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Rojer • 9 years ago

Check out "Awesome Screenshot Minus" - Awesome Screenshot, minus all the crap.


Jared Allard • 9 years ago

Too the people saying that this is what you get from using free software.

I'm a Open Source developer, I produce FREE, that's right /FREE/ software. I charge nothing for more than 90% of my software, and I don't throw crap like this into my software. There is always a few bad apples in the bunch, don't let one bad free extension take you out of the market of all of them.

mig5 • 9 years ago

Hello, Miguel here (the original author). Just a heads up that the new version 3.7.12 of Awesome Screenshot, as at 25th/26th August, now offers an 'opt out' setting to disable this nasty behaviour. However, it's still on by default. Read more in my new article here: https://mig5.net/content/aw...

m-p{3} • 9 years ago

Thanks for your work, we need consumers-friendly watchdogs like you to expose this kind of shady behavior.

ParisIonescu • 9 years ago

That would indeed appear to demonstrate the power and efficacy of watch-dog journalism/tech blogging, if the app creators did go ahead and create an opt-out setting. One assumes they could see that the PR fallout would continue to be damaging if they did nothing truly corrective about it, yet I am sure they are hoping that as few people use the opt-out as possible. Yet because of the measured calibration of Miguel's research and presentation, their hand was forced - not to do something extreme like go out of business or further the scandal by lying, but yield to user demand. I haven't had my morning coffee yet, but I hope I make some degree of sense.

Roland • 9 years ago

Screenshot extensions are only really going to be used by Linux, Widows & Mac OS X Chrome users since Chrome OS has Screenshot ability built right in, so Chrome OS users don't have a use for this pos unless they've installed it in Windows, Linux & Mac OS X then moved to Chrome OS.

Google should really look at all extensions that are submitted before allowing them into the web store.

Harry Bold • 9 years ago

You should really look at all Google code before allowing them to send all your data to NSA

X1011 • 9 years ago

I'm on Chrome OS and I still use screenshot extensions, because I like the extra features, such as capturing the page area in one click, auto scrolling, and saving and sharing options.

Ryan Johnson • 9 years ago

Disgusting behavior..

Peddler • 9 years ago

This sneaky behaviour needs more publicity - going to mention this on some journalist forums.

Rocco Augusto • 9 years ago

This is why I always use the Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool (https://chrome.google.com/w... to inspect the code of any extensions or apps that I am unsure about. There have been more than a few that have done some things I did not like - even little things like enabling Google Analytics in the app without giving the user a means to disable it, which goes against Google's ToS for GA in ChromeOS apps.

Guest • 9 years ago
Harry Bold • 9 years ago

Do you mean that "paid" services not getting paid for your data when they sold it to 3rd parties?

Peddler • 9 years ago

Except they aren't being clear about what they are doing which is deceptive. People have a perfect right to choose for themselves but to do that they need the correct information.

Guest • 9 years ago
Harry Bold • 9 years ago


Danish Rafiq • 9 years ago

In my opinion the best screen shot and video shooting app is Snagit! Although, it's not free and not everyone will use that software at its fullest. But that's the best one i was able to find for my tasks. The best part for me is you can take screen shot of the whole page in Browser (It automatically scrolls the page). Wasn't able to find this feature somewhere else. I might be wrong, what you think?


Kelly Rush • 9 years ago

Thanks Danish! One additional thing to note: TechSmith does also make Snagit for Chrome, a free app + extension combo for capturing an image or video recording of your screen. Works on all platforms, including Chrome OS!

Guest • 9 years ago

Good thing I switched to Nimbus screenshot a while back

Harry Bold • 9 years ago

it has the same hidden feature

pizzapanther • 9 years ago

I don't use Awesome Screenshot daily but I do use it quite a bit and it is better than other screenshot tools. However, I noticed a while go it was doing this kind of stuff. So I use Extensity ( https://chrome.google.com/w... ) to turn off Awesome Screenshot when I'm not using it and only turn it on when i need a screenshot.

I usually do this to all extensions unless I use them daily. It helps keep memory low and Chrome running fast but still allow me to use a lot of extensions with just one click to turn them back on.

whizzer0 • 9 years ago

Folks, use the official Google "Screen Capture" extension.

Harry Bold • 9 years ago

it became obsolete since Chrome version 10 or so...
isn't that strange ? it is like Apple removed official 'weather' application to allow 3rd parties show you weather (collect your geo data everyday)
Shouldn't it be easy for a big company to continue develop a small extension ?

Fredrik • 9 years ago

It's broken. Would love to otherwise.

Florian Reifschneider • 9 years ago

Dude, you're awesome!