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Pete • 6 years ago

Secularism has usurped the authority to define marriage. Civil partnerships can be anything the gov't wants, but 'marriage' is a religious institution, having been defined and practiced ever since....take your pick.
Regardless of the group or tribe, the union of a man and woman, as recognized by the rest of their community that we call 'marriage', has always been 'officiated' over by the religious representative of that group, be it witch doctor, shaman, rabbi, priest or priestess (of whatever ilk), etc. Marriage is a religious structure, instituted by God for the benefit of mankind.
Gay coupling, call it whatever you want, promotes nothing except the interest of the peolple involved. There is no benefit for the community, society, or mankind that arises solely from homosexual partnerships. The world does very well without them.
Secular governments involvement in re-definition is, in my opinion, pure social engineering, designed to tear down the bond people have for their faith.
The devil's work, IMHO.

ReebHerb • 6 years ago

...and shacking up for some period of time (seven years) especially if children are produced. Many states can say after this period, your baby-momma is now yo wife.

Pete • 6 years ago


Alan-Bury • 6 years ago

Not sure that RC schools were forced to teach what this article claims.
The only thing added was to teach that same sex couples can now be married by state registrars, the fact that the RC Church does not sanctify these marriages and that it's teaching says that these are not true marriages can also be taught.

Jim • 6 years ago

I agree with Alan Bury. What he suggests appears much more likely and more logical than what the article claims.

As for Pete's comment above, "...designed to tear down the bond people have for their faith." Your faith (or your "bond for your faith") must be pretty shaky if allowing gay couples to marry is a threat to that faith.