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Guest • 5 years ago

The income inequality issue is bogus, typical Democrat palaver.

The interesting thing in this article is that between the gays and the doggie couples (no kids, dogs instead) San Francisco has the lowest percentage of children (and probably birthrate) of all major cities in the country.

To quote General Jack D. Ripper from the movie Dr. Strangelove: "I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist
indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist
conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids."

I've been waiting for the just the right moment to squeeze that quote in somewhere, and as we're on the subject of San Francisco, I can't think of a better place to use it.

expatconservative • 5 years ago

Since the libs in S.F. keep voting the likes of polosi and feinstien I think that they should adhere to the party platform and partake in redistribution of the wealth. They should take half their money and give it to the homeless people down on Market St. and Union Square.

Azsteve53 • 5 years ago

HA ! San Francisco, the California version of Sodom and Gomorrah is far more comparable to the final pagan days of Rome when every debauchery was in style.

Guest • 5 years ago

San Francisco just needs to enact a wealth tax to confiscate all wealth (whether income or accumulated) over, say, $100,000, and then redistribute all that money to the city's poor. They would have the most equal incomes and wealth of any major U.S. city.

How easy that would be -- if, that is, this were a real problem requiring a solution as opposed to just rebranded class warfare.

AmendII • 5 years ago

They would never do that. Socialists are only good at spending other people's money. You can't expect the wealthy in San Francisco to actually act on anything that might put their own wealth at risk.

DanB_Tiffin • 5 years ago

Absolutely! Take all the money from those rich liberal BSTDs in San Francisco and give it to their poor! Local "charity" is always the best.
Golly! I feel soooooooo good being sooooo generous with other people's money!

Patriot_ll • 5 years ago

Once the various government entities start buying (did I say buy? I meant eminent domain) up homes in the affluent areas and renting them out as HUD/Section 8 housing, only then will we see real integration. How dare a poor minority family not be able to live in the affluent neighborhoods. How is that promoting 'opportunity'?

leighrow • 5 years ago

Isn't this Nancy Pelosi Country,you know the Nancy that screams income inequality any chance she gets? She has been their rep for life...so why aren't the Republicans rubbing this report in her face?

00gabooga • 5 years ago

Of course, the only way to fix this is to make everyone broke. Then we'll ALL be happy!

drunkcynic • 5 years ago

Prohibit the construction of new residential properties, and the price of what exists will rise while their quality falls.

Enjoy the irony of the situation: the answer for all the ills of Liberal/Progressive Policies is more Liberal/Progressive Properties.

Don • 5 years ago

Well why don't we send San Francisco residents to Rwanda so that they can have a better life... and so can we!

TouchStone • 5 years ago

Everybody's more "equal" when they're all dirt poor.

Duey2000 • 5 years ago

Doesn't San Fran have a higher minimum wage than the federal standard?

Trusty Ruski • 5 years ago

Minimum wage can only apply to those who work.

James Smith • 5 years ago

Did you know that San Fran$hithole spends over $460,000 a DAY on programs for the homeless? And look at it, a disgusting dump that's only getting worse. The oligarchs live in the hills, sheltered from the world, and dictate how the rest of the world should live. Here's to the rat scum getting a dose of reality and soon.

oldoldtimer • 5 years ago

Don't like your income then do something about it. Get an education. Get a skill. I did both. I have no complaints about my income except some one who did not earn it wants to take it because they THINK they are entitled to what I make.

CowboyUp • 5 years ago

Leftists are fine with productivity inequality. They want the income, they just don't want to do the work.

Nov-cubed • 5 years ago

Well, that's about the stupidest methodology on the planet. Speaking of planet, the poor in Rwanda live on an entirely different one than the "poor" in San Francisco.

Guest • 5 years ago

The quality of life of the poor is irrelevant to the issue of income inequality -- or, at least, so says everyone from the President on down who's bleating about the "issue" to gin up some rebranded class warfare.

takspyr • 5 years ago

Nancy Pelosi and the Liberals in SF were smart not to let the city devolve into a Detroit. The got rid of the black population and moved them across the Bay to Richmond and Oakland.

Guest • 5 years ago

That's different! That's in Utopia. It don't count.

Lo Wodor • 5 years ago

Those attempting to displace our moral standards with savage instincts may yet destroy the framework upon which liberty and prosperity depend.

They Call It News • 5 years ago

ha ha ha ha ha

calmandcents • 5 years ago

Okay, given this bit of enlightenment, I am excited to learn how Ms. Boxer, Ms. Feinstein, and Ms. Pelosi will lead the troubled people to their rightful prosperity! This is going to be an interesting experiment. Actually, I wonder how many dollars they'll have to steal in order to fix this problem.

Guest • 5 years ago

Rwanda smells better!

Darkheart11 • 5 years ago

WORSE than Rwanda you say?

I did not think we were doing THAT good!