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Lorna Nickels • 4 years ago

Baked apple pie in winter
Delicious aroma of sugar and spice
Steam rising from the crust
A generous dollop of cream to entice

blackwidow63 • 4 years ago

Maple Syrup Dumplings as their is never any left overs

Jody at Six Little Hearts • 4 years ago

One pot meals that I can cook while multitasking for 6 kids! Kedgeree is a fab example. ☺️

Natalie Latimer • 4 years ago

Spinach, mushroom & water chestnut gow gees.
These Vegan Asian Dumpling has the earthy flavors of mushroom, garlic, sauteed spinach balsamic vinegar and crumbed chestnut made with gow gee wrappers and steamed and served with a chilli soy sauce.

Mystery Case • 4 years ago

Triple Cream Brie wrapped in prosciutto with a hint of seasoning and baked till cheese is melt in your mouth consistency. Served with homemade sea-salt & rosemary Lavosh.

Alison • 4 years ago

Vietnamese rice paper rolls made with fresh herbs from the garden. My 4 year old just loves them and so I just love making them!

Jo Kennedy • 4 years ago

Fresh salt and pepper squid,with homemade tartare sauce, cooked up just hours after my husband has caught them fishing. sooo good !

Lisa • 4 years ago

simple & easy food :) handmade chicken schnitzel with feta & ricotta bourekas (those tasty cheese triangle things!) with tomato, cucumber and onion salad.. and you cant forget the hummus with this one - great substitute for cheese/tomato sauces on your traditional parma !

sonya • 4 years ago

Roasted eggplant drizzled with olive oil and crushed garlic, honeyed carrots, and chicken and coriander meatballs. I'm making myself hungry!

Soni P. • 4 years ago

Moroccan Lamb with Chickpeas and Couscous and Roasted Parsnips.

Seana Smith • 4 years ago

PS I would LOVE to try this.... kids would love it... and we'd definitely cook haggis in it AND black pudding!!

Seana Smith • 4 years ago

Haggis is my and kids fave family meal and the veggie husby loves a veggie haggis, and yes we find haggis in Sydney!

Amanda Smyth • 4 years ago

I'm loving mine too Sonia. Such a joy to be able to giveaway a really cool product!

Janine Gardiner • 4 years ago

We all love dessert for dinner nights, once a month, sticky date , ice cream, mud cake , trifles my favourite, cheesecake, we have it all.

Claire Lewis • 4 years ago

Home grown baby tomatoes slow roasted added to a garlic risotto with fried chorizo, over baby spinach leaves topped with lashings of Parmesan. Love!

Helen • 4 years ago

I love chicken nuggets with hidden homegrown veges and oven-baked handmade chips. The children think it’s a great treat (“Yay no vegetables!”), we all win!

TheCrone • 4 years ago

My grandchildren always request my spaghetti bolognese, with top grade minced steak, roma tomatoes, grated carrot, my special pizza sauce and herbs and spices. they always come back for more

Jen Ryan • 4 years ago

Home made pizzas..everyone gets involved in making the dough n choosing their own toppings...yummmo n healthy

Karina Lee • 4 years ago

I love making my steamed fish with ginger, shallots, soy and sesame oil. It's easy peasy and fool proof!

Kara • 4 years ago

It's pretty daggy... at the moment hubby & the kids are always requesting corned beef with cheesy white sauce and mixed steam vege. Not being much of a cook I am quite proud of my white sauce :-)

I whip up a wicked Toad-in-the-Hole. It's basically a massive Yorkshire pudding that's baked with sausages inside. It's amazing. Especially when it's served with a side of mash and peas. Total comfort food. It's making me hungry just thinking about it! :)

Simone Wootton-Franssen • 4 years ago

Delicious chicken tomato bake with grilled brie on top, so yummy, easy to make and there's enough for all six of us in one pot!

Anabananna400 • 4 years ago

Oven Roasted Chicken, Chorizo and Lemon. Easiest dish I make, brown the chicken and throw it in a dish with stock, lemon, paprika and chorizo and culinary delight follows 25 mins later.

gloria molluso • 4 years ago

my hubby loves to make falafel wraps.. falafels, tabouli, hummus, sweet chilli sauce and a little bit of cheese.. on a yummy wrap and then toasted in the sandwich press....
we would love to try and make falafels in this :)

disqus_oRkMlhwzni • 4 years ago

Nachos with chilli jam, avocado salsa, sour cream and spicy beef mince!

Antonietta • 4 years ago

Our favourite meal to eat, one that leaves clean plates, is Lasagna, which by the way I'm making tonight, very meaty, saucy with extra cheese, crusty bread to soak up any leftovers, delicious :)

Veggie Mama • 4 years ago

I remember someone else reviewing one of these a while ago and I wanted to try it! chips in only one tablespoon of oil? Plus I really like deep-fried tofu (yes really) but it's a pain in the ass to make. I'm coming to your place x

Kirsty Girl • 4 years ago

My favourite!? That is so hard. I don't think I have a fav taste wise because that always changes. At the moment I'm craving a vegan shepherds pie! But my fav to actually cook would have to be vegan pizza's cause I make them with my guy. We put on music, make the base with stout which we end up drinking as well and chop up all the toppings, think mushrooms, roasted peppers and sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and olives and dance around the kitchen all lovey dovey like! :D aww

Liz @ I Spy Plum Pie • 4 years ago

I don't have a family, but homemade veggie burgers (the patty & all!) with fries will always get the thumbs up from my bf. I'd love to try some salt & pepper tofu in one of those, I can never get it as crispy as I'd like in the pan because I can't bring myself to pour in enough oil!

carmen@musingnmayhem • 4 years ago

Chilli potato wedges, melted cheese, nachos topping, avocado slices, cultured cream! Great with vodka, lime and soda - followed by good organic chocolate! ;)

Glamour Coastal Living • 4 years ago

Anything on the BBQ - I make roasts, pizza even bread! I am an appliance geek and would love to try homemade fish and chips in the Tefal ActiFry2in1 :)

Tara Lucas • 4 years ago

Burgers and chips are a fav around here. Big fluffy on the inside crispy on the outside chips with a simple rissoles and salads in fresh bread... Amaze.

Jade • 4 years ago

Mexican lasagne! It's the only thing I can get the fussy two year old (and husband) to eat!

Nikki K • 4 years ago

Kale, quinoa and goji berries salad. Kidding! We make our own pizza dough and customise our toppings. Maybe a Kale, quinoa and goji berry pizza..... ;)

Guest • 4 years ago

Kale and quinoa salad with goji berries and sprouted wheatgerm. Nah, only kidding! I wish we were that healthy as a family (although we do enjoy quinoa). One of our favourite family meals is home made pizza. We make our own dough and then everyone gets to customise their own toppings. Maybe we should try a Kale, quinoa and goji berry pizza..... ;)

Sharyn W • 4 years ago

my famous homemade
lasagna ( kids love helping make the pasta, filling is mince or lentils and
lots of vegies, tomatoes, beef stock, red wine)

Peta aka Trainee Mama • 4 years ago

Bit of this, bit of that
bit of salt, bit of fat.
Bit of sweet, lotsa love
creates a family meal beyond and above!

Sam Gould • 4 years ago

I love cooking a lamb roast with roasted potatoes and fresh beans with homemade gravy. oh making myself drool thinking about it.

Sarah Derrig • 4 years ago

I've been looking at these in the shops and wondering how the heck they make your food so crispy with only a bit of oil but I think you've sold it to me! Will put it on the Christmas wish list x

Kim @Zonkt Designs • 4 years ago

Wow Sonia. I've seen them and though no because I don't fry anything for the fat & mess of it all. Everything is either oven baked hear. But this sounds a dream.
Our fav recipe is panko chicken tenders with pesto mayo dipping sauce and seasoned handcut wedges. Perfect to try out in this wiz bang contraption for sure!!!

Meg Attwater • 4 years ago

Our family favourites are stir fries. They are so versatile and healthy, provided you don't use sauce out of a jar. We experiment and make out own stir fries, fat free, preservative free, and sugar free, without compromising on taste!

amandagorton • 4 years ago

Oven baked spaghetti pie using beef mince, tender noodles and a creamy tomato based sauce. It is easy enough for a the mid-week frenzy but delicious and presentable enough for guests. A recipe that I love to cook and a family favourite that is loved to be eaten!

Lesley Needham • 4 years ago

I have 4 boys with autism who all loved processed chicken nuggets. These days I use fresh chicken breast pieces and coat them myself with wholemeal flour, eggs and rice crumbs. The kids love them so much that they do a happy dance when they see me making them. I'm happy because they are eating real food.

Bec Allan • 4 years ago

It's got to be a hearty roast chock around here! With crispy roast vege - yummo!!

Melissa Jones • 4 years ago

Crispy salt and pepper pork, my boy loves it a lot!

Karen Edwards • 4 years ago

Good old spaghetti bol is a huge hit here and I hide lots of yummy veggies in it the kiddies love it even the 19 month old ;-)

Melissa P • 4 years ago

We love homemade fried rice with honey soy chicken. A winner with everyone and easy to make!

Jacynta • 4 years ago

'Pesto Pasta Pipes', the one thing my 3yr old eats with gusto. Creamy basil pesto chicken with penne pasta. So easy and pleases everyone!

Sarah Bowen • 4 years ago

Do 2 minute noodles count? Cause that's all I could manage last night after spending the whole day trying to entertain my conjunctivitis stricken 3 year old whilst trying to work from home & finish a Uni assignment. A Tefal Actifry would've come in handy!

Lisa Gazis • 4 years ago

dads homemade sweet and sour pork ... it's so yummy! but we only make it as a "sometimes" meal, due to the deep frying in oil =(