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Josh.O • 7 years ago

Ok feel free to provide evidence. Illegal gun grabs where? When has martial law been imposed?

NoMoLies • 7 years ago

Whenever this moron opens his mouth without a teleprompter he firmly plants his foot in it. He says the most idiotic, ill-conceived things.

HERR AGATON • 7 years ago


Alan Watt on Reality Bytes Radio - Freemasonry - July 17, 2014
49 Min

Tru • 7 years ago

good ole boys club on steroids. Definition of cattle pen. And dumb down.
Worst decision they ever made was to allow access to internet. Mass intercommunication in real time. Of course, they want to monitor for control. But they unleashed the genie from the bottle. Secret info flowing like a torrent, getting stronger by the minute. When they controlled and molded by courier, and conniving, all info sources, they were far less obvious and pattern connectible. Millions of awake and aware now.
They must be wondering who they can trust as cup bearers now. The inner circle has been penetrated and reverse implosion gear is in effect. They should have stayed in the murky secret groves with their pals and not tried to conquer the world.

Some time in the future like next month when it gets cold enough for Ebola to start spreading like the flu.

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Duh ~ Sounds like a job for Santa Claus ~

Guest • 7 years ago

As a FREE MAN, the day someone comes to send me off to some camp, FOR MY OWN GOOD, it's on. I didn't join the US military, to be treated like a citizen of the former Bolshevik Russian Communist empire. People in China get treated like that.
Let them come.

Fk em in the neck • 7 years ago

I agree, I'm a veteran too and if that day comes they will get the buttstock and the bayonet. Bayonets are like wooden stakes to vampires with these commies. Make it hurt right?
I also know that in their ranks there are many who dispose them. The soldiers they hired may be a patriot. They won't know until that day comes.

Defend 2nd Amendment • 7 years ago

Certainly. It is far better to be prepared and not need the resources than to need the resources and not be prepared - which is exactly where we are today. Totally not prepared.

jeffydiver • 7 years ago

what ? I wonder how the doctors across America feel about being in tip-top shape ? I bet they start showing up to work in hazmat suits !

exodustwelve • 7 years ago

before judgement you are always warned

Guest • 7 years ago

Useless deceiving article ..

lopata seven • 7 years ago

This picture taking sounds make me wonder how many pictures do someone need to take in course of 2 minutes. Or is it some ego tantra massage for photographers as look I am here and I make noise taking pictures two every second?

Tru • 7 years ago

@ 13:20,14:30,20-21,44 and on http://youtu.be/6olFQZNgRuM must view

World Health Organization…godfather to the pharmaceutical organization….

Isolates….and research labs…Maryland….Georgia……..

Check out some of his research…..problem-not government but secretive group within….

The Mark of the Beast…literally…..

John1969 • 7 years ago

This is funny if you look at all the trial runs they done since 1954. Has anyone read the full version of H.R. 15090 the Department of Defense Appropriations bill for 1970? Read the whole thing, and pay close attention to the Vietnam War parts, and the fact they were fretting about Russia being way ahead of us at the time. Then as the war is coming to a close, they are talking about how this war was great for seeing their weapons and being able to learn about them. People, you are gripping about the government being crooked and awful, but it is the people that have elected them. They simply do what the public wants down but do not want to have the blame to deal with.Read Behold A Pale Horse by the late and great patriot William Cooper. Then come back and comment. The government is not the blame, we as sheep have allowed ourselves to be turned into slaves to our selves. We are an insane person who has created our own Dr jeckle and mr hyde, and then wonder who do we think we are telling us what is good for us, not me, must be you, or the government. Wake up America you have fell into the rabbit hole, and wonderland is not as simple to get out of. You want to change things, then pick up your guns, and take back this country. It is way past time to shake the tree of liberty and shed the blood of the very tyrants we have created as a need for a god figure to lead us. We moan and cry about the Muslim Jihadists, but at least they are not cowards, they may be fighting for the wrong reason, but at least they are fighting for their beliefs. All we have been doing is watching and listening to the media, including Alex Jones, and we moan and cry, and say we need to vote these guys out, yet who will you vote in to replace them? The same damn people, just new faces. Its time to stop crying, stop bitching, stop buying immune system boosters, and arm ourselves, and make a stand. If we are not ready to do this, then we need to turn the damn tv off, log off the damn internet shows, and be good little sheep and shut up and be led to the slaughter. As a ex- marine, I took an oath to defend this country against forces foreign or domestic, and we have some domestic terrorists that need to be dealt with. How many militias are willing to stand up and take a stand? Or is it that the yellow streak that runs down your back caused by the man pissing on you back because he is to damn scared to die. Lets get this revolt started, or shut up. We have plenty of information and the facts to prove that the government is trying to take over the people, and to kill our liberty, and take away our freedom, so what are we waiting for?

Jim_Keys • 7 years ago

"Ebola is a “Trial Run” For a Deadlier Airborne Disease"

What he didn't say is that the military chemtrail tankers have been practicing their dispersal techniques for 10 years now, thinking they are combating "global warming".

All it will take is a few people to fill cannisters with Obola and no one the wiser until it's too late.

Guest • 7 years ago

"the President raised some eyebrows when he suggested that the current
outbreak could merely be a precursor to a more deadly epidemic"

Nice that he gave us advance notice of what they have planned for us. Get your supply of colloidal silver, learn to make your own (before they ban it like they have in the EU). Boost your immune system. Do what you can, you will get no help from the government or medical establishment. They have nothing for you. Your on your own with this. Listen to Alex and Dr. Group for ideas on fighting Ebola and other plagues brought to you by the Bio warfare labs. The horsemen are riding.
(Revelation 6:8) And I saw, and, look! a pale horse; and the one seated upon it had the name Death. And Ha′des was closely following him. And authority was given them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with a long sword and with food shortage and with deadly plague. . .

Susanm621 • 7 years ago

Now what other disease they are getting out of the fridg. That's where they keep them.

Wiley Coyote • 7 years ago

Possibly the same fridge as they kept the corpse of Osama bin Laden between 2002, when he died of kidney failure due to Marfan's syndrome, and May of 2011 when they allegedly shot him and dumped him in the ocean in order to distract the easily distracted American public away from Barack Obama's terribly forged long form birth certificate, which comes apart into 9 layers when read into Adobe Photoshop, published on Whitehouse dot gov to distract from Jerome Corsi's book "Where's the Birth Certificate".

StrawBerryTart • 7 years ago

Absolutely EVERYTHING it said was LIESSSSSSSSSSSS. It is disgusting.

Joe Corrao • 7 years ago

it's not about me me me me me me me me me...cue the crying

imtalkingtoyou • 7 years ago

Can we stop the coming civil war?

illferris • 7 years ago

Watson jumping to conclusions again? Never!

Has it occurred to you that Obama meant that since this disease has not produced the type of outbreak we could expect to see from an airborne strain of the disease, then perhaps this can be seen as a good time to prepare for that now?

Granted, I am the least supportive of Obama in all of America probably, but stretching the truth about the context of what he actually said, I am no fan of either, Mr. Watson.

nitwit • 7 years ago

don't forget, that he's allowed the virus to be sent here in the first place,with lack of regard,for containment. now it's "this is only a test" (except for the guinea pigs that die )

spymyeyes • 7 years ago

I was thinking the exact same thing and I like obola even less than you do!
Fearmonger much prison planet?
Oh, wait, that right, fearmongering is 99% of what you do here, the other 1% is the segway you use to calm the fear by buying AJ products because.....super male vitality and silver intake will make everthing betterer...and no, he is NOT a snake oil salesman or carpet bagger from past centuries because....eleventy!

Bob V • 7 years ago

Sick of seeing his ugly face....this man is disgusting enough for me to start shopping for real estate in Patagonia, he is going to drag the US down into a hell pit of rape and inter-special crime.

From Québec • 7 years ago

The only lethal virus you have in USA is called OBAMA.

Guest • 7 years ago

it's just NOT about EBOLA...

Guest • 7 years ago

make it happen...two men enter ONE man leaves...

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Phased plasma-weapons at 10 paces? ;)

Guest • 7 years ago

b#tches use weapons...man ought to fight to the death with fists as god intended...

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Well, bananas at ten paces then? ~
(A God isn't for us evolved Ape's) ~
According to Christ we 'ARE' gods ~

Guest • 7 years ago

you ought to know better than talk to an american about christ...we don't care too much for catholics--why we're here on this side of the pond...

i here brittan is in some financial trouble...got banking problems...you think y'all are being punished for illuminati banking...just wait when y'all really get slammed by puttins oil in china...

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

'Britass?' ~ It's short for "Bright-Ass" Mon Cherie Dear ;)
I'm a pure Australian-born mongrel-Jew Nazi-bastard ;)
(If Putin invests in Nissan he'll bankrupt your America) ~
(Bwhaarrr-Haa Haa-Ha ~ A few years too late for that) ~
Anyway dude ~ Back to serious stuff, wouldn't it be kind of nice if America cancelled all this 'GOOD-GUY' peacekeeper in the world 'BS' and cancelled all it's war games crap and just admit it attacked it's own fcuking WTC before going straight into full 'POLE SHIFT' preparation mode to help put it's entire economy back on track with the money they'd save from no more wars, then removing the 'NDAA' & the Patriot Act to put some of the long-lost sanity back into their political process thru once more allowing little US guys and girls to say to big US guys and girls, "You're full of shet you wankers" ;)

Guest • 7 years ago

no choice but to agree with what YOU said bright ass...can't really argue with ya on WTC, patriot act, and NDAA...i'm fighting it my damn self...as far as "peacekeeping", countries ought to know if "we the people" have to cross a pond--we will line them out and give them the maximum opportunity to die for their god...americans (we the people) really don't won't to be the worlds police...that's why the man doesn't occupy anymore (boots on the ground) and started droning "enemy combatants"--for now, the man him damn self has to sign off on killing them by drones...this is good because joe (solders) won't be exposed to war thus less PTSD coming back home, and the man has to answer for civilian casualties instead of joe getting shot at...

as far as WTC, it was still sand monkeys that flew the planes--yes the man allowed it--and more than likely it was giuliani who hit the button on the towers...banks (england/brittan) have to know we will NOT protect their
continued criminal activities...i think that was the 3rd or 4th time an attack happened on the towers--so a command decision was made to allow "thee" attack and kick off thee "cult wars"...

don't count "we the people" out just yet--we're still fighting the good fight to reign in crap illuminati banking...o'niggra and his sh!t goons (DOJ) have been a major stumbling stone on that front--bunch of race baiting b!tches...

don't forget "we the people" came here to be done with the man and his control over us through religion and economic control...might be why you're in aussieville too...me personally, i'm chomping at the bit for a
"revolutionary un-civil war" with the man...

now--to get real NASTY :) "wouldn't it be kind of nice if America cancelled all this 'GOOD-GUY' peacekeeper in the world 'BS'"--obola more than likely will call americans to remembrance and embrace ISOLATIONISM..."we the people" have tried to raise the living standards of ALL peoples everywhere...thee occult turned that into slavery just like those b!tches have done everywhere and every time throughout history ...maybe now america will become more independent and relay on americans instead of cheap product and labor of occultist business like mitt f*cking romney and you're daddy murdock...but you're still right about 'GOOD-GUY' peacekeeper-ing...

p.s.--how would puttin getting in bed with nissan hurt america...

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Oh come off it ~

MADD DDOG • 7 years ago


Kryxel • 7 years ago

The title of Mr. Watson´s article here say´s...
Obama: Ebola is a “Trial Run” For a Deadlier Airborne Disease......Mr Watson has changed ..."could be" ( which is what Obama actuall said...to "is" ??
Two very differnt ideas ...two very different words !

Can you explain that to us Mr.Watson ? Why would you do that ?

foreverchanged • 7 years ago

Could it be that Mr. Watson skipped ahead of the rhetoric and called a spade a spade...
Obama with his "could be" a trial run on handling infectious disease means justifying his own deliberate deeds of not containing ebola in the country of origin and protecting the citizens of the United States of American.
I don't need a could be, I want him to do his job or be impeached. Remember, his reasoning for no travel ban is economic. His words.

Tom • 7 years ago

Well...because Obama is fundamentally incapable of speaking the truth, we can all be reassured that the current Ebola scare is NOT a trial run. Now don't you feel better?

Jimbo • 7 years ago

Refreshing see that US Government starting to tell truth. CIA likely getting ready to release deadly Marburg virus US military weaponized.

foreverchanged • 7 years ago

The Congressional Oversight Committee headed by Darryl Issa and co-chaired bye Eligah Cummings had a panel of the top heads of government agencies who are paid to protect us. All dangerous frauds except the head of the nurses association.
Dr Nicole Laurie head of the Department of Health, she is the top person over the CDC and all other health agencies should be fired just like the woman who was in charge of the white house secret service..
Dr Laurie could not or would not answer any questions in reference to actions being taken to protect our country and people from this disease. Another person who should step down was Maj. Gen. Larvierre who was another dangerous fraud, who is in charge of our military people sent to Africa... They all should be ashamed as well as our politicians except for a few republicans such as Mr Micca.
If I were a democrat I would run for the hills because people these politicians who are your representatives don't care if you get Ebola.

ghoul • 7 years ago

My IQ points, of which I ain't got none ta' spare, are always under fire when I read somethin' by this "author"...gee, when he finds out about that "survivalist" that's eludin' a manhunt in Pa., we is in for a real treat!

Subversion • 7 years ago

Fraudulent Birth Certificate.

Forged Draft Card Registration.
Entered the country as a Foreign Exchange Student.
Has Alias Names.
Uses dead peoples' Social Security #'s.
Has no genetic ties to the Obama Family Tree.
Has a "wife" who he calls "Michael", who has male physical features.
Has all education and qualifications "sealed"
Has (4) Muslim Fathers
Association with Breibart murder, and Coroner Murder.
Weather Underground
Immigration stand down

Trade deficit stand down
Property seizure stand down
Agenda 21 stand down
Ebola stand down

And 50% of you voted for him twice!

Robby Daniel • 7 years ago

Malcolm-X just 'HAS' to be one of those four Muslim fathers huh? ~
(Instead of just bitching, try to find out 'WHY' they put him there) ~
Everything fascist is multitasked & getting very professional indeed ~
The guy underneath is merely a high-priced whore doing his day job ~

rxantos • 7 years ago

Do you have any proof that US citizens voted him in?

Presidents are selected. not elected.

mtzpdlkldpztm722 • 7 years ago

Look at the way he moves his hands around.
He's sprinkling star dust in our faces.

foreverchanged • 7 years ago

Yes, but remember it was only 40 or 50% of eligible voters that voted in the presidential election, so we were lied to about the election in every way...because only 50% of the few who voted were for Obama...
I blame our News Media as well, since they didn't do their job and let the public know everything you stated and the rest of Obama's hideous background. (so much more evil)
The news media didn't tell us Obama is a HOMOSEXUAL, a gay man who frequented gay bath houses in Chicago with Rahm Emanuel who is gay and gay partners of Obama died mysteriously so they would not tell.
Now we have gay marriage being forced on the public against the majority will and vote using the judiciary which is against the Constitution.
He is for abortion, yet the news media allowed that lie to be told and so many Catholics voted for him because they believed he was against abortion, so SHAME ON THE NEWS MEDIA and the politicians on both sides of the aisle because they new also.

duh • 7 years ago

Because the alternative was perceived to be worse. Yep Amerika is well and truly screwed and anyone who doesn't conform to the will of the Great Satan is killed by the evil one's disciples.

The Duke • 7 years ago

The only thing that comes to mind when you say "easier to transmit and more deadly than Ebola" is ANTHRAX. What does he know that he is not saying?