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Joseph A. Clark • 7 years ago

So, another entity has tried, convicted, and sentenced Bill Cosby....what happened to the "innocent until proven guilty"? The main stream media and several thousand people on social media have already tried, convicted, and sentenced him. What was a 15-year old girl doing in the Playboy mansion? Tell me this, do YOU know when a girl is 18 or when she's 15 just by looking at her? These days, I see girls 9 years old who are already at puberty. Now, if Mr. Cosby IS guilty, then yes, I agree he should be stripped of his honorary title. But he's only been accused, NOT indicted. Nothing like showing support for those people who have supported us with their celebrity status.

Laurie Dexter • 7 years ago

Hahahahahahaha. You've clearly never been been in the military. "Perception is reality" trumps "innocent until proven guilty."

gunnerv1 • 7 years ago

Why yes, I was in the Military ('64-'86) as the Chief Gunner's Mate and as the Chief Master-at-Arms (5 ships out of 9). The routine "being placed on report" charging documents prove out to well over 99% accurate and involve minor theft, fighting, drunk/disorderly, AWOL, or being late/no show to a required function/evolution. It's that less than 1% that makes it to a "Courts Martial" and requires more than the usual cursory investigation, but it's not done in the Public Domain. Never had any Murders or Rapes, Mostly Drug usage, Theft of Gov't Property, Misuse of Gov't Property, Theft of Military grade Explosives, AWOL's, Did have one Attempted Murder/destruction of over $50,000 worth of Gov't property (Inflatable Life Rafts during Ship Yard overhaul) and Embezzlement of Gov't Funds by a Disbursing Clerk (Enlisted Pay Master) So, greater than 99% are found guilty (over 90% admit to the wrong doing), you may be innocent in your eyes but not in the eyes of the Law. (even I was in a Courts Martial, but it was "Thrown Out" due to a Technicality (from then on, I walked the straight and narrow). As I always told the Captain (just before Captain's Mast), "When you get into their wallet, you'll have their attention".

Dontworyyaboutme • 6 years ago

Chief gunners mate AND chief master at arms?! I wish I could have been 2 rates when I was in! -_-

gunnerv1 • 6 years ago

Chief Gunner's Mate was my Primary Rate/Rating, on most smaller ships (DD types and smaller) it usually falls to the "Deck Ratings" (BM, GM. SM TM, FT and QM) to assume the duties of The Chief Master at Arms". There is a "Master at Arms" rating, but it is usually undermanned (hence the other ratings filling/selected for the job). You report directly to the XO in your capacities as the Chief Master at Arms, all other times your still in your own Division (with GM's and FT's in my case), but most of your time is actually spent doing CMaA functions.

okitree • 7 years ago

Agreed with Joseph A. Clark. Cosby hasn't even been convicted yet, the hallmark of our U.S. justice system AND our UCMJ has always been innocent until proven guilty. What a shame our Naval service lowers itself to rank speculation and media drama ahead of a true verdict. Until he is convicted, reinstate him. If he is convicted, then drum him out.

gunnerv1 • 6 years ago

With the latest revelations, he convicted himself (I personally wish it wasn't true).

CharleyA • 7 years ago

Bad move, Navy. There is something called due process, which members are sworn to defend.

Jessica2248 • 7 years ago

It was an honorary title, he didn't get pensions from it.

CharleyA • 7 years ago

And that matters, because...? Unless he is convicted in a court of law (not one of popular opinion) or makes an admission, he has done nothing deserving of retribution.

Jessica2248 • 7 years ago

While I personally don't think they made that decision lightly, I guess even the appearance of impropriety is enough to remove or rescind an "honorary" title.

Bo • 7 years ago

Ought not the Navy have waited until Bill Cosby were found guilty of a single of these charges? Just because a claim is made, doesn't make it so. That is why the Common Law required "force or threat of force" as proof thereof. I am a bit suspicious of 30-year-old allegations, especially against celebrities with deep pockets. Why rush into such condemnation?

USN RET • 7 years ago

Political Correctness strikes again .....based on unsubstantiated claims, devoid of actual charges..........whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty.....

CaptainParker • 7 years ago

No surprise. Of all the Armed Services the Navy is the most zealous (or cowardly) in subscribing to political correctness in all things.

gunnerv1 • 6 years ago

"PC" in the Navy is really sickening now, I saw it coming in the late 70's and retired in '86 (I made it out alive with my skin intact!).

CaptainParker • 6 years ago

Good for you.

old guy • 7 years ago

Let's examine this a bit more closely. Not only has the Navy convicted him on allegations ONLY, but it has ignored COUNTER evidence from the people on the Cosby Show, with whom he spent years. It seems to me that these women came out of nowhere after Mr. Cosby took umbrage with the administration's outlandish claims of RACISM in our society, and his stand against the destruction of the black family by welfare and government actions.

NofDen • 7 years ago

I agree, it seems like a setup by enemies.Like the magazine cover story of
that person being raped.
Proves that libs love to lie.

James Bowen • 7 years ago

I don't agree with this. Mr. Cosby has not even been charged, let alone convicted.

BlueMax372 • 7 years ago

Instead of saying nothing and waiting for a determination that there's any evidence to substantiate these decades-old accusations, the Navy piles on Cosby, a black man who at least publicly stands up for the American values so foreign to this administration. They could have said nothing and very few of the American public would have known the difference, as this article was the first I had known of this honor bestowed on Cosby. Should these accusations prove untrue, the Navy will be wearing some well-deserved egg on its face. The accusations have the strange ring of the PC lynching done to another black man who stood up for American values, Herman Cain.

Concerned • 7 years ago

Are you shittin me Navy! Core values! Give me a damn break. Innocent till proven guilty is obviously not a CORE VALUE OF THE NAVY!!! Instead you allow the winds to take you to the realm of political correctness not rightness. I am embarrassed to say that I was in the military!! Disgusting, I guess all the men of honor have left the navy and all that's left are frightened men in a scary world!!!! Pathetic!!!!

WolfNippleChips • 7 years ago

True or not, they are alligations at this time. Shouldn't we wait until he's found legally responsible?

Or is the Navy, with it's continual slide into political correctness, just going to "Ferguson" him?

Guest • 7 years ago

So very disappointed in the Navy for this action. Rescinding his standing based on accusations prior to any knowledge of guilt is deplorable and brings dishonor on the Navy. Very sad.

I served twenty three years, retiring as a , guess what....a Chief Hospital Corpsman. I doubt I would have stayed if then it was like it is now. Too much social engenieering by "do good civilians." The military is not a democratic organization and can not be run like one. Mr. "Bill" should only be judged after a trial. Remember the Duke Univ. and just recent Univ. Va. fiascos.

Arelar2 • 7 years ago

Cheap and tawdry on the part of SecNav

AncientSubHunter • 7 years ago

What has happened to my Navy? When did we become such cowards, Master Chief? SecNav?...and not just this event with Cosby. Thank you to all below who have seen right through this "Real House Wives of the Navy" decision.

How exactly can we accomplish this mission statement abroad:

"The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas"

...when we can't make logical and just decisions at home? Perhaps SecNav prefers to hide behind these and other incredibly poor decisions in order to deflect attention away from his own lack of integrity?

TPF1 • 7 years ago

Not even proven or tried and the Navy takes this action against him? Wow!!

FTMC(SW) retired • 7 years ago

This is not the navy that I served in so proudly.

gunnerv1 • 6 years ago

The Navy that we both served in started changing in the mid to late 70's with the addition of Females (non-YN, PN, HM) to the Fleet Forces. The biggest complaint that we saw was the Females were taking all of the "General Shore Duty" Billets because they couldn't be put on DD/FF types of Ships. The one Shore Duty that I thought would "Stink-on-Ice" was SSC, Great Lakes. Turned out, it was the best place I had ever been (doesn't exist anymore, The big Green Glass Building is gone, just a giant parking lot now). I retired in '86 as a GMCS (made it out alive, with my skin intact). It's no longer "My Navy" and it shows. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Gray Stoke • 7 years ago

So would the Navy return the honorary title when the charges are proven false or unsubstantiated?

Ctrot35 • 7 years ago

And there's the problem, even if Cosby is 100% innocent he can never be proven so now. Too many unsubstantiated allegations have been thrown around for that to happen. If he's guilty I hope he pays, in this life or the next, but if he is innocent I hope he can find peace.

Mills Buchard • 7 years ago

If the Navy makes such an offer (and remember, this scam was attempted several years ago to try to extort money out of him but thrown out of court because there was no evidence) hopefully he will use it as toilet paper.

Copyleft • 7 years ago

This is a useful precedent. Now we can depopulate the entire Navy just by making unsupported claims against each member. I suggest starting with the admirals.

Arelar2 • 7 years ago

Cheap and tawdry on the part of SecNav . An "Honorary" award is taken away with Dishonor by non-military civilian politicians is worthless after all

Julieann Wozniak • 7 years ago

Pot. Kettle. What, really, has the Navy done to curb sexual assault within its ranks? I mean besides the usual application of CYA?

old guy • 7 years ago

A female lieutenant who worked for me, later deployed as Captain of a county class ship to Desert Storm. She announced to her crew, when they left port, that any female who got pregnant in a consensual relationship, she would put out of the Navy, and any male who got a female pregnant or was convicted of assault on one, was not coming home. To emphasize the point, she brought aboard a small wooden plank. Result; No pregnancies or assaults for the entire deployment. That's what I call a Navy Captain.

disqus_89uuCprLIv • 7 years ago

County class? Royal Navy or LST?

old guy • 7 years ago


Julieann Wozniak • 7 years ago

Love it! Here in the coal patch, we employ the threat of a handy abandoned mine shaft, lol. My late father knew the location of every single one in our area.

gunnerv1 • 7 years ago

Guilty (as charged) without the inconvenience of a messy trial. Everyone in the United States has The Right to confront their accusers at Trial. Unfortunately Mr. (CPO) Cosby has already been found guilty in the Lame Stream Media (Severe Liberal Bias)

Mills Buchard • 7 years ago

In the new U.S., you can be charged, convicted and executed right on the street or in your own home, with no evidence.
I painted my "purple heart" black, and wear it every day, to counter cruds I see giving themselves ribbons to decorate their civilian uniforms. Saw one dough-head the other day with five stars on his collar and a silver star ribbon on his chest. He had never been in the military but was in a bumf__l civilian police department.

gunnerv1 • 7 years ago

You'll have that in Obummer's world.

Cicero Viscious • 7 years ago

So nice to see someone get the benefit of the doubt re: allegations...OH WAIT, those are days gone by. NEXT UP - simply look at a child, it will equate to voyeuristic coveting, and you will be shot on sight for molestation - no allegations needed - just go right from opening your eyes to the grave.

SO AWESOME?!?!?!?!?

Vman • 7 years ago

"core values of honor, courage and commitment" - this action seems to illustrate that the Navy lacks all three.
The honorable thing to do is respect innocent until proven guilty.
The courageous thing to do is to stick to these principles rather than jumping to trial by media.
And in what universe does this action by the Navy show commitment?

loupgarous • 7 years ago

It's inappropriate to act against someone based on allegations. The USN, as a governmental entity, is obliged to respect the presumption of innocence of every American.

That the USN is cooperating in the trial of Bill Cosby in the news media fails the smell test - I wonder whether the White House ordered this.

Secundius • 7 years ago

I find it interesting that they a condemn a Honorary Petty Officer with virtually no proof, while at the same time ignore or Exonerate a Real Senior Officer with reams of proof...

NofDen • 7 years ago

Just kissing obama's behind. Move on nothing to see here.

publius_maximus_III • 7 years ago

Just because you publically honor someone in 2011 does not give you the right to publically humiliate them in 2014. I'm sure Mr. Cosby knows some good lawyers, and I know the Navy has some very deep pockets. Don't be surprised if he doesn't come after you on this one, Mr. Secretary.

loupgarous • 7 years ago

I don't see that happening. If I were Mr. Cosby, and were I innocent, I'd consider the USN's actions as truly reflecting their core values - in the most ironic sense possible - and I'd let it drop. Honorary commissions are discretionary. While it fails the smell test that Mr. Cosby was deprived of one in synchrony with an obviously very well-orchestrated smear campaign against him, I personally wouldn't want to be associated with the Navy after this, especially if I were innocent.

mintoncard • 7 years ago

So many defenders of the most prolific serial rapist known in America. How many raped women coming forward does it take for idiots to realize Cosby raped those women? Obviously, not enough yet.