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Guest • 4 years ago
Tom_ • 4 years ago

Psychiatric help, i agree. No surgery for these idiots.

Guest • 4 years ago
KlugerRD • 4 years ago

Shhhh . . . . someone may be watching and then make sure it is covered under mental health disorders.

camp50 • 4 years ago

I need tax bracket reassignment because KingfishCare is killing me.

oregontea • 4 years ago

My wife wants a boob job, is that covered? If Joe down the block wants boobs that is covered, so why the war on women here?

How about an enlargement for me as well?
Why not?
This is just plain stupid.
These operations are expensive and needless, just wear a dress like J.Edgar Hoover did and get on with it.

KJinAZ • 4 years ago

You'll have to make the changes, and then change back so you can pick your sizes. That's the government way.

Bragar • 4 years ago

There ya go people of faith, christians, ect… Now your tax dollars fund abortion and "He to She" operations! Ain't voting democrat grand???

Another thumb in the eye from the divider-in-chief racist. And look at his up there laughing at us. WORST ever...

Guest • 4 years ago

Obamacare: Because men don't need their testi_cles to be liberal.

RestoreAmerica • 4 years ago

Yep, Liberal LaLa Land, where men are women and women are men. Or in the case of MSNBC you have Chrissy Hayes and Rick Maddow.

Guest • 4 years ago

The term manly only applies to women.

KJinAZ • 4 years ago

They need move victims for their anti-bullying laws.

JR1984 • 4 years ago

From birth control to this, why does the tax payer have to pay because someone wants to get laid? Only the taxpayer will get screwed out of this BS.

Glen • 4 years ago

All I can say any woman who can't afford Birth Control just shows the kind of of man she is dating..too cheap to pay for Birth Control, but not to ''cheap'' to get in bed. Rember the Sad Tale Fluke told us in her speech from Capitol Hill as Pelosi wrapped her arms around her. Fluke said hers cost her $3,000 for the 3 months in summer when she was on Summer Break from her $65,000 per year Tuition at Georgetown Univ.

Tim Francis • 4 years ago

3000 dollars in rubbers? Was she having sex with the entire city?

J to the S • 4 years ago

Being a man or a woman isn't a disease just like being pregnant isn't a disease. This is one of many reasons why the cost of health insurance is skyrocketing.

KJinAZ • 4 years ago

Elective anything should NOT be supported!
If your not dying, then you don't need it.

J to the S • 4 years ago

Excellent point!

5ini5ter • 4 years ago

Grandma can't have a hip, but your brother can now be your sister for free.

zFashionizta • 4 years ago

I agree it's completely unfair, the insurance would not pay for my root canal or for tooth replacement but if I want to chop off my boobs and get a penis they will pay for it WTF!

Cape Summer • 4 years ago

I need transgeneration reassignment. I feel 20 years younger than I look so pay for boob lift, Botox and fillers. Oh yeah. I will require follow up procedures over the remainder of my live. Obamacare rocks

Anthony Clay • 4 years ago

gee cape i never complained i feel betrayed, is my hurt feelings covered

zFashionizta • 4 years ago

Anthony, thank you; you made me laugh out loud!

dagnytaggart • 4 years ago

Love it! I just posted similar, but didn't know my disorder had a name! Thanks for the tip!

alistz • 4 years ago

This the shifting of scarce resources away from the old, the poor, the indigent, and the children to a group for a political payback.

This is why government needs to be limited by a constitution.

This is John Roberts fault.

Edgar • 4 years ago

What about penis enlargement, men have rights too ya know!

Guest • 4 years ago

No, men have no rights unless you're black, brown, gay or bisexual.

zFashionizta • 4 years ago

I agree! ;-)

oldandtired • 4 years ago

I think they should cover plastic surgery also, after all I am a young person trapped in an old body.

POC247 • 4 years ago

Now if they'll just cover cancer treatments in a timely manner so people don't have to die!

Giacomo • 4 years ago


dagnytaggart • 4 years ago

If they are going to start paying for boob jobs for men, then they better give them to women! I may not be a boy trapped in girl's body, but I'm a 25 year old trapped in the body of a 45 year old. It would be age and gender discrimination to deny me my request I think. /sarc

zFashionizta • 4 years ago

I agree, these free services should be available to everyone not just a select few.

NatanElias • 4 years ago

Now we are seeing Obama's true motives. It is all about forcing us to pay for perversion.

Mollyzin • 4 years ago

That's all it has been from the beginning.

kadepro • 4 years ago

What a farce. Deny other "normal" folks the care the need, and give it to these abnormal, confused people. This pres is out of control.

primary focus • 4 years ago

another add-on that everyone has pay into....geez its ridiculous how much our government is about agendas now.....I would like my old insurance back where I pay for only things I need

99doug • 4 years ago

Obama's already a p ussy.....will Obamacare also pay for his b oobs ???

kadepro • 4 years ago

Ever see him swing a gold club? He's not very coordinated...worthless p os.

barryobarma • 4 years ago

Is there an operation to treat a Transnational President?

Equa Aisv • 4 years ago

Gender reassignment is like taking steroids. They artificially change the appearance of your body. If you stop taking them, your body reverts back to its normal state. A man who receives reassignment surgery and medication does not become a functioning woman. He is still a man, who has had parts of his body brutally cut off, and now must take powerful drugs to maintain his feminine appearance. If he stops taking those drugs, he will quickly begin once again to look like a man. I think, rather than surgery, these people need therapy.

Renellin • 4 years ago

Very well said. Frankly, I feel the same about people getting face lifts, tummy tucks and the like. Get over it already!!

Mo • 4 years ago


Why do I have to pay for this nonsense?!

snyper77 • 4 years ago

So they can vote before AND after.

Steve Heiman • 4 years ago

New medical procedure: Addadicktome

Guest • 4 years ago
milkmandanxx • 4 years ago

A nightmare indeed. This is yet another Alinksy tactic: divide people down any line you can, and this happens to be the gender-bender line. These are expensive surgeries I imagine. Who's footing the bill?

funky321 • 4 years ago

You...And me.

Jim1937 • 4 years ago

Has Bathhouse Barry scheduled his yet?

dave0987✓ • 4 years ago

Not to mention Moochelle. She should complete the job.