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Sarah Humphreys • 6 years ago

I'm not sure I'd take it so calmly if my children bought snails home! Lovely pictures though and a great opportunity for them to learn :-)

Sarah Humphreys • 6 years ago

My son loves to count snails from this wall on the way to school! He in on my lap at the moment & he shouted 'look mummy snails!' good thing that he lets them be in there cuz i am a bit scared of them =P #minicreations

Super Busy Mum • 9 years ago

How fab! I love how interested they are and the drawings of the new friends are fab! x

Thank you x

Eleanor Willock • 9 years ago

Drawing them was an awesome idea - they are a great creature to draw! #letkidsbekids

They did love watching them and yes i thought drawing them would be educational !!

Tarana • 9 years ago

They must have loved observing the snails! It's a good thing you did the drawing activity too. #letkidsbekids

Thanks, they have been snails several times this week.

Caroline • 9 years ago

Lol this is so cute and so lovely! Nice to see them so interested in them! The bit about the pre-school teacher made me giggle! Great drawings too and the rucksack play sounds fun! xx #letkidsbekids

Thank You, they are really into bugs and creatures at the minute.

Karen Bell • 9 years ago

Lol! I love seeing children so fascinated by nature and creatures etc. Lovely pictures.
Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

Thanks guys, daddy had lizards once but Mummy has hidden the vivarium now!

kidGLloves • 9 years ago

Lucas says - I love Snails and I think you ROCK for linking this up. I think you should ask your Mother to buy some of your own. Then ask for spiders, lizards and snakes!!!!!
Grace - Lucas..................... behave!!!!
Thanks for linking to #minicreations

I only let them stay until bedtime!! they were not staying longer than that!

Twinmumanddad • 9 years ago

No way could I let them in my house! I'm so queasy! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

Thank You x

Zena's Suitcase • 9 years ago

My daughter has a growing obsession with garden bugs, I can see this happening to us. Lovely pictures! #BinkyLinky

I wasn’t overly keen myself! They went outside at teatime, they weren’t staying any longer!

Helen Porter • 9 years ago

the drawings are fab from your little one but I'm really not sure what I would do if my boys came home with snails in a box but to be honest my eldest is a bit scared of creepy crawleys the little one however thinks everything's his friends!

We are really into bugs at the moment too x

Thanks for your lovely comment. I agree, it was me that suggested the side view after her lovely top views!, she described her pictures as she was drawing and had them all correct, not sure why I needed her to do a side view too!

My two are really into bugs at the moment!

Thanks, we followed it up with a woodland walk looking for bugs and a visit to a butterfly farm at the weekend.

TheBrickCastle • 9 years ago

I love this post so much. I think it's brilliant that the pre-school staff have allowed the children to explore real live creatures and take them to share with the family, and I am completely smitten with her drawings. In the UK an adult or older child would never draw a top down view of a snail like that, and as she gets older she'll realise it's not usual and wouldn't do it. So much creativity is stifled by accepted norms - alas it's the same for everybody :)

chantelle hazelden • 9 years ago

Those drawings are fab!! My 4 year old is obsessed with snails at the moment, the poor things get terrorised by her, she likes watching the "snail snot" lol #minicreations x