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WhoBeen • 5 years ago

By the way, if you believe that the item (in this case guns) kills people then the most unsafe product sold today is cars! But then again, cars don't kill people, people kill people but politicians have such pea-sized brains they haven't figured it out yet. Have you ever known a politician that can pass a logic test?

WhoBeen • 5 years ago

Ref:“Remember, we’re regulating an unsafe product; the most unsafe product sold today is guns.”
No, the MOST UNSAFE product sold today is a politician trying to sell us a bill of goods ...guns are the safest products in the world, they do no harm to anyone...never have, never will. Now people on the other hand have been at each other's throats since time immortal. You got the meanies and good guys with the meanies always bullying the good guys...just like politicians, the meanest people ever to come down the pike...and that includes the Mass. Pike! (pun intended). It never ceases to amaze me that all the politicians who want to place some measure of gun control upon the citizens also swear an oath to uphold the Constitution...apparently they don't know the meaning of the the word "infringe". Further, no politician, judge, police officer, or ordinary citizen should try to interpret the United States Constitution...THE CONSTITUTION MUST BE APPLIED AND NOT INTERPRETED else why swear an oath to uphold something you plan on destroying. While Tolman makes his position clear and should not be elected based on his hypocritical stance, Healy has not made her position clear and on that basis we need send her away from anything that may be unduly regulated...

Mark W. Mullins • 5 years ago

I would not live in the state of Massachusetts, if they gave me the entire state, because of the liberal idiots who run, and ruin, the state.

Lee Christmas • 5 years ago

More domestic terrorism from blacks: http://www.myfoxny.com/stor...

CircusMcGurkus • 5 years ago

Tolman's reliance on that 1999 case is misplaced. That case permits the AG to act unilaterally to create a regulation if there is a public safety benefit and that is 100% unclear with "smart guns". In any event, any action by the AG with or without the General Court will invite significant litigation which will be costly and possibly not fruitful while more people die in neighborhoods suffering from gun violence.

Healey's is the better approach. Work with the legislature to create and enforce public safety as well as punishment schemes regarding unlawful firearms and at the same time work within neighborhoods to create opportunity and to strengthen all of the positive aspects of each community, have more fair housing, more opportunity, less discrimination, etc. That is, enforce the law without spending too much time overstepping the bounds of the office. If someone wants to legislate, he really should run for his old seat instead of AG.

Tolman is a grandstander with absolutely no experience prosecuting or defending ANY case ever for anything. He has experience as a politician. But would you go to - even the very best - eye surgeon if you had liver cancer? That is, his experience is not translatable to the office he seeks to occupy. Maura Healey's is. That makes her more qualified.