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roccolore • 5 years ago

San Fran Democrats were the ones demanding rationing...for others.

Mr.P • 5 years ago

Classic case in point. Liberals want everyone to sacrifice and consume less UNLESS it going to affect them personally. Then heaven forbid they do with a little less to serve the greater good.

John • 5 years ago

A unsolvable problem.. Combine environmental regulations with uncontrolled population growth and you have a disaster in the making.. Conservation can not solve this problem.. It only provides talking points for a government up to its ears in dust..

Think big like nuclear powered desalination / power plants.. Power and water at the same time..

But then again California isnt ready to turn its back on its other talking points.. Like wind and solar..

SFBay2 • 5 years ago

No, just stop trying to grow rice in the desert. That would go a long way towards solving the problem.

KJinAZ • 5 years ago

There are solutions, but most require shutting down the EPA to get them done.

Build more storage with a few Hydro dams, that can also supply more power.

Itachee • 5 years ago

Other problem agencies are the US Fish & Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers and NOAA Fisheries.

Spreck Rosekrans • 5 years ago

a lot of tough question regarding water in California - but one is easy - San Francisco drowned Yosemite's spectacular Hetch Hetchy Valley - the only time any of America's national parks have been so desecrated - it is time for them to invest in storage outside Yosemite National Park

Itachee • 5 years ago

And to export their water from the Delta, Spreck.

DMG2FUN • 5 years ago

How is that bucket challenge doing in CA?

Jim • 5 years ago

Wasting water, what else.

Bryan E. Priest • 5 years ago

Here's an idea ...divert the Hetch Hetchy water to areas in need rather than give it to the Bay Area Libs, Queers and Trannies!!!

UNCLEELMO • 5 years ago

Where San Francisco's water comes from-

KevSanders • 5 years ago

E V E R Y issue " progressives" claim concern over is fake.

Geeman • 5 years ago

No, they really do believe in killing unborn children, right up until 1 minute before birth, or is it one minute after?

james • 5 years ago

Water shortage and yet those in libs in California, especially those who elected Pelosi want to bring in more and more illegals to California to suck up even more water. Keep all those illegals in California but drink only your water if you can find any.

Barry • 5 years ago

".... libs in California, especially those who elected Pelosi want to bring in more and more illegals to California....."

Anyone that voted for Bush or Obama, voted for 8 years of the illegal alien invasion.

davidingeorgia • 5 years ago

Well, of course. Rules - and water usage limits - are for the little people.

DeathMerchant • 5 years ago

This should come as no surprise to anyone. The elitists know what's coming, hence the militarization of the police. What I don't get is why they hate the average citizen so much as to let these illegal hordes in to suck up even more of these resources.

100Smart • 5 years ago


Fed Up • 5 years ago


Demsreallysux Smith • 5 years ago

How is it that California can pledge $68 billion for a high speed train but cannot build a few $1 billion desalination plants? Just another liberal dumb-a$$ run paradise.

dwsmokin • 5 years ago

Is there any other kind?

Barron_Park • 5 years ago

(1) As has point pointed out below, San Francisco uses less water per capita for personal use than any other city in California. Every lawn in the Valley better be brown before they share SF's water.


(2) San Francisco is not stealing water from any farm. All of the water in the Hetch Hetchy flows from large mountains owned by the federal government. The farmers don't have any more right to it than the cities.

(3) Agricultue uses 80% of California's developed water supply. And agriculture provides only 2% of California's economy.

(4) Farmers pay a fraction the cost of water of what we in the Coastal cities pay. If we all paid one free-market price (it's called CAPITALISM), the farmers would use their water more efficiently and stop numbnut practices like growing flood-field rice in the desert.

Guest • 5 years ago
Guest • 5 years ago

So, you don't like benefitting from the bay area's economy and financial and tech industries?

Guest • 5 years ago
Barron_Park • 5 years ago

Breitbart comes from California. HQ is in Los Angeles.

amongoose • 5 years ago

I congratulate you on your conservation of water ....but.
But that 80% usage provides 100% of your food.
If they paid what you do for water what would your food cost?
The rules of capitalism says a lot more.
Or you as a consumer could opt to buy just that cheaper, sewage fertilized Chinese crap for your dinner table.
It would really help the water usage situation if less people were using water, like those here illegally.
A lot of this problem is of your own making.
It's easy to accuse, harder to find a solution until you honestly examine the causes of that problem.
Israel has no water problems, they use desalinization plants.
Why don't you?
Do you pay the federal government for their water from their mountains?
Isn't it only fair though that if others need you provide?
"From each........ to each according to his needs"

Guest • 5 years ago

Desalination on the scale of California is not economically feasible. The cost to power the plants far outweighs the water production.

The San Francisco Bay Area made a great deal for 'Hetch Hetchy' and manages it very well. Subsidizing farms and agricultural production is the antithesis of capitalism.

SFBay2 • 5 years ago

And let's not forget that the Valley was originally a desert, and all that fresh water from the mountains once flowed to the Coast - before farmers started diverting it.

Guest • 5 years ago

Without water, the kinky weirdo inhabitants of San Francisco might move here to the reservation. Give 'em their water.

Guest • 5 years ago
Guest • 5 years ago

I thought they would be great quarantined on the last island of the Aleutian Chain.

Leonard Corwin • 5 years ago

The rich Hollywood crowd will always get what they want over the peasants needs. Decrapio has declared war on the "common man" to save the planet.

skeet shooter • 5 years ago

Ah, the progressive pervs living in their little fantasy "bubble." They are ably "represented" by queen, "let them eat cake," Pelosi. Ain't unbridled hedonism grand?

1AmericanFreedomFighter • 5 years ago

The most liberal city in the country, now to taste dirty water..

barquer • 5 years ago

This article makes no sense. Is the SF Bay area even in a drought? Does the water used in the SF Bay area leave less water for San Joanquin? Why should residents in the SF Bay area have water restrictions if they have a plentiful water supply? Just because they're in the same state doesnt mean the water supply is the same everywhere. The state covers a large area and conditions are very different between the north and the south. Drought doesn't follow our borders.

Rock Eye Jack • 5 years ago

San Francisco's water ?

Barron_Park • 5 years ago

Great map.

Rock Eye Jack • 5 years ago

But SF steals water from Inland

Rock Eye Jack • 5 years ago


jimintexas • 5 years ago

It's the same old story - urban populations always take from rural people on the premise that the sheer number of bodies entitles them to whatever they can grab. That's why they rig the political system to favor densely populated urban areas, impose high fees and charges on the things they produce while maintaining control of the markets to minimize what they have to pay for rural products.

Barron_Park • 5 years ago

"That's why they rig the political system to favor densely populated urban areas." Uh, you mean DEMOCRACY?

But hey, tell you what - you want a free market, you can have it. Let's just sell California's water on the free market! No more artificially low prices for agribusiness.

jimintexas • 5 years ago

No I'm talking about GERRYMANDERING where the urban controlled political machines carve up rural areas so that the voices of rural people are negated by the overwhelming numbers of urban dweller who vote themselves ever increasing services and pass laws solve their own problems that are detrimental or at best inconvenient to rural and agrarian people. Do you understand that there places in the US with an overwhelming amount of fresh water available that have to use one gallon flush toilets? That there are villages miles from major highways or railways that have to pay taxes to support mass transit? That there are farmers that who have to let there crops whither so that city people can keep their landscape pretty and green?

Barron_Park • 5 years ago

Are you aware that American cities have the wealth that pay the taxes that carry this country? Are you aware that all of those billion-dollar California water projects that serve the Valley farmers are disproportionately paid for by the Coast?

Are you aware that Valley farmers perpetually demand more tax-payer funded water infrastructure, while screaming bloody murder at any public transit project in the cities that pay for that infrastructure?

Jack Buckmeir • 5 years ago


SFBay2 • 5 years ago

Picture this: your neighbor knocks on your door and says:

"Chuck, you know our hours at the factory have been cut. And I know you've been careful with your spending over the years. You have no credit cards, no debt, and you've managed to put a bit in the bank...But see, I've spent all my money. And I owe big on my credit cards, and I've got payments on my car and boat and jetski. So give me some of your income, and some of your savings, because I need to pay for all my stuff."

What would your reaction be?

San Francisco has ALREADY cut back on water use. San Francisco uses less water per person for personal use than any other city in the state. You can read about that below. Guys, as long as Fresno has green lawns, and as long as agribusiness is making the dubious decision to try to grow flooded rice in the desert, you don't need our saved water.


Rock Eye Jack • 5 years ago

Agriculture requires water.
Sodomy does not

hotsauce99 • 5 years ago


Rock Eye Jack • 5 years ago

Who said anything about homosexuals ?

Ohhhhhh ..... I remember, you did