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Ellie • 7 years ago

Clean sheet Monday - is there any better feeling than going from the shower straight into a freshly laundered bed. I don't think so folks.

Ren LewPee • 7 years ago

Lavender in Pillowcase...sends me into a dreamy sleep...

Fi • 7 years ago

Go to bed an hour before you're really tired - you'll wake up so refreshed!

Rachel Kriss-Newell • 7 years ago

As with the kids, all technology off 1/2hr before bedtime.
Lay back with warm milo, foot massage from hubby, unwind, chat over the days

Cheryl-lyn Fowler • 7 years ago

Lavender, love, rain on the roof and snuggly, buggly Adairs dressed bed. Bliss!

Em Lawes • 7 years ago

I say don’t send the family away…. Bring them in for
cuddles! A good cuddle before bed helps you sleep the night away peacefully.

Kathryn • 7 years ago

Sleepover at Nannas and Grandpas for the three kids or good old cuppa before bed

Becky Downey • 7 years ago

Close your eyes, black-out curtains, soft breeze, and think about nice things.

Margo Rodrick • 7 years ago

Relaxing music playing, read a few pages of a book and lights out early.

Margo Rodrick • 7 years ago

Relaxing music playing, read some of a book and lights out nice and early.

Abby Musgrove • 7 years ago

After a big day working on our DIY renovations with hubby & two little ones following. We are quickly off to sleep with feet tingling!

Vicki Marie Leggett • 7 years ago

Some belly breathing, while reflecting on the day, and telling myself 'job well done'

Suds Gee • 7 years ago

Get hubby to put the kids to bed so you can have a cuppa and wind down and relax before bed!

Margy • 7 years ago

Get to sleep before all the snoring starts in the house.

Karla Oleinikoff • 7 years ago

Have some sexy times! Makes you nice and tired. ;)

Danielle Cutajar • 7 years ago

Send hubby and the kids away for the night! Ahhhh.... Peace!

racefan356 • 7 years ago

Go to bed when tired only. Don't try & force sleep and don't hold off too long either! Works a treat :)

jess • 7 years ago

Well for me its getting to bed before hubby (massive snorer :/ ) having a warm peppermint tea and having a read.. no FB or tv Ha! Like thats going to happen.. bit when it does its the best sleep! And instantly pass out :) ;)

Karly • 7 years ago

Have an early night and just before dozing off mentally run through all the things you've achieved in the day.

Kathryn C • 7 years ago

A nice warm shower or bath just before :)

Shannon @my2morrows • 7 years ago

20 minute meditation using the simply being app!

Sharyn W • 7 years ago

I dont
know as not had one for ages as my children come into bed and wake me (tip is children
stay in own bed)

Christine Joy Jamieson • 7 years ago

A hot cup of Milo, Decent Pillows and a good doona

Kat Rogers • 7 years ago

Definitely a nice shower, a drop of lavender on the pillow, fresh crisp clean linen and a well ventelated room..........( ditch the coffee and have milo) and you will be of in the land of nod in no time

Alicia L • 7 years ago

Lavendar essential oil on temples; comfortable room temp; and a really good book to fall asleep reading.

Jennifer A • 7 years ago

Peppermint tea, clean sheets and a gentle breeze always gives me the best sleep

RobynL • 7 years ago

Get some exercise during the day and there will be no trouble sleeping.

or have a couple of glasses of wine :)

Suzmc • 7 years ago

Give gratitude for the day you've just had

Go to bed early and turn off my phone.

Charl Lowther • 7 years ago

No coffee after 3pm and switch off all electronics one hour before bed.

Billyjean • 7 years ago

Send the kids to their grandparents for a sleepover... Everyone wins!

Jessica K • 7 years ago

If you're a light sleeper in a noisy neighbourhood, use a fan as a 'white noise machine' to block outside noises and keep you cool!

Lisa Shulman • 7 years ago

Do meditation before bed to banish stressful thoughts, so that your mind can really cleanse itself

Ally B • 7 years ago

Tea before bed and a favourite tv show to listen to in the background

Sharon Gock • 7 years ago

A quiet bedroom, as nothing disrupts sleep faster than noises that wake you up from sleep.

Bella V • 7 years ago

Laugh and play with the kids all day, happy but exhausted by night, hot shower and massage, no TV frights so I sleep tight!

Kimmy Lee-ana • 7 years ago

No tv or phones in the bedroom!

Stonefruit Season • 7 years ago

Read something relaxing beforehand - works a trick!

Maria • 7 years ago

A productive day and peace of mind!

Renate Abra • 7 years ago

A nice comfy bed

someguy24rock • 7 years ago

The best tip for a good nights rest is to do an hour at least of exercise before a shower then to bed. :)

Jennifer B. • 7 years ago

For guaranteed good sleep, there's only one certain way... Eat three healthy meals and exercise through the day!

Kristy Nicholson • 7 years ago

Deep breathing, slow your mind, sKIP worrying, and you will find, sleep will bless your body tonight, and you'll be thankful as dark turns to light

Sally • 7 years ago

Phone off and a nice cup of peppermint tea with a great book or magazine to switch off from the real world.

Chrissy Ellison • 7 years ago

Get blockout curtains and have your bedroom as dark dark dark as possible

Kerry • 7 years ago

cookies and milk before bed

Holly • 7 years ago

Make a cup of chamomile tea and sit in bed and read a good book. Also no iPad, phone or laptop 1hr before going to bed.

Lisa Griffith • 7 years ago

I am 5 ft 10 and it is a well known fact that tall people sleep longer in bed... get it?!

Eva Kiraly • 7 years ago

I put an image in my head of a loved one, then I just black out my mind and I;m off to dreamland.