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Anami • 4 years ago

thumbs up i thought this was one of those stories that would never leave the shelf but kudos though it looks like a giant probox to me

joy wema • 4 years ago

lets encourage and promote them theres nothing special that the people who make cars in foreign country's have that we dont have. we too can make it!

jfeo123 • 4 years ago

Keep the momentum, Mobius.

Michael Okwiri • 4 years ago

Great initaitive and a hardy looking looking vehicle. A few more details on the technical specifications would have been really useful for prospective buyers. There is a potential market across the region.

jackson otieno • 4 years ago

I would definitely invest in it.. After demanding satisfactory answers on where I can go for servicing and if the parts are available locally and cost effective.. I dont care who makes it.. just that it is all they say it is..

Lol • 4 years ago

I would love to drive this to Kisumu. Something about its rugged edged looks...

lance • 4 years ago

i hope it has more than 13 horsepower

Makumi Mkenya • 4 years ago

Those offering negative criticism, can they design a toy we see how many children can like leave alone buying.

John G • 4 years ago

We need to support this. They should approach large customers like central / county govt departments. This can boost operations of govt security branches. Large customers allow you to better plan production, distribution and support. Also may consider diesel model.

eastlando • 4 years ago

Very inspiring story,I wish it had happened early on, but better late than never.Typical stereo types will hate. Be proud of your country and support start up ventures

Kafrican • 4 years ago

Reading the comments below people saying it looks Ugly, but when you actually take your time to look at it, they should have noticed that the thin tires are the one that actually make the car look bad. I havent driven the car nor do I know the specs so no comment there

Kane • 4 years ago

This journalist ought to have gone on a test drive in the vehicle and probably seek a 3rd party expert's opinion.
There isn't much information as far as the vehicle's technical specs is concerned, in fact what they are doing is buying an engine (source not mentioned) and fitting it in a local steel fabrication plant, which is pretty much what the matatu industry has been doing for years.

I don't know why they chose a petrol engine but I think, for that weight and 'simplicity' it must be a guzzler. It would be nice to see how it's suspensions stand out on a safari or how it handles typical village life of overloaded vehicles. Safety will also be a feature to look out for.

All in all it's a commendable move but just being Kenyan (not sure what is Kenyan in it) can not be a selling point. Kenyans can disappoint, their priorities are elsewhere.This guys need to be thinking of the East African and possibly Sub Saharan market as their main target and be prepared to compete with existing market offerings.

nyama nduru • 4 years ago

don't rain on our party....baby steps please

Common Man • 4 years ago

I agree. Would have been great for the journalist to go for a test drive and share his/her personal experience and also provide more info , pics etc apart from what's already on google.

The Thinker • 4 years ago

Great Work by Mobius Motors. You have to start somewhere and they have started on the right footing. Flash Back 20+ years ago when we saw the last car that was made in Kenya. The Nyayo Pioneer. One couldn't start, while another could not make it 200m from the start point.
A few weeks ago, the Industrialisation principal secretary termed Cadbury and Eveready closures a wake-up call. I hope that those in government shall wake up and promote local industries like Mobius Motors. This will increase direct/indirect employment and reduce the wastage on foreign currency.

The Other IT Guy • 4 years ago

Had we followed up on those early efforts we would have had a vibrant local automotive manufacturing scene by now. It's unfortunate that we were too short sighted to persevere. Politically connected commercial interests also played a role in consigning the Pioneer to the history books. We should turn Mobius into our version of the Indian Mahindra ... or better.

Eric Kariuki • 4 years ago

See the Bigger picture people. This is car carries 8 people, costs just 950,000 and is fuel efficient. This car can easily replace matatus in rural areas. I am sure a huge number doesnt care if the car looks ugly or not. Think about those who want a Caravan for camping but the Touaregs and the like are out of reach. Think about the NGOs working in arid areas. Immense possibilities. I also think its a good start. The Tatas and Marutis begun the same way. Kudos to the guys at Mobius!

KaCharlie • 4 years ago

Why with air conditioning and the car has no windows?

Mchoraji • 4 years ago

they just needed a better designer looks-wise. that vehicle is an eyesore

Erick Ngosia • 4 years ago

Just because u r lovers of western things should not discourage kenyans trying to make things kenyan. I love the cars and everything they do

Titus Opere • 4 years ago

i like the car and would actually not mind having it. my dream is to live off-grid somewhere far away as possible from the ridiculously depressing city life. this car would be perfect for the homestead. am actually a romantic, imagining of driving it on the rough terrains in the village. and am sure with a small tweak of the engine it can run on bio-diesel. i also imagine it as one of those vehicles which can actually outlive the owner(>100 yrs) with small maintenance. if you are the city guy that likes the flashy consumerist lifestyle and simplicity is not your thing, then this vehicle is definitely not for you. the 7 year old reconditioned japanese "new" car ndio yakufaa.

Myke • 4 years ago

Ati Mobius, they could have just named it Uglius!!!

Mkenya • 4 years ago

The target market does not care much about its looks, but more about its reliability,availability of spares and maintenance costs compared to the existing modes of transport in rural Africa.

Mkenya • 4 years ago

Looks are the least concern for its target market.

Free Kenya • 4 years ago

the car is hopeless and joel jackson ithe founder s a racist neurotic man

mainakiai • 4 years ago

The second part of your comment explains why you hold the view in the first part of your comment. Not objective.

Guest • 4 years ago

KSH. 950,000??!! Is this a joke? Are you kidding me??!! This is not going to fly. With 950,000 I can buy a better looking, safe and long lasting used (better performance) car from Germany or Japan etc..

George Mutembei • 4 years ago

You missed the term 'showroom'....not second hand cars from carmax or A-plus....

rickiepimpim • 4 years ago

Now you see Dennis, people with your mentality have collectively caused Kenya and most countries in Africa to be economic colonies since and before the "independence days".

You won't patronize a vehicle make in Kenya because you can get better value for your many from Japan or Europe. That is understandable. You have worked hard for your money and you deserve the best quality it can get you.

But you must also realize that if the Chinese people did not buy "fake" phones made in China and instead opt for phones made in Germany, China would probably not be the worlds largest mobile phone manufacturer today.

For as long as Kenya cannot produce the vehicles (and other products) that it needs, it will forever depend on Asia and the West for them...and guess who benefits from that.

wa.ciru@gmail.com • 4 years ago

Ok German-Japanese!
Why cant you just give the idea the positivity it deserves?

The Thinker • 4 years ago

Gari ni Engine, Body wachia models.

RamsestheGreat • 4 years ago

How many Japanese and German cars are available in the market brand new under a million? even a base model USED Vitz is KES 700,000. but as long as we're happy with other people's table scraps i guess.

Kelvin Kim • 4 years ago

This is cool. Practical and easy to customize. I could definitely use this. For those who are joining the usual Kenyan bashing party-Kenya's favorite pass time... Sit on your ramp and hate on anyone who's actually trying to do something- this car is not built for you. It's built for hard working people who understand the importance of an affordable, new car that can withstand harsh conditions. The Japanese garbage in pretty dresses we've been importing is costing us a fortune to maintain and run and just filling up our dumpy sites. I've seen this car in testing, it's a great start for local manufacturing. Congratulations to the team at Möbius, I hope the laws of commerce favor you.

The Thinker • 4 years ago

Kenyans did the same with Equity Bank. Now it is the third most valuable company in the region. A while back we had this slogan "Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya". We should bring it back.

Sammy • 4 years ago

wats the fuel consumption?

David Alwala • 4 years ago

12km per liter highway, 10km per liter city driving.

Samir Totti • 4 years ago

Very cheap indeed

emunenen • 4 years ago

You may call it ugly, but i very proud it's Kenyan. Even if you mother is the ugliest in the entire county she's still your mother. That's how India started, today the ugly TATAs and MARUTIs are rolling in thousands from the assembly line and exported allover the world including Kenya. Thumbs up Mobius the journey has just began. It's now time for government to switch from passat to mobius....I've also offered Mobius to post free on www.magaripoa.com.

kijana2014 • 4 years ago

don't forget Kamson's Mahindra. very ugly but sold.

RISH • 4 years ago

Dude, there is nothing ugly about this car. It's perfect! But I can't afford it.

Pato • 4 years ago

Step in the right direction .S.Korea also started with such vehicles and look where they are now. Kenya can also do it.

Andrew Mwangi • 4 years ago

This is great as it serves as a starting point. Lets not look at it negatively coz even the other cars had to start somewhere and then improve on design. We should be proud that it is made in Kenya and that it will offer the much needed jobs. Mobius continue with the good job and also design affordable saloon cars.

Bundi Mweusi • 4 years ago

Baby steps... Now, on to growth, learning and development

DenoQ • 4 years ago

When you have a computer engineer double up as a car designer, the result is such a box. It is a no brainer!

Ruiir • 4 years ago

Its only us who can support our local auto industry before outsiders start with their import orders especially EAC brothers. The govt can start by buying for the agricultural extension officers and for the police instead of leasing.This would be a mark of faith in local assembly. GM motors probably started this way.

joram • 4 years ago

I have a different view.I like it.if you look at the frame on their website it gives you a reassurance of safety basically a car designed for Kenyan roads. Buy Kenya build Kenya

Patriot • 4 years ago

Nice work, Made in Kenya indeed.

Spartan • 4 years ago

This is a good start

tomyebei • 4 years ago

The car is cool. Looks like a Land Rover Discovery but then again the logo says its a Renault. The price is affordable compared with the competing Probox whose second hand price is 800,000/- with a carrying capacity of 5 passengers and Tare weight load of 300Kg. Mobius makes a lot of sense to me and would go for it.

ETO • 4 years ago

Let us give innovation a chance. Any market must offer its buyers an alternative. I may not buy it but I know a few in the village who may have been waiting for this