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Ala' Ahmad • 4 years ago

All of what you have mentioned is correct, it is all about the content, design, titles, mystery, teasers and attraction! each brand or business has their own target, for me I work in a news agency, so it is harder for me to do all the steps that you've mentioned above! any suggestions on how to increase a news agency Facebook page?

Louis Teoh • 5 years ago

Ever since I started facebook marketing, I've been following the advice given by the facebook marketing 'gurus' including yours, too, but I've never seem to achieve the result. So what may work for the 'gurus' or others may not necessarily work for every page and that leads me to the question of how is that so?
What's the main driving factor that can make all the difference when the same set of advice have been followed to the tee?

Amy Porterfield • 5 years ago

Hi there, Louis. I am so glad you posted this here. I can see how it would be frustrating to follow a "gurus" steps and not see the same results. (By the way, I am 100% not a guru - I hate that word because it's so pretentious! ;-)

From my own experience, I have seen success from many of my students that are in many different niches that are very different than mine. What is it that you do?

Justin • 5 years ago

I've found that Facebook and much social media marketing is a process, you can't expect huge results right away. If you do follow steps similar to this, over time you will build your audience and reach the people that you ultimately are targeting and have an audience that will engage with the content the way you are wanting them to.

sarina • 5 years ago

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mudassar • 4 years ago

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Da Schwimmin-ator • 4 years ago

Hi Amy. I've had the same experience of as Louis. I've followed the advice of many facebook advertising & marketing experts with extremely disappointing results. I mean no disrespect to you -- but I think the truth is that most experts are selling the "fantasy" and the occasional success of one person when 99 others will have no success.

Richard Pratheepan • 4 years ago

Yes Same problem

Da Schwimmin-ator • 4 years ago

Believe me Richard...for every 1 person who is making money through FB advertising, there 99 people making nothing. The performance metrics are not even there. So, no one had good definitive statistics they can be relied on. People are still learning how advertise to produce results. So far with all the testing I've done, I've spent $10 in advertising to bring in $1 of revenue. That's reality :)

Richard Pratheepan • 4 years ago

yeah Larry We'll Think Different :)

Abby • 4 years ago

I find your comment interesting. I think it just heavily depends on what it is you are trying to sell and what you are putting out there to your audience. I run a resort page and find that with visual content and relevant information, our followers show positive reception. Not a lot of our bookings come through Facebook.

Abby • 4 years ago

Now a lot of our bookings come through Facebook***

Larry Schwimmer • 4 years ago

Abby: I'm sure FB works for some people. So happy that you and your resort are one of them. I had a similar experience on YELP as FB. Yet, I'm quite sure that many services such as restaurants are benefitted by YELP advertising. By the way: Have you done the analysis of "how much you spend in ad $$$ vs. how many bookings you get? My comments of "no success" are based on spending $$$ on ads and seeing how little income is generated.

Brandon Sowers • 5 years ago


I would like to agree with you here. In the past two months our major facebook pages of well over 400K has seen the reach drop 90%. We are one of the most engaging pages of up to 100% engagement or talking about us numbers. Of course we are experienced in facebook ads but the price and reach doesn't equal the ROI. Unless facebook makes a change back to validate Amy's post we are starting to see a faster migration off the platform and into instagram of all places. My theory in the near future is that we will end the era of engagement and go into the era of conversation. Brands will harness the power of messaging apps and their future of innovation. Just look at snapchat's new features.

Tiffany Odutoye • 5 years ago

I agree. The key differentiator is "paid" aka "promoted" posts. The more you pay AND apply these suggestions, the more results you'll get.... Didn't use to be so tricky, but I believe we are now in a more traditional advertising model, but in a digital world... It's a mindset shift.

Amy, if I'm wrong, please share. We are listening...

Carlos Figueroa. • 4 years ago

Hello Tiffany, I completely agree with you. I have seen a lot of Facebook pages make it to the top having around 1.000.000 likes in a short period of time, but it was in the past, when Facebook was not so "tricky", seriously, everything used to be easy back then, now it is all about money. I find it really hard for new Facebook pages like mine to get to the top without paying for ads... Facebook has become so hard nowadays. I am also thinking about migrating. Instagram might be my first option.

Tomboy Tarts • 5 years ago

Yup, same here. It's easy for content marketers to get audiences because the content they are marketing is about YUP, content marketing. Other folks like us who start a brand with niche audiences are not going to get results in 6 months or even a year and while some of the above can work for the 'gurus' it hasn't worked for us as well. Namely, also remember that a lot of boosted/paid FB ads/posts hardly get engagement. They get more likes and that's it. It can be a total waste of time and money,

Mazan Salahuddin • 5 years ago

I agree with you Louis. It totally depends on the type of brands and the type of audience you are dealing with.A simple trick in the post may work for the popular brands but at the same time produce zero interest for some unfamiliar brands. I use to face the same problem untill i was able to find what kind of post or content works for my page audience. So keep experimenting with the content until you can figure what works best to tickle the interest of your page audience.

Naina Modi • 5 years ago

I see where you and others like Khuram Dhanani are coming from. Yes, their policy change is super frustrating but only if you were totally relying on the reach from every facebook like. Remember, they are a public company and need to make money.

I'd also like to say that, organic quality content goes a long way. It may not reach every single person, however, it can go viral and have a lasting effect. That content turns into an asset. Its just a long-term play.

Riyaz • 5 years ago

i can not agree more.

Annegreen3 • 5 years ago

Hi Amy, I know you said you were going to write about this in your next post so maybe I'm pre-empting, but I've just paid for Facebook to promote my page for a week and have received heaps of likes, but I have to say rather dodgy looking ones, i.e. most with Middle-Eastern sounding names, one in Arabic script! & generally people I doubt would be interested in my website. I've heard there's some kind of like click thing where people get paid to "like" everything and the likes you end up with in this way are basically fake. Can you comment on this?

Taylor Daughtry • 4 years ago

Hey! I know this is a bit late coming, but for anyone else experiencing this, I'd like to clear up the myth of 'Fake Likes' on Facebook.

Here's the video that someone was referencing when they told you about Fake Likes: http://youtu.be/oVfHeWTKjag

Now, the most important thing you can understand about Facebook advertising—and why that video doesn't matter for 90% of Facebook Pages—is this:


The reason why many people get strange, seemingly fake likes is because they've likely either targeted an audience that's too broad, or haven't selected any location to segment their audience.

Facebook has THE BEST targeting you'll find for advertising—the key to getting great results is using that ability to find your 'Ideal Fan', and ONLY target them. All other users are irrelevant, since they wouldn't bring in any CONVERSIONS, which is (in the end) the only metric that matters.

I've worked with quite a few clients and their Facebook Pages, and nearly every time I get reports of Fake Likes, they haven't been taking advantage of Facebook's targeting abilities.


I'm a Digital Strategist that writes about stuff like this twice a week over here:


Tomboy Tarts • 5 years ago

Haha! Yes! We did too and you will realise that there is absolutely no engagement. Meanwhile Facebook has taken your money. We really got scammed by Facebook. We now divert our attention more to Twitter and Instagram and sad to say we have to use our personal FB accounts to generate interest for our brand.

Mark • 5 years ago

Interesting post Tomboy. I have a legal services firm in Ontario and will be applying this and other tactics to increase reach. I've budgeted some for a small run of ads. But you raise a point, if I am getting likes from some no name in the middle east, that does absolutely nothing for my business. I will do a short run - and study the likes - if that is what I get, they can say goodbye to any ads after that.

Susan Soltrelly • 2 years ago

Hi Annegreen3, I recently heard from one of my coworkers that the agency we were working for was buying Facebook likes .. I was like whatttt??? I have to admit it though, most of the people that are tempted to buy Facebook likes and post likes do it for their business unless there are people out there buying FB friends which I doubt a lot but if that was the case I'm truly start to think that this world is going nuts..

Anwar Murad • 4 years ago
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Tom • 5 years ago

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Lisa E. Romo • 5 years ago

I just viewed a video that very strongly suggests that buying FaceBook ads is a bad, bad idea for a couple of reasons. See the video here- http://youtu.be/oVfHeWTKjag
It simply appears that buying a promoted post or otherwise advertising on facebook is simply buying fake likes and that ends up hurting you, not helping! The video was convincing to me that buying advertising on Facebook should be avoided. I was contemplating doing so but now am truly doubtful. Any thoughts?

Missy @tineySPARK Fitness • 5 years ago

YES! I've be scammed by the same PAID FBook Ads as well. But to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Yes, I have nearly 7k followers but NO engagement and zero likes. It's as if now that I paid for ads my one very active account is dead!
:( And I lost a crap ton of money with nothing to show for it.

Genevieve • 5 years ago

Amy, I saw this same video a while back and have been wondering about the same thing. Can you address the concerns he raises? Thank you!

Camila • 5 years ago

I think this is the same thing that is happening to Annegreen3 above. I am interested in hearing Amy's comments too. This sounds terribly depressing.