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De Niro Pacino • 6 years ago

When it comes to Nokia i personally am in love with the brand wow! reason being what i encountered few weeks ago with my Lumia 730.It all started when one weekend as friends we decided to go out and have some fun,everyone left their phones at home due to fear of being stolen but for me i carried mine since i love photos i knew its going to be more selfies night.As party went on and more liquor getting to our brain suddenly all of us blacked out and as for my phone it fell into one of the glass full of liquor.Waking up after few hours i was like ooh my God my phone is gone and cursing alcohol with all words.I picked it and rinse it went home and later remove the battery put it aside and the cover leaving it open till morning.when i woke up went to a salon asked for a blower to and blew it for few minutes then later inserted the battery with all hopes of ever working again all gone but to my surprise it worked and up to now i always say you never go wrong with Nokia.

Selipha Kihagi • 6 years ago

So my story is about my Nokia Asha 302 - yes I am still on the road towards the smartphone world.
My Asha 302 has encountered various episodes, and impressively survived them all. One of the episodes I want to share is when it was run over by a speeding Probox, and still managed to ring a couple of minutes later.
A nice chilly Thursday evening I set for home from school, lucky enough for me a friend decided to give me a lift since we live in the same neighbourhood. When it was time to alight, I forgot I had placed my phone on my laps so it fell as I stepped out of the car. Walking towards the gate, I noticed I did not have my phone with me. I turned back to stop my friend who had now reversed the car, to check if i left it inside. After a couple of seconds searching under the seat and every spot on the co-driver's section, we decided to call it. No ring...it was 'mteja'. Now What? I wondered. A little Panic, followed by a few curse words...then I remembered receiving a call in the car so it had to be somewhere around. Backing up from the car and almost getting hit from the back by a speeding Probox, I used my friend's phone torch to look around the car and there it was..lying lifeless. It was smashed open, there was a crack on the screen just above the keypad, the pronounced Contact,SMS, Menu buttons and most of the letters were hanging loose and it was covered in massive dust. The Probox had run over my phone - literally. I figured it had met it's end, so I said goodbye and climbed the stairs lazily to the house. Desperate to be back online, I decided to wipe the dust off, hold the back cover in place and put it on...on the first try, it just blinked then shut. The cover was lose and couldn't hold the battery in place, so i held it in tight with a rubber band and with crossed fingers I tried for a second time. Light came, the two Nokia hands shook and it asked for my PIN...once on, i made a call to ensure it was working and thanks to the *sort of* metallic body of the Asha 302, I was back ON. It had saved me another lecture of how careless I can be.

Sanjula Madurapperuma • 6 years ago

Hi, I have a Lumia 625. A shocking incident happened a few weeks ago. I was walking down the sidewalk in my town while checking my email on a sunny day. It had rained the whole of last week so the road was still wet. I was just turning around the corner when a big object came flying at me. It was all in a flash and there was no time to think. At first I thought I had been knocked down by a motorbike but then I saw that it was a boy who had got late to school. He gave all sorts of apologises and even helped me get up. But I knew that something was missing. WHERE was my phone? That boy had given me several bruises and I searched for the phone everywhere until... I found it ditched in a mud puddle about three feet away. The boy who knocked me down had already disappeared out of sight. I thought that was the end of my Lumia. I was even scared to press the unlock button so I didn't dare to glance at it until I got to my home ( I was out for a morning jog). Thank God the screen was still intact with not a single scratch. It was still covered with mud so I took a mere ten minutes cleaning it. Then was the hard part. Checking whether the phone was still working. I did all what I can to see it working the same way as it was before the unexpected incident but... NO! I cannot believe my own eyes! It was normal!This was when my love for Lumia started. The benefit of having a sturdy, rugged phone with a gorilla glass display is priceless.

P.S. Note that this incident is definitely not a make up but pure reality. It actually happened to me.