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Joshua McKown • 4 years ago

Anytime I see Thomas Edison glorified as a genius inventor with no mention of Nikola Tesla, I automatically stop listening. Edison was a genius at stealing other peoples inventions and finding ways to market them. He was not a brilliant inventor.

retoru • 4 years ago

Any time someone makes a statement like this about how they "stop listening" if some condition isn't met I assume they are a small-minded fool. Just because something wasn't mentioned doesn't make the rest of the information invalid, it just makes you foolish for disregarding things.

anon • 4 years ago

no it just proves that historically incorrect information continues to be perpetuated in elementary schools and high schools across the country, and people not really taking the initiative to further supplement the information with their own research and figuring out that hmm maybe this isnt quite right

Vicki • 4 years ago

In order to be fully informed and aware, to learn and be knowledgeable about a variety of topics and ideas, one must be willing to have an open mind and listen to those ideas and topics which do not fit their "mold" of what is true and therefore correct. A person who is willing to shut down because a specific circumstance is unmet only limits the potential of their own mind.
I've often said that the best measure of intelligence is the ability to communicate on ANY level.

DB • 4 years ago

Unless the information ignores factual data.

JunkyMailMan • 2 years ago

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David Cox • 4 years ago

The best part is that the infographic doesn't actually credit Edison with anything other than being a smart person...just sayin'

Thomas De Pascale • 4 years ago

I agree with your comment about invalidating information because of your personal "attitude". but people do it continuously.

Adam • 4 years ago

Also how he says he stops listening when he was clearly reading an article.

Gooly • 4 years ago

I don't agree, however 'stop listening' is kind of undue. If I see Edison mentioned as the inventor of the lightbulb, it does degrade the rest of the information to me somehow. Simply because at that point I start to wonder: If this information is incorrect, what about the rest of the information?
I don't stop reading, but it changes the value of the article from "great information" to "Nice, not necessarily true article"

Robaire • 4 years ago

I feel exactly that same way and more even. Tesla invented everything and Edisson was a thief. I get sick to my stomach being an inventor of modern things like buildings that don't blow away in hurricane or floods.

Fourth Reich • 4 years ago

Edison wasn't an idiot, he was brilliant businessman. Tesla would've been famous too if he actually built on his ideas. What good are ideas if you don't do anything with them. The edison-hating or any internet bandwagon is pretty stupid imo.

kendrick1990 • 4 years ago

Tesla's ideas were not funded, as Edison's were. Tesla's Ideas were shot down because they would take money away from the gaint companies. an example would be free unlimited energy. Yes we can have that but The world decides that's easy money. Selling something god gave us......just like bottled water.

TSMooster • 4 years ago

Tesla did not invent Free Energy. He was working on a way to harness the energy in the environment. This would have been a device similar to a solar panel, Great for his day and age, but not anything that would significantly change our lives now. His main point of contention with Edison was alternating vs direct current. It was acknowledged that Tesla's alternating current was better for long distance transmission, and that's primarily what we generate today. However, every time you charge your laptop or cellphone, or use almost any modern electronic and plug in your AC/DC adapter, you have to acknowledge that Edison had some good ideas too.

Buck57 • 1 year ago

Have you ever heard of the Tesla coil? What about the Westinghouse generators at Niagara Falls?

AMillionNinjas • 4 years ago

I couldn't possibly agree with you any more. This whole Edison hating thing is a massive internet bandwagon. That's the problem with pretentious people on the internet. They'll go to places like r/Atheism (One of the earliest places to start the Tesla bandwagon) and start stroking each other's egos all day long. Of course Tesla was a brilliant mind, but he had HORRIBLE faults. As you said, he also didn't do much with those ideas of his. Edison may not have been the greatest inventor, but he sure as shit knew how to run with things and create a profitable business.

Robaire • 4 years ago

That name sure fits you.

AMillionNinjas • 4 years ago

Don't be one of those guys. Just don't.

ThEDaRke$tFairYPRinceSs • 4 years ago

can I like this one twice??lol

William Evans Prater • 4 years ago


ThEDaRke$tFairYPRinceSs • 4 years ago

lol What??

paul kersey • 4 years ago

"automatically stop listening" speaks volumes about your ignorance.

AMillionNinjas • 4 years ago

I wish I could remove the downvotes on your comment.

Amanda • 4 years ago

Hmm, sounds very much like a certain Steve Jobs, too...

Proto Panel • 4 years ago

I am 100% agree with you. It is really amazing how people know very few about Nikola Tesal's Inventions and how he changed they way of our living.

Guest • 4 years ago

I'm assuming you mean "people know very little about Nikola Tesal..."

Why do you assume people don't have the same knowledge as you? That seems rather pretentious. In these modern days people have so many avenues to acquire knowledge, even about Tesla. It seems narcissistic to think because you know something that everyone else is ignorant on the subject.

AMillionNinjas • 4 years ago


You just articulated the perfect response to every pretentious bastard on Reddit and elsewhere. Everybody on the internet who's into the sciences just assumes other people don't know as much as them. Especially with people on the Tesla bandwagon. EVERYBODY knows about Tesla and his work now. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why these people still think nobody knows about Tesla and his unfinished inventions. (I know how genius he was. I'm just very bitter on the subject. Haha. I'm sick of seeing people hopping on his dangles all over the internet. There are other great minds besides him and Neil DeGrasse Tyson)

joseph cade • 4 years ago

He did steal . Tesla was the greater man. But ,you cant knock Edison. He was clever. Cleverer than you and me. So give him credit. It was his inventions that got commercialized.

saucetin • 4 years ago

Edison was sort of like Andy Warhol, who didn't have ideas so much as have "...an idea that you might have an idea." (Fran Leibovitz)

Joshua McKown • 4 years ago

That's a good way to sum it up. I don't deny his influence our even his own kind of brilliance, but to hear people tell it, he sat alone in a workshop for several years, singlehandedly inventing the light bulb, the phonograph, and alternating current. In reality, he was mostly good at marketing and spotting talent in others, and was often guilty of taking credit for their accomplishments.

anon • 4 years ago

OMG YES! my exact thought as i was reading, with the intent to comment on it but you beat me. the history being taught in american schools is gravely flawed. the gov't will never give Tesla the credit he deserves. they did after all confiscate all his notes and projects after he died.

AMillionNinjas • 4 years ago

Another ignorant person on the Tesla bandwagon. Whoopty doo. Go lurk on r/Atheism.

anon • 4 years ago

ignorant how? state your position here?

GlowyMcGlowGlow • 4 years ago

First comment = bashing Edison for trumping Tesla...how original! What the internet forgot to teach you is that if Edison lived today, he would be celebrated by people like you because there is a lot of good that the guy contributed that seems to have been forgotten or ignored for example he was decades ahead in the way he treated his employees (male/female equality, employing black people as well as whites etc).
Here's something Edison said:
"Keep on the lookout for novel ideas that others have used successfully.
Your idea has to be original only in its adaptation to the problem
you’re working on."
To me this implies that he turned whatever ideas were out there at the time into functioning products, he never claimed to have had those ideas himself!!!!! (Yet somehow he's become the biggest thief in American history???)
Now look at yourself, if you were aware of all these ideas and inventions that hadn't been built yet because of lack of innovation and funding and you had the genius and funds to make them work...WOULD YOU NOT? and would you not patent those products that you created and put your name on them???? Edison didn't patent ideas, he patented things that he built according to his own design based on concepts by other people. There seems to be a misconception here!
Knowledge is dead unless it is applied!
Sure he was a canny business man, sure he didn't give a shit to the point where others' ideas were steam rolled over although they may have been more constructive solutions in certain ways but if you look at today's world....it happens ALL THE TIME welcome to free market economics, it's how Beats Headphones sell more than Shure or Westone even though you get 100x the quality for your dollar!
I mean VW just produced a car that is so efficient it gets 300 miles to the gallon and it is ILLEGAL to import into the US...
My point is: don't focus your hate on one individual who actually WAS a genius but educate yourself a little further and don't let the voice of the masses dictate your truth....The Edison witch hunt is idiotic, it is based upon people being misinformed and because Edison was idolized as an American hero for the wrong reasons. That doesn't change the fact though that he was a great innovator and should be celebrated for what he accomplished.

Buck57 • 1 year ago

Is it true that Edison electrocuted animals to prove how harmful AC current was in order to promote his failing DC model of electric distribution and discredit Tesla?

Jeff Vine • 2 years ago

I think thats a bit Harsh mate !!! In his 84 years, Thomas Edison acquired a record number of 1,093 patents He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph & the motion picture camera. Now you CANNOT take that away from Him. Yes I agree that Tesla was a TOTAL Genius, in fact there is a lot of his work that has been suppressed, such a cheap or free electricity.

Sugaring_Seattle • 2 years ago

Great point.

William Evans Prater • 4 years ago

what he said

Rickie Henager • 4 months ago

100% true!! Nikola Tesla pioneered so many things i could not begin to list them here. We have wireless technology today because of Nikola Tesla. Glad to see others speaking up for him

Guest • 3 years ago

... I typed stuff... then it asked to ... but where is... ???

UberOnTime • 3 years ago

I agree, Tesla was more of an inventor but is never mentioned along with the greats of our time

ActiveDuke • 3 years ago

I totally Agree Josh!!
Tesla had the key to make this world a totally better place with cleaner air and who know... maybe if he did not get humiliated ..maybe he could also have developed transfer of matter tru waves.. JP Morgan and Edison both should be put to shame!!

Malik • 4 years ago

Thank you. Came here to say that.

Thomas De Pascale • 4 years ago

But sometimes it takes another person to complete your vision. Not every brilliant person can bring something to fruition. It takes a collaboration. I'm not saying this is the case of TE, but I will investigate further.

Rocy • 1 year ago

So much complication among the good and bad habits of smart people. Anyways, exactly that's why thet are genius not me...

Roshni Sinha • 4 years ago
Randall Reams • 4 years ago

So, not having sex is a good habit, and doing drugs is a bad habit? Obviously sex could lead to pregnancy and STD's but it also leads to health and psychological benefits. Some drugs are addictive or have negative health effects, but others are not addictive or have positive effects. It's hard to classify these as good or bad habits without knowing more.

Also, not having sex does not imply they are more self-disciplined; it likely implies they are more socially awkward. If they were more self-disciplined and could resist the evil temptation of sex then why do they binge drink and do drugs?

LawSchoolGirl • 4 years ago

Speaking from experience, it's generally the pressure of high-intensity programs that minimizes the time for relationships and just puts sex lower on the priority chain than grades, not an intense social awkwardness that is so bad that socially awkward individuals can't learn to date each other. But with that intense academic pressure and the goals we place on ourselves, I've noticed a lot of classmates struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse as a means of not breaking under the pressure. In short, stress kills.

Jarek Draven • 4 years ago

LawSchoolGirl has an awesome point, and allow me to present the flip-side. I have above average intelligence. Somehow I managed to escape the virginity curse. However, I got into my first serious relationship which included sexual activity at about 15 years old. From that point up until I was about 20-21, I was constantly in one committed relationship after another.

The major side effect of this, aside from reinforcing some already present co-dependent tendencies, is that I spent far less time focusing my thoughts, passions, and efforts into other areas of my life. Which, had I done instead, might have been of great long term benefit.

They definitely got the anxious and potentially neurotic part right, though, as far as I can tell. lol Sadly, I suspect this may also (at least partly) account for the substance use / abuse.

Buck57 • 1 year ago

Virginity is not a curse, it's a choice and a gift to give your future spouse. Imagine a future without sexual baggage. I wish I were in the mindset as a teen to have waited.