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Guest • 5 years ago

The US has proved itself to be a very shakey friend. It should just get out of foreign affairs until a responsible government is in place.

Lex Walker • 5 years ago

So basically, we should just get out of foreign affairs altogether?

Guest • 5 years ago
Christian Simon • 5 years ago

I'm sorry but the indigenous Assyrian and other Christian's in Iraq are not inbred halfwits. This is an ancient culture that is being wiped out because the previous administration in the US and in the UK left a huge vacuum that left these people vulnerable to extinction. Blood is on the hands of the US and allies and they have the power to stop ISIS. Instead of this childish feud with Russia we should have backed them against ISIS not backed ISIS against ASAD. ASAD not great I'll admit, like Saddam, but better them than the Extremist terror group ISIS who would like nothing more than to kill Americans and westerners as they are doing with the Christians in Iraq and Syria. They are burning thousand year old churches and crucifying people because they wont convert to Islam. What shame on our governments for supporting them and what shame your ignorant comments.. Wh

IrishKnight • 5 years ago

You gotta remember. these trolls here are 13 year olds in their mommy and daddy's basements parroting thier parent's screeds. They jerk off in front of their computers repeating what mommy and daddy says.

Lex Walker • 5 years ago


frankjohnson221 • 5 years ago

The fact that it may be true based upon your nonsensical comments and inability to recognize what is happening in the world today.

Lex Walker • 5 years ago

Speaking of nonsensical comments - you're the king. Unless you intended to reply to someone where what you just said might have made sense in context.

Seamus Cameron • 5 years ago

I am ashamed that we have a president so willing to sign the death warrant of so many.

Guest • 5 years ago

Bush is no longer in office - oh, right, you were not ashamed when it was Americans dying and losing limbs.

While I have no doubt you have much to be ashamed about - Obama is not one of your many reasons.

Richard Hellstrom • 5 years ago

That's kind of what is happening in the Israel / Palestine conflict -
In the article Qatar's Purchase Of Billions Of US Weaponry — And Support For Hamas — Shows How Awkward Foreign Policy Can Be -Qatar closed the largest sale of American weaponry so far this year, purchasing $11 billion worth of Patriot missiles In June, Qatar attempted to transfer money for civil service salaries for Gaza-based Hamas members through the Arab Bank and that they have been acting as the financial underwriter for the militant group's policies and hosts several of its top leaders and that the administration in D.C. seems to be vouching for Qatari conduct.
So if were providing Hamas in Palestine weapons through Qatar , Isn't America responsible for the death and destruction of the conflict. - Their should be some kind of international law against indirectly providing terrorist weapons.

Damien_Son_of_Hussein • 5 years ago

HE. IS. A. MUSLIM. He will only help Socialists, Communists, and his family aka Muslims. End of story. If everyone else dies, he goes to celebrate by playing golf- literally. If Hamas gets killed as they fire missiles at Israel- he's calling for Israel to stand down immediately. This isn't a joke. It isn't a game. Christianity and Judaism are going extinct.

ladyeatle • 5 years ago

As ridiculous as this sounds,jack might be right...obozo is against Israel and now not taking a moment to even mention whats happening to Christians in Iraq and other places so what conclusion could we draw....HUM?

Guest • 5 years ago

He is the President of the United States - elected twice by the American people - he is WHATEVER RELIGION HE SAYS HE IS AS ARE ALL OTHER AMERICANS.

You do not get to decide what Obama's religion is simply because he is black.

You're welcome.

IrishKnight • 5 years ago

Racist!.. I say this because YOUR the one that brought up his race. No one else did.
First one that brings up race is a RACIST.


game, set, match!

Thanks for playing racist!

frankjohnson221 • 5 years ago

He is the one claiming to be a Christian. He is the one who sat in church for 15 years listening to the anti-American quotes from HIS minister, he is the commander in chief who refuses to lead.

ladyeatle • 5 years ago

another dumb obozonite...keep on keeping on believing and soon all will be gone...like everything America has believed in and fought for...this pretender is taking America apart...how will we get through the next 2 years...????

Guest • 5 years ago
Guest • 5 years ago

and the Bush's send thousands of Americans to their deaths so Republicans can steal billions in untaxed tax dollars.

Bob Kennerson • 5 years ago

Our effing Muslim commander in chief...

BobInBpt • 5 years ago

This is Obama's response to everyone. It's his response to Veterans, to Israel and US homeless. He only helps Muslim revolutionaries and Central and South American Illegals.

IrishKnight • 5 years ago

I was a medic Viet Nam Vet. This POS Prez not supporting Vets with the VA probelm is beyond the pale. I want to hear ONE liberal support what has went on with the VA. Liberal pieces of crap!
Move to Cuba or Russia you POS

frankjohnson221 • 5 years ago

They can't support what obama has done even though he swore he would fix the VA. He has done nothing much as he has done with every other problem whether it be economic, domestic, or foreign. Not his fault some elses.

Nineveh • 5 years ago

Mr. Cliff Smith ... I would like to draw your attention to the following, the letter "noon" in arabic used on the houses of Assyrian Christians in Nineveh does not stand for Nazarene but rather it is nasara which is a derogatory term for Christians. The word is nasrani نصراني, plural of which is nasara نصارى and has nothing to do with Nazarene ناصري which was used for Jesus of Nazareth (a town near Jerusalem). Muslims do not recognize this phrase either. It is unknown how this false rumor was spread but Middle East Christians reject the word nasrani or nasara and do not recognize it, and since it has nothing to do with Nazarene it is even more terrible to use a word with a false meaning.

Young Indian Male • 5 years ago

I've seen several other articles that also say it stands for "Nazarene."

I mean, isn't nasara derived from Nazarene?

Nineveh • 5 years ago

Repeating something does not make it right. The Christians in the Middle East know exactly what the word means. It seems that whomever spread that false meaning either did it out of ignorance or on purpose.

Jose Quervo • 5 years ago

Patriots: Defend liberty from the ideological highwaymen in our midst: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0...

gene lalor • 5 years ago

Eradicating Iraqi Christians

Thank goodness that, at least according to President Barack Hussein
Obama, the war in Iraq is finally over. That was certainly the implication
when our president fulfilled a campaign pledge by withdrawing most U.S. troops
in 2009 thereby washing his hands of the conflict after six bloody years during
which we lost 4,486 brave soldiers and 32,222 members of the military were

Surely, Obama would not have withdrawn our forces had hostilities not
ceased. That would have effectively declared our troops had wasted their time
and blood, suffered tens of thousands injuries and given their lives for
nothing, and that America had pissed away a trillion dollars of our national
treasure on a useless effort.

Well, that’s exactly what our president did and what happened in Iraq
subsequent to our bug-out has proven how disastrous fulfilling a campaign
promise can be. Considering that he has failed to come through on most of his
hopey-changey pledges, it’s odd that prematurely pulling out of Iraq was so near
the top of his priority list, no?

I guess the scholar Obama never studied Gen. Douglas MacArthur who
wisely said it makes no sense to get involved in a war unless you were prepared
to win it.

It’s not the purpose here to evaluate the merits of the Iraq War
which, at this point, will probably go down in history as a defeat, along
with our Korea and Viet Nam failures.

Suffice to say, many reports in 2003 had indicated Saddam Hussein
still possessed the deadly weapons of mass destruction he had already employed
against his own people and it was widely felt, even by such venerable Democrats
as Sen. Ted Kennedy, that he wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. The fact
those WMDs were never found is most likely not attributable to President George
W. Bush’s evil designs as much as to Hussein having relocated them in
anticipation of an invasion.

That said, following Obama’s bug-out, Iraq has gradually descended
into utter chaos as Islamic Sunnis and Shiites reignited their age-old, never
ending, fratricidal, civil war. Many Iraqis have came to wonder whether their
lives under the mad Saddam and his psychopathic sons, Uday and Qusay, may have
been preferable to living under their corrupt Prime Minister Nouri

Iraqi Christians, however, were much less ambivalent over their
Sophie’s Choice than Sunnis and Shiites. For the most part, they were treated
no more brutally than Muslims under the Hussein clan. That situation, that
treatment, radically changed after America abandoned them. . .
(Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/bl....

aemoreira81 • 5 years ago

Unless the Kurds secede, providing a worthwhile partner in the region...with whom can you partner to help the Iraqi Christians? The Kurds say they will decide within the next few months, but the Iraqi Christians may not have that long. Now, comparing Iraq to almost any other foreign theater in which the USA was involved in history is disingenuous, as everywhere else, the areas were already primed for long term peace through the presence of one dominant culture. Iraq's cultural fracturing, however, can only result in disorder. Within the next 10 years, you will see Iraq break up in 2 if not 3 pieces...one of which should be the Kurdish north.

All that said, the AUMF should remain on the books until at least this time next year, to see what the Kurds do.

arrgy • 5 years ago

I'll buy you a one way ticket to Baghdad to help them out

Guest • 5 years ago

Wait - you mean after the born-again Bush - America's alcoholic, drug-using, gay President - started a war with a lie told to the world - all for no other reason than to make Republicans billions in untaxed profits - a war that has killed more than 500,000 Iraqi civilians - Iraqis are no not particularly impressed with Christianity?

But, but, but - how could that be?

frankjohnson221 • 5 years ago

Another conspiracy theorist ignore him.

ladyeatle • 5 years ago

you sicko

sad but true • 5 years ago

Sounds to me like you just described obama!!

jburt56 • 5 years ago

Time for a new isolationism.

Young Indian Male • 5 years ago

You Ron Paul nuts are hilarious. "Do nothing and everything will be fine."

It would be cute if it weren't so destructive.

TonyLGrossmen • 5 years ago

Our willingness to fight for our friends against a totalitarian force signaled to Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, and other key allies, that we were reliable defenders of their interests, cementing our alliance. http://moourl.com/wqd5o