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mirageseekr • 6 years ago

The original video served it's purpose. A lot of humor is based on what is relevant in the world. Get a sense of humor already it makes life easier.

kk'sfatass • 6 years ago

Am I the only one that sees the irony of this being next to the Kim Kardashian butt obsession video?

Cointelliprompter • 6 years ago

Alex should do a parody video of himself walking down the streets of Austin being catcalled by police and establishment types.
"Alex got a little shrinkage going on there? What about Global Warming?"
"Hey big boy would you like to see my GMO?"
"What's the matter, cat got your tounge?"
"Where's your bullhorn fella?"
"Wanna see the latest Wikileaks?"

Tatiana Covington • 6 years ago

Don't like it? Lump it.

silly • 6 years ago

And yet another drivel piece by PP.

lars • 6 years ago

Yes, we're going to see parodies like this for YEARS to come, and all we have to do to end crap like this is give everyone equal rights and teach children manners. One Constitutional Amendment, one self-help book, and a generation later the problem is solved.

willie • 6 years ago

Two words...SO WHAT!

tward3 • 6 years ago

I think muslims suck hard (small "m" intended); however, that being said, they do keep their women in line. Kinda like the "honorable" "native" "Americans" kept their women in line. Kinda like every damm nation in history did, including the US, before the US gave women the right to vote and own property. It has been all down hill since then.

Death To Bolsheviks • 6 years ago

"Women's rights" started the welfare state and politicians taking money from men to bribe women to vote for them and women voting for more welfare. That and the good looking politicians can always count on the female vote.

Women voting is a HUGE mistake.

lars • 6 years ago

sexist douchebag

tward3 • 6 years ago

If the boys would have invited the ugly girls to the prom there would have been no "feminist" movement.

spymyeyes • 6 years ago

The abosulte best way to shut up a nazi femmie is to ask them why muslims and their way of life is acceptable and even sought after even though they treat women WORSE than anyone else on the planet, do it publicly, and get praise for it.

In case they don't know you can start their education with the small stuff like the mandatory things ALL muslim women must endure:

no freedom of speech, dress, travel, or to pick your mate.

mandatory female genital mutilation so they will NEVER feel pleasure during sex

never being able to drive a car

the ability to take a beating from your husband for any reason or even no reason (as long as the beatings don't leave marks that can be seen when wearing a burka)

the ability to be legally killed by your family or husband for not obeying your orders

the ability to be mutilated the same way as above (like cutting off their nose or burning them with acid)

I could go on and on but I don't have enough time to list them all, plus all they have to do is visit a website called atlas shrugged to see the full list of their barbarities towards women no matter how old they are.

boo • 6 years ago

Really women are victims of the T.V they dress like whores so men treat them like whores.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Suggested pick-up line if you see Princess Leia ~
"Hey Leia ~ Obiwan Kenobi run out of batteries?" ~

Pearlbuck • 6 years ago

It's possible, of course, that fairly witty trolls were responsible for boilerplate, cliched posts like this:

"Another video commenter, Ashleigh N., claimed the Leia video “completely trivializes the actual struggles shared by women everyday” while reinforcing “the institutionalized racism fueled by xenophobia, classism, and white privilege.”

“If you need to ask why, you probably need to check you privilege,” she wrote."

If so, keep up the good work, boys. Either way, these kinds of comments are great, because they show how ridiculous "feminism" has become, now that American women have ZERO legitimate things to complain about.

spymyeyes • 6 years ago

100% true!
Read my above post about how muslims treat their women if you want something to complain about!

Casey Kern • 6 years ago

Well, feminists can go ahead and shut the ***k up I guess, because after all......The only people who give a shit about feminists are other feminists.

Barry McLawhorn • 6 years ago

Brought to you by the same scum who created this degrading ad: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Hell's Bell's ~ I-can do better than all that crap ;)
Here's my Jeb Bush for president 2016 video ;)


Coy Coleman • 6 years ago
Pearlbuck • 6 years ago

Yeah, he sure got all the troops out of Iraq, didn't he, you fu*king talentless sister-molesting c*nt.

Carlos Danger • 6 years ago

Leia ignited my hyper-drive in less than 12 parsecs
may the Force be with me

attilla da thrilla • 6 years ago

dang- these femanazis need to get a life. There are worse problems in the world than there offense at some stupid parody video. Really? These people need intense psychiatric counseling for these mental issues.

I think they are just jealous of a reasonably attractive young woman/actress.

patrick gragg • 6 years ago

Buzz off you friggin feminists, Poor women, you have everything you could ever possibly want in America and you cry about princess Lea walking doen your sidewalk???

Vengeance • 6 years ago

*coughs* Boycott American women*coughs* You'll BE happier...




Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society, Tax Women and set up the NWO - Aaron Russo

patrick gragg • 6 years ago


PVT. HUDSON • 6 years ago

Check your privilege?? These feminazis can check my C&B! As in genital situation.

Oldguynorth • 6 years ago

Her "high beams" are not on, so they can STFU.

Snoopdog • 6 years ago

The 'Feminists' merely function as whores for Zion, and thus do not appreciate any mockery of Hollywood. Dark Kabala is their locus and brainwashing, well dealt with in "Star Wars". But how are Harpies of the Imperial Empire expected to react, when their childhood heroes are mocked.

patrick gragg • 6 years ago

cool dog nose,snoop!

Bazza • 6 years ago

If the girls do not like having people talk to them come live in Australia were you are lucky to see one person on the street. The amount of people that live in one city in America is halve the population of Australia.

He ruled with a gloved hand and fist of Iron.....

james eddy cartoons . wordpress................you know what to do..........!!

Vlad • 6 years ago

There is something that amazes me. Can you amagine the reaction from the
feminists if middle age white guys started calling their wives and girl
friends my bitch and my hoe? But when young black guys do it, you don't
hear a word of criticism from the feminists. Why is that?

Oldguynorth • 6 years ago

The same reason you see all the commercials on TV with a black woman & a white guy...............

Death To Bolsheviks • 6 years ago

Feminists, get your sex change operations already.

Maybe if men griped more about abuse of men these ugly lesbians would shut up.

Why have marriage rates plummeted in the USA? Because men don't want to marry fat, ugly men with vaginas.

Most American women are disgusting, couldn't please a man if their life depended on it, and wouldn't if they realized they should, as they don't now. They just expect men to do everything for them and expect men to be grateful for the opportunity to be their servants.

That's why over 96% of alimony payers are men, over 95% of job related deaths happen to men, over 94% of job related serious injuries happen to men, in this age of eekwalitee.

How many of these feminists insist on registering to be drafted?

Bunch of penis envy spoiled brats.

Barry McLawhorn • 6 years ago

You should not talk about Hillary that way (you should tell the dirty truth about her, it is far more interesting and far worse). LOL

patrick gragg • 6 years ago

Awesome way to say it!!!

Oldguynorth • 6 years ago

I know, been there. "I've got the vagina, so you have to do all the housework, cooking, & give me money for the casino." A certain woman has expressed an interest in me, all my friends say she is the one. My response: "Just a guy with tits."

guest • 6 years ago

A good screwing would straighten them out!

Ade UK • 6 years ago

Very funny parody, I thought most Americans don't understand it (well that's the rumour). Nowt wrong appreciating a fine figure of a woman. I do however know the serious left wing agenda of forcing males to feel ashamed of the beauty of the female body. That guilty feeling is not healthy at all. Look at the psyche of multicultural society these days, its a failed experiment. Let's get the family unit together again.

Great video, those extras were grill

deweycee • 6 years ago

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than mid town Manhattan when the markets are open

Jones, why are your writers amplifying and circulating these ideas of docility?

You wouldn't be trying to reshape our minds, and to lessen psychological resistance, would you?

Why are you quoting Feminazis, anyway? Don't give them any oxygen, you know better.

Shame on you, Jones.

Windy • 6 years ago

Hell-I just find some construction site, take a folding chair and yell out "Hey-Big Boy way to go with that hammer" "Come on you big hunks get moving" Then some cat calls,some whistles and I am off for a good day.

Briggs • 6 years ago

Come on, if you see someone you like and approach them respectfully to try to meet them, get a number, is that not normal?... oh sorry, I thought wrong, I will keep to internet dating, e-harmony and facebook friend requests in order to meet women... what a bunch of bullshit, I swear some people are simply so into them selves, they think the rest of the us (Normal People) have to act like them. Is not the Opposite of Feminism, Machismo? so if One is not right, then why is it not the other one.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Thank fcuk for the Federation ~

micknm . • 6 years ago

funny read them this out of 1st timothy 2:9
this is the one they would tear out of the bible
they think totally bizarre feminazi trash hate tube steak they are as bad as queers
with their ego manialical bs wtf sick c**ts

duh • 6 years ago

You just can't take these feminist lasses seriously, especially the ugly ones can you!

Rosco P Coltrane • 6 years ago

I thought it was funny and clever. And it is probably doing more to call attention to the problem than any of these complainers ever will.

How many of the people demanding this be taken down would defend videos of abortions, homosexual acts, violence against men or other non-protected class.

Coy Coleman • 6 years ago

Progressives have no sense of humour.

American • 6 years ago

i suppose it has to be someone's lot to take insult at everything