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JW Insider • 6 years ago

Memorial is always held on the first full moon after March 21st. It's always a full moon because Memorial is always held 14 days after the new moon. Hebrew months start on the new moon (the new month). Therefore Nisan 14 is always a full moon (+- 24 hours).

Blood moons have nothing to do with blood, but were another term for a "harvest moon". Many ancient cultures picked the full moon as a time for celebrations, probably because of the extra light for festivities or travel that could go on into the evening. That's probably the same reason for calling the fall new moons "harvest moons".because the extra light allowed harvest work and/or harvest celebrations to go on later into in the evening. The idea of calling the harvest moon a "blood" moon was a reference to fact that all full moons rise shortly after sunset and you can therefore see them close to the horizon when you are seeing it behind more miles of dust and atmosphere. (Much more than when you look higher into the sky.)

The other thing that gets called a "blood" moon sometimes is the light that shines on an eclipsed moon. Eclipses also only happen during a full moon, for the reason that a full moon can only happen when the sun and moon are effectively on opposite sides of the earth. The earth must be exactly between the sun and moon for an eclipse.because it's the only time the sun can cast the earth's shadow on the moon. During an eclipse, there is still just enough light to see the moon, but it often looks very dark or reddish. I believe however, that Memorial is the 14th this year, but a blood moon eclipse won't happen until the next day. By coincidence April 1 starts on the same day as Nisan 1 this year, so Nisan 14 is April 14. Some interpreters of the Bible believe that Memorial and Passover were actually supposed to be on Nisan 15, not Nisan 14, so it may be true that Jewish celebrations of Passover will coincide with a eclipsed "blood" moon.

As far as the statement that this may be our last memorial, that's in the Kingdom Service. Yes there is a lot of anticipation and expectation going on at Bethel, and some of what the writers and editors believe will spill over into the publications. Remember though that these are personal opinions. The Watchtower has never yet been correct yet in any anticipation of any prophetic prediction -- not in 1914, 1915, 1919, 1924, 1925, 1935, 1941, 1975, 1989...-- and there is no reason to think that this particular opinion has any significance. Nor does my own opinion have any weight either. We just need to always be ready as if the end could come at any time: tonight, within a year, or before the end of another 1,000 years. Remember that a day with Jehovah is as 1,000 years. So if Jehovah's purpose is to bring the end another day or two from now, that could be one or two thousand years from now. But it works the other way too. Jehovah surely doesn't want to see more suffering, but he also wants to give more persons an opportunity for life.

patayy • 6 years ago

I think that the brothers only said that like a reminder to us all how
we should see all ocassions as if it were the last, that way we are
more aleart and awake spiritually We shouldn't be speculating what's
going to happen in the future, Jehovah already has the date set. .
Either way, whatever happens as long as we remain faithful in the Truth,
there is nothing to be scared of
we should be excited that his Kingdom is almost here and be more
persistant in the ministry field. Remeber Jehovah's day will come like a
theif, even US who know about the truth will be shock when it comes,
this could happen in a year or two or 5... who knows! alll we know is
that is already near and we still have so much to do.

chuck83 • 6 years ago

Agreed. Need not fear need not worry. Just "Keep on the watch" and you'll be fine.

Guest • 6 years ago
JW Insider • 6 years ago

Agree completely with your point, but we should be careful that we do not read too much into Amos 3:7. What Jehovah needed to tell us about the final end was ALREADY revealed to his servants, the prophets. (I noticed you left off the part about "prophets.") You imply that there is more to learn about the timing of the parousia and/or the final manifestation, and that it won't happen unless it's revealed to us as long as we are "servants." Some of us are still apt to confuse the "Governing Body" as if they are the same as "his servants, the prophets" and often imply that Jehovah will do nothing without telling them first. We, his servants, are not prophets, and the "Governing Body" are fellow servants - not prophets. That's why Paul said that we need nothing to be written to us about the times and seasons related to Christ's parousia. That is why it will come as a thief in the night. That is why not even Jesus or the angels knew when the end would come.

TheWorldNewsMedia.org • 6 years ago

Thank you. Loved this point and actually added it as a comment here:
Amos 3

Guest • 6 years ago
JW Insider • 6 years ago

Good points. Thanks for your response. I agree. I was sure you already understood. I was using the opportunity to emphasize that most of us are NOT into date speculation, and that it's not really a part of our official teachings.