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Glitter Girl • 3 years ago

This makes my neck ache, just to look at it. I think the days may be gone when anyone - except perhaps Queen Silvia could pull off this monumental piece. For me it belongs in a museum. (Not that I would like to remake it.......)

KyPerson • 3 years ago

That is a whopper of a tiara and I suspect it was heavy and uncomfortable. I've read in other sources that Alexandra's favorite tiara was the diamond and pearl coronet from Boucheron. It's light and I've seen many pictures of her wearing it.


Disdain • 3 years ago

Alexandra didn't like court life but she was very, very aware of imperial dignity and imperial privilege. She wanted everyone to remember that they were the Imperial Couple and all that went with it, so it made sense that this would be her favourite tiara. Can anyone fail to be impressed by it?

I am curious about the ancient pearls. How ancient are they and what is their history?

LuckeyGirl • 3 years ago

This has always been one of my fave big-gun pearl tiaras. Absolutely suitable for an Empress, and this looked great on Alex. But again agree with GG (twice in one day!!!) my neck hurts just looking at it.

Also agree that Silvia could possibly pull this off, but put Max's name in there as well. When the occasion calls for it, she pulls out some amazing tiara hair, and her height would help as well.

Mourn the loss of this one. It would have been magnificent to see in a museum.

OrangeChia • 3 years ago

Agree about the museum suggestion!

The King's Daughter • 3 years ago

Better than not seeing it at all, anyway... :-/

Grace • 3 years ago

This is an impressive piece. Not necessarily a beautiful one, as it looks heavy, it's a pity that no color pix exist to show us the gems in their full glory. But it's a piece worth of a Russian tsarina, empress, and this and the little coronet are something I always associate with Alexandra. There's something magical in those portraits of her in full imperial glory although we know how the story ended.

Grace • 3 years ago

And yes, I know there are some portraits in color (e.g. the one above), but they don't really show what this tiara is like. You can't see the tender gleam of the pearls.

PearlForAMermaid'sHair • 3 years ago

"tender gleam" - thank you for that phrase.

Grace • 3 years ago

You're welcome, feel free to quote me anywhere :-D!

The King's Daughter • 3 years ago

Heavy, yes. Possibly headache-inducing. :-(

Anna @ Home&Away • 3 years ago

It is SO enormous and I want it!

Nina • 3 years ago

That's one BIG tiara. Too bulky for my taste.

Virginiana • 3 years ago

For some reason it makes me think of Queen Mary (wife of George V). I can totally picture HER in this fender. But today it would look very dated; it's got such a Gilded Age vibe to it.

The King's Daughter • 3 years ago

And I'm wondering about a modern-day event grand enough to justify the use of such a big gun... *sigh*

TanteF • 3 years ago

George V and Queen Mary at a quiet Sunday dinner.

Cath • 3 years ago

Maxima doing the shopping?

Lyn Cloninger • 3 years ago

I believe it would be great on a bride who is already a princess and the heir apparent (CP Victoria; Queen Elizabeth II) Marrying into being Queen (Queen Silvia; Queen Anne-Marie) or perhaps a very popular bride that the people of the nation already love. (example)
Also I think that this would be nice for a tiaras costume ball like the Devonshire ball in 1897 where queen Alexandra and Queen Mary both attended before they became queen.

Pearlsgirl • 3 years ago

"fender" - LOL!

smt • 3 years ago

WOW! WOW! WOW! Now that's a tiara :) I would have loved to see that on Queen Silvia or Queen Maxima -- they both have the stature and personality to carry it off.

Aussie Girl • 3 years ago

Camilla also doesn't shy away from a big tiara, she could do this one too.

Charlotte Jones • 3 years ago

Nup ........................ LOL

Guest • 3 years ago

!!! Agreed !!!

CrimsonAnna • 3 years ago

Queen Silvia would pull it off. I think it needs a big dark tiara hair =)

Charlotte Jones • 3 years ago


Charlotte Jones • 3 years ago

Sorry - i am being NORTY

Guest • 3 years ago


Charlotte Jones • 3 years ago

No they don't ...................

Guest • 3 years ago


Guest • 3 years ago

I think the greatest problem associated with wearing the "Diadem of Ancient Pearls" in our modern time would be the proper occasion and setting. Due to its extravagant nature, I really can't see it being appropriate anywhere except at a "coronation" event used as the coronation crown for a consort or maybe a state opening of Parliament setting. It would be pretentious to the point of vulgar in any other setting. It is just too grand for our modern democratic times - at least in the West.

OrangeChia • 3 years ago

If I were to remodel this (which I certainly would), I would start at the top of the scrolls and leave that upside down heart diamond as the central top element. Then I would take the top part and put it on a base to have a complete second diadem. You could get a big gun and a medium sized piece out of this one piece! As is, no thank you, but I tend not to like the Russian style of headgear.

Milou • 3 years ago

May one have two lists, one of tiaras in use and another for the MIAT (missing in action tiaras)? With sub-categories (small, medium, large, Big Gun)... This one is a certain on the MIAT list sub cat BG!

ETA I agree with the museum loss, this would have been a treat for an exhibition.

LuckeyGirl • 3 years ago

You can have whatever "Fave Tiara" lists you like. And I like that idea! :-)

Milou • 3 years ago

Thank you :-)

Orangemily • 3 years ago

As others have mentioned, this is a large, impressive piece that looks like it was designed to be worn by a Russian Czarina. But it's not one I especially like. Certain elements? yes. Overall effect? Too much of everything.

As another poster mentioned (I think it was Disdain?) I'm curious about said "Ancient pearls."

SalannB • 3 years ago

You mention "too much of everything" in a tiara as if it's a bad thing...heh.

Wendy 1 • 3 years ago

This tiara-that's-first-cousin-to-a-crown embodies the word "opulence". Wow! That's a whole lot of look! It was designed to scream "my wearer is the tsarina so bow!" Lol. Just think of how the candles and, later, the old electric lights would set the diamonds ablaze - it would have been so impressive to see it.

Guest • 3 years ago

And cause the pearls to glow.

melly • 3 years ago

If it were about half this size, I think I would like it...the tiara's design is really lovely. But my word--it's enormous! It would definitely take a wearer with some height (and incredible hair) to pull it off and not look like a child playing dress-up.
Such a shame that so many of the imperial pieces were dismantled instead of sold complete by the Bolsheviks. They still would have brought in some impressive $$ to the Bolshevik treasury!

Charlotte Jones • 3 years ago

Oh how I love this. The sheer magnificence of it. Diamonds and pearls in a great big stonker of a tiara. There is not a person alive who could wear this with any conviction. It is of the past and from the past in more ways than one. I could not have it in my collection because I think I would weep when ever I looked at it.

The teensy little Boucheron coronet on the other hand - the one Alix loved to wear - well that would have pride of place along with some of my favourites designed by Albert for Victoria.

Cath • 3 years ago

The little (little!) one is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Norwegian pearl number.

Elizabeth • 3 years ago

This one is darling.
Reminds me of the Ancona Tiara, and Queen Maud's Pearl Tiara.

Guest • 3 years ago

This "Diadem of Ancient Pearls" is the Mother of All Pearl tiaras. I just love to say it, "Diadem of Ancient Pearls." It is so magnificent that I really can not call it a "tiara" as it seems too commonplace. This breathtaking and imposing diadem is certainly of "Imperial" proportions. There are few that could even compete with it in size and grandness of scale, perhaps the Russian Nuptial TIara. Of pieces still available for use today, maybe the scale of the Luxembourg Empire Tiara or the Braganza or the carat power of the Stuart come close. The dangling ancient pearl drops alone are enough to place this beauty in a category of its own. Combine the amazing artistry with the lustrous glow of the ancient pearls and it is a diadem of one's dream that captures the grandeur and opulence of the Russian court. A piece from an era and time gone by. Alas, the poignant history of these grand Russian pieces, much like the history of Russia itself, always leave me with a touch of melancholy mixed with wonder.

Milou • 3 years ago

... and so a new category emerges - After Big Gun, next step up is Imperial!
I like that...

Poppy Goodheart • 3 years ago

Me likey. Big Gun, Imperial, and the Battlestar Galactica!

LuckeyGirl • 3 years ago

The Stuart, Empire and Braganca! Three of my all time faves!

Although I like the Empire with a little more "poof" in the front. Like this (refresh for pic).

Guest • 3 years ago

The Empire is impressive any way that it is worn. Notice its "imperial" name. My favorite is the one above with M-T in the blue. I prefer it a little more circled up and like a crown. It just looks like a fortress of diamonds on top of her head. :-)

Columbinia • 3 years ago

A mighty fortress is my tiara.

Guest • 3 years ago

:-) Indeed, a mighty sparkly fortress, not to be confused with "THE MIGHTY FORTRESS."

SvenNick • 3 years ago

It's the fortress nature of these that I dislike I realise. They are just great biscuit barrels or waste paper baskets plonked on heads. The Delhi Durbar and Mighty Boosh are also big but somehow more delicate and airy than these great slabs of things