Joshua • 7 years ago

I blame Nascar for the drunk drivers.

&ARC& • 7 years ago

We need to agitate and provoke the left into throwing the first punch. Once they do then the powder keg could go off and we can finally ethnic cleanse the left. They want to die anyway. We could inflict every horror they planned for us on them and more.

I'm personally sick of arguing and compromise. I'm more of draw the line and destroy anything that crosses it without remorse, without mercy.

They can have our rights put in action.

Anastasya • 7 years ago

Wow. Define "left".

You think blasting soccer moms and star trekkies en masse is gonna fix this?

obama sucks • 7 years ago

If you are really that stupid that you think those are the people he is talking about then you are beyond help. Do liberal idiots like you always show such blatant stupidity?

Anastasya • 7 years ago

Then you tell me who he's talking about.


"Ethnic cleanse the left"... Good Christ.

Billo • 7 years ago

Are you a zionist or just stupid?

&ARC& • 7 years ago

No I'm a racist I hate Jews. Judeo-Communism is killing America.

Me, myself and I • 7 years ago

No, it's idiots like you that won't change with the times, that is killing America. You know, most of these NWO scum, (shhh, its a secret,) aren't Jewish. Some are, but most ain't. But, hell yeah, continue to spout your overt and unfounded racism on these boards, you're more effective than COINTELPRO that way, dude. What's next, hmm? Michelle Obama is a tranny? (HOT!!) Or Barack is from Mars, perhaps?

obama sucks • 7 years ago

SHHH! EVERY time you speak you show the world how stupid you are.

Me, myself and I • 7 years ago

Nah, I just wear the cap with the big D on it and sit in the corner like you do.

Me, myself and I • 7 years ago

Look, I want to wake people up to this NWO shiz that's coming down the pike as much as you do. But do you really think that we're going to have the kind of mass awakening needed if people come here and see threats of violence, racism and other really questionable stuff? Of course not, people will leave thinking that everyone on here is either some moron who blames everything on Jews or some other nut and therefore, disregard the message. Seriously, be pissed off, but express it in a way that is constructive, or we're all screwed.

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago


bill • 7 years ago

Ignorant bitch, Big Pharma and the Medical system kill wayyyy more people per year than any fruitcake with a gun. Where's the scream for big pharma control??? Oh, I know we can't discuss that. Too much money that Big Pharma is making.

ricck lineheart • 7 years ago

....Ban guns ...Take away the 2nd Amend. ....Background checks ....And all the while this very same country ARMS and supplies killers and tyrannical regimes all around the world . Even go as far as training and equipping them to overthrow their own govt. or the one next door . ANY one of you filthy scum mother humping flea brained liberals wants one , just one of my guns I ask that you accept my invitation to come and get one . I will never give any up any gun to anyone in any authority . I am an American and YOU should if you are an American citizen also should stand ready against ANYONE that violates any part of the Constitution . Its the gun that defends ALL of your and my RIGHTS , or whats left of them . So if ANY feels so compelled to take away my RIGHT , I will DEFEND !!

obama sucks • 7 years ago

What they need to ban is illegal alien criminal parasites. If the traitor in the white house rewards these illegal alien rats with amnesty then America needs to immediately fall into civil war.

Disgruntled hillbilly • 7 years ago

Gun safety, gun education, I'm for. Gun grab, not american

Black Panthers sk dick • 7 years ago

I'm for rounding up all jew, homosexuals and blacks and whites who vote democrat and force ship them to Europe, Iraq, Syria and NK. Parachute and kicked out over the DZ. Hell even Africa. The libs need something to worry about, I say give them a walk into hell.

obama sucks • 7 years ago

America, What America needs is illegal alien control. Let's try that. These nasty roaches sneak over here and bring their diseases and violence with them. Americans need to put a stop to it whether this traitorous govt wants it or not. Months ago I spoke of these nasty disease infected rats infecting American school children and was thumbed down and called many names but BANG! it is happening and I was right. The time to save America is now. If this traitorous President rewards these rats with amnesty or allows them to stay here then all of America needs to arm up, fall into civil war and remove them by force. Then we need to clean out all the traitors and snakes in govt. Time for talk is over, these traitors are not talking they are acting, SO MUST WE. A call needs to go out to all Americans to defend the country from these traitors.

PVT. HUDSON • 7 years ago

I would love to show this libtard mouth piece how deadly a 2x4 can be. After I cave her 5 cent head in do you think her colleagues will be screaming for lumber control??? MORONS!!!!

Bwhahaha Obama • 7 years ago

She probably uses a 2X4 for her man cave.

Guest • 7 years ago

Yup complete and absolute idiots.

Me, myself and I • 7 years ago

Go on, threaten people, that's the way to get people on your side. You don't come across as some repressed lunatic at all, bro.... Oh, and your avatar is the biggest pussy in film history.

PVT. HUDSON • 7 years ago


Me, myself and I • 7 years ago

What's wrong with Pvt Vasquez? Too ethnic for you?

PVT. HUDSON • 7 years ago

Wow, really?, Hudson's famous quotes: "That's it man" and "game over"? Let me ask you a question: Why do you even care what I think? Huh? I think we both know the answer to that one don't we. However, I digress. That being said, you can go ahead and have the last word cause I just don't care enough about what you think or what you have to say to waste anymore of my time on it. NEXT!!

I guess a few a$$hole$ just don't understand that they ain't taking our guns.
But hey, maybe they are feeling lucky.

Democrats Abort Kids • 7 years ago

I know could you imagine their faces when the bullets started flying and the authorities shucked their uniforms and then the ropes started getting thrown over the lamp posts?
If they ever pull another 1992 ban they'd be pushing it close to some violent retaliation. If they ever did a confiscation, they'd see the right go through them like ebola in Liberia.

Guest • 7 years ago

You got that right brother .We'd pile their sorry asses up like cordwood.

obama sucks • 7 years ago

FK them and their laws. They cry about law when they break or ignore them everyday. I say no America follows the laws until these traitors in office deport every single nasty illegal alien criminal parasites in America. After these traitors do that then we can talk about laws and which ones they should be punished for breaking.

Guest • 7 years ago

They better hope they have a horseshoe up their ass and a four leaf clover in every pocket if they try and come for mine .

mzwarrior1 . • 7 years ago

What people really need to understand from all these school shootings is this: The ptb hate you, and your children so much that they would go to such lengths to kill them. They don't care if any of us die - even by their own filthy hands; which they WON'T accept accountability for. The ptb are setting up these shootings, and they are not going to stop - unless WE stop them. The evidence of this is so mounting, that I am stunned people are soooo apathetic.

dannybuoy • 7 years ago

the Second Amendment protects all of the other amendments. without it, there can be nothing but unbridled tyranny. The shot heard round the world at lexington and concord was due to the fact that the british were coming to take away the colonialists weapons.....once that would happen, they were not in danger no matter what they did. Every evil order such as nazi, communist, fascist, require to remove guns from the general population, then, they do what they want. They have been trying it here for decades and the ones who espouse this removal, the hypocrites, all have either guns or bodyguards with guns.

ian • 7 years ago

Is this the reason why conservative work tirelessly to strip all other amendments, but passionately allow for no wiggle room on the second? Are you a well regulated militia?

Death To Bolsheviks • 7 years ago

If you could understand basic punctuation you would know what a comma was and how it modifies the sentence. Id-ian!

Guest • 7 years ago

Conservatives have never tried to strip any amendments 'we believe in all them ' it's just the second that guarantees all of them that we feel so strongly towards it .

ian • 7 years ago

ha freaking ha...conservatives want to take away all rights that they dont agree with. Case in point, the morons on the right are revving up their anti marijuana platform even more.Need i go on?

Guest • 7 years ago

Oh I can see how you would be pissed about that .You post like your stoned out of your gourd .

Bruce • 7 years ago

Yep. A one man wolf pack. Our government as a whole is/has stripped our rights. Obama could have ended the patriot act, but chose to sign it and go one step further and sign the NDAA.
All the better reason to hang onto the one amendment that can be used to return the rest.

Congress had better open their f#cking ears and listen up. You ain't
taking our guns. I am not kidding
these felonious Constitution killing shit heads. Stop pissing on our rights assholes. Gun control will NEVER
happen in America.

Billo • 7 years ago

The real question that must be asked after any of these events is, is it real or is it a government sponsored drill/hoax. The government we have is our enemy, that is clear to anyone still capable of thinking. They are always the first suspect. Then if it is proved to real, non hoax Sandy Hook type thing, you know they will attack using their traitor enemy media, inflaming the situation and using it to take our rights.
Crimes and murders will happen, but we don't need an enemy run government to hoax events un naturally or use them against us to take our rights.
The public psychy is already damaged from false flag hoax events like 9/11 perpatrated by evil people who run our government and foreign interests. We don't need to be kicked around like goyim.

&ARC& • 7 years ago

I blame homosexuals like Ian for child rape.
If guns cause violence, then homosexuals cause child rape. Ban homosexuality, think of the children we can save.

kaos_in_tx • 7 years ago

More laws make us SAFER! 'Cause bad guys ALWAYS pay attention to words on paper and signs on walls...



Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Then the Lord spake unto Moses "Take these Ten Commandments unto the Masonic Israelites in Congress and shove them so far up their asses they see them in their dreams" ~ Moses replied, "Thy will be done, Oh Lord" ~
1/ Thou shalt have no other gods before me, apart from derivatives coke & metrosexual adultery in airport toilets ~ 2/ Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, except on thy money ~ 3/ Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain unless you're a Rockefeller, otherwise he'll fcuk you up real good ~ 4/ Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy, except where making money is involved ~ 5/ Honour thy father and thy mother and screw everyone else's ~ 6/ Thou shalt not kill, unless money is involved ~ 7/ Thou shalt not commit treason on your 2nd amendment without a big fraternal reach around, for money is a jealous god, visiting screw-ups of the father's onto the children until the 1st amendment is repealed ~ 8/ Thou shalt not steal anyone's 401k's unless lots of money is involved ~ 9/ Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour except for the sake of treason or money ~ 10/ Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, wife, manservant, maidservant, nor ox, yet his ass and his money are all yours ~

Guest • 7 years ago


Guest • 7 years ago

Yup ' these liberal idiots act like just cuz they pass a ban all the criminals are gonna line up and turn theirs in .It's truly laughable the stupidity of these people .

ian • 7 years ago

So we should just continue to not enforce laws, because criminals won't obey them anyway. Makes perfect sense.

Guest • 7 years ago

No ' we need to demand they enforce the ones we have and make the punishment so severe no one will dare commit a crime with a gun out of fear of these penalties.

Death To Bolsheviks • 7 years ago

Moron, there are over 60,000,000 laws, state and federal. Of which every American commits on average 3 felonies every day in the breaking of.

The USA has BOTH the highest number AND the highest percent of its population in prison of ANY COUNTRY ON EARTH.

So you want EVERYONE IN PRISON, including YOU!

Of course the politicians, judges, pigs, banksters, Corp CEO's, etc won't be in there. People like you, obviously, believe they are above the law.

Get some help pulling your head out, id-ian

Tru • 7 years ago

2+2 does not equal 5. Guns are not the problem. People are. Guns are useful to warn, hunt and defend. They like knives, crowbars, hatchets, etc. are useful tools if properly used.

Confiscation is not the answer.

The problem never addressed is the people behind the guns.Are they drugged, loaded, deranged or suicidal? If one doesn’t have a moral base to one’s life, doesn’t any longer respect life, doesn’t reason responsibly or respect another’s right to life, this is the result –murder and mayhem.

When they ripped the Ten Commandments off the Court house walls, stopped prayer in schools, and destroyed respect for parents, family, country, and life itself, they ripped the heart out of the Nation. That where the real problem is. Integrity and morality return are the only answer.