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WJ_texas • 6 years ago

100 million Americans not working. Obama has 84 million GreenCards to hand out. Get the picture?

Guest • 6 years ago

Most of them voted for Obama.

Welcome to the real world.

Henry George • 6 years ago

No, they voted against Twitt Romney.

-- http://www.theonion.com/art...

Welcome to the two-party duopoly and the lesser-evil voting it generates.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

A "Masonic-Mormon?" ~ Or a "Masonic-Doorman?" ;)
Gee ~ Tough choice America ~ Choose the Mason? ;)

fred uh well u know • 6 years ago

Ever tried kicking crack or heroine? Have ya ever been in combat? THE TRUTH: Those battles ARE WORSE! Thanks for voicing your opinion though - your entitled to be wrong of course.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

Umm ~ Yep ~ Sure ~ Dagwood ~ Mind if I-call you Dagwood here, Dagwood, old buddy? ~ I-seen 23 people murdered up close and personal within a 15 foot distance by the time I'd turned 13, and 20 of them were children and 14 of them kids were tortured to death, 9 of those being mere bubs ~
So yeah, in a sense, I-seen combat, only the lowlife Masonic CIA Zionist son's-o-bitches didn't give me a gun and teach me how to use it, otherwise, either me or them would be long since dead, and if it was the latter, then you'd have been short a VP, a defence secretary, plus a US president ~
Bugger-off back to constitutional irrelevance, Dagwood ;)

A little bitter • 6 years ago

But wait theres more: have u ever been in debt for a quarter million or more, how about the way loosing constitutional freedoms makes ya feel inside, are you old enough to have experienced that? Sorry, but sometimes I just can't stop emotionally bleeding for all the people who have been chewed up and spit out by the world who post on this site.

Robby Daniel • 6 years ago

It's "Murphy's Law" you talk about in the real world ~ This "Murphy's Law" you talk about is written in the Hebrew scriptures under the overall cover of "The Lord always gives you 2 choices" ~ There are two doors, one of which you 'MUST' walk thru and both of which lead to "Murphy's Law" ~
"Murphy's Law" gives you a choice of 2 doors you can walk thru only to end up in the same fcuking room with your anal virginity deflowered for the rest of all time ~ They're both occultist Zionist Masonic doors, yet each one has a basic political principle involving submission to stupidity ~
You either vote Democrat as a liberal commie socialist and wind up in Hades with your soul being slowly eaten by everyone you ever fcuked over, or you vote Republican and wind up in paradise, with your spirit and truth eaten by every lie you ever submitted to ~ Don't blame 'MEEEE' for $hit cause I-only got here in 1957 and can't be blamed for errors previous to this life ~
By the way, "MURPHY" was merely old Boss Tweed's secret Irish lover ;)
Murphy wasn't gay, yet all of the people who secretly screwed him were ;)
Murphy knew how to get ahead & to move forward ~ He was successful ;)

AverageJoe • 6 years ago

I'm 31. When I was 16 a got my first job busing tables at a restaurant. Because my family told me if i didn't get a job and move out when i was 18 I would be a loser. So I did move out when I was 18 and I worked at the restaurant for several years and eventually worked my way up to bartender and was making good money.

I met my wife, and moved out of the house i was living in at the time with 5 roommates...yes 5, 21+ year olds in one house...Cheap rent and plenty of beer in the fridge and i wasn't putting a burden on my parents who worked hard enough for 18 years raising me.

I moved into an apartment with my wife and had our first child. While i was working as a bartender I went to school in the early morning before work. I got some fancy papers from the over priced tech school I went to...not sure if it was the papers that got my foot in the door or the fact that i was willing to start at the bottom and work my way up...but i took a job at an automotive dealership.

I quit my job as a bartender. I took a huge reduction in pay in order to start a new career. Several years later I am now the shops lead tech and I'm making way more then i was bartending. With benefits and paid vacation.

it is possible to still work your way up to a good career in the united states, but it takes hard work.

You cant expect instant gratification, You aren't going to be making the big bucks right away.

This is the age of cell phones and TV. Everything is moving at a fast pace. The young generation wants everything RIGHT NOW, like the spoiled brat girl in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. That's not the way things work...you gotta put in your time.

Its hard to keep a positive outlook on the future living in this country right now. Fewer jobs, yet we are letting more illegals in? Thats like if your business is not producing as much product, but you keep hiring employees, Eventually you are going to run out of money to pay those employees because you aren't producing any product to sell...ill tell you who is producing product...china. But we will be fine as long as we keep printing the monopoly money, RIGHT? I say no more illegals, bring the jobs back home, get rid of the fed reserve. rebuild America.

Guest • 6 years ago
mzwarrior1 . • 6 years ago

They got a million of em don't they !

Guest • 6 years ago
mzwarrior1 . • 6 years ago

Oh my... I actually dread the thought :*( Their level of madness continues to grow.

Guest • 6 years ago
Popey Doyle • 6 years ago

Oh, I see from your pic that your very beautiful Panda. How about pampered and kept women versus males in terms of their ability to attract and effortlessly secure wealth, attention & affection? Or MY personal, all time favorite, born-wealthy show biz kids, that is, the offspring of the ultra wealthy or even the moderately wealthy who never work a day in their lives. Have ya... ever considered those two categories during ur trips to the spa? Oh and incidentally, if I knew you personally and you actually look as good as ur pic, I'd never have mentioned this. (me & every other male on the planet - that is).

Aabbea • 6 years ago

The video demonstrates the decades of deliberate sabotage of the study of American history by the Marxist indoctrinated academia. If people don't know where they've been, how can they see where they are being led. Bread and circuses to distract the serfs as their country is stolen out from under them.

Defend 2nd Amendment • 6 years ago

Looks like this is the end result of progressive liberal education where everyone got a first place trophy for just showing up and everyone is a winner. Unfortunately, no one told the rest of the world this. So how does winning feel now?!!

Ian • 6 years ago

What the f**k are you talking about?

ZombieReady • 6 years ago

Millennials got this president elected. You reap what you sow. His zero interest rate policies and eternal QE have inflated stock, bond, and real estate prices and made the rich , richer, while taking interest income out of the pockets of small businesses the middle class and retirees. THe rich don't create jobs, small businesses do. THe retirees would be putting billions back into the economy , instead they are eating up their savings. I am fortunate to have some of these inflated assets,so I know what I am talking about. Unfortunately the bubble will burst some day, and it will hurt everybody.

Ian • 6 years ago

Yeah. The cause and effect of previous presidents had no effect.

spymyeyes • 6 years ago

You paint such a bleak no win situation and then you wax elogant about young people being "addicted" to the entertainment industry when they have NOTHING to look forward to except the option of being crushed as a debt slave or going on welfare and catching a free ride while they can or maybe get into some quick money through illegal activities.

Aside from taking out all those raging horomones on the targets that deserve their destruction the young people have been dumbed down, medicated down, and lied to since birth along with having our system of morals and values replaced with the only goal of self-gratification and self enrichment being denied to them because they are not connected to the 1%.

If the complete pusssification of our young people was not so high we would have already had a nationwide revolution/riots.

I bet TPTB start a program like the movie "The Purge" in order to keep the "peace".

old fart • 6 years ago

god damn kids think everybody owes them, they seem to think they should make a million a year while all they do is smoke crack and have babbies for everyone else to take care of.

HangTheTraitors • 6 years ago

I'm twenty six years old working full time as a machinist. My parents are dead and I've never been on welfare or food stamps. Despite my long hours and lack of debt I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. My girlfriend has to work fulltime too and we can't afford marriage or children. I don't think the country owes me anything, but you have to go all the way back to the great depression to find a generation that got as screwed as badly as us. My generation are basically serfs, we'll never own houses or land. All my friends that went to Iraq are now dirt poor and homeless, all my friends who went to school are drowning in debt. Just keep spitting on us and treating us like dirt, while cheering on rising home prices and watch us all turn into revolutionaries. Your miserable generation is the one that ratcheted up the price of land and homes, destroying this country for your own selfish reasons while turning a whole generation into renters and debt-slaves. I hope all you selfish, rich old people on welfare and Medicare go straight to hell after your miserable deaths. You have nobody but yourselves to blame for witnessing the obliteration of this once proud nation at the end of your lives.

spymyeyes • 6 years ago

You think your the only person who got screwed by the 1%ers?
I started working on the docks in 1983 and it was no picnic for me either buddy! 12+ hours days 6 days a week just to make ends meet and yet I still found time to have a family, buy a cheap home that needed a LOT of work, worked 2 jobs when I could and PLUS the wife worked as well even throughout the birth and raising of my son.
As a machinist you are making a MUCH better wage than most and I think your whining is coming from a lack of propper spending habits and I think you got a room full of expensive toys you really don't need instead of your own home, like most people under 30 today.
My "working career" started at the tender age of 4, when I had to EARN my 15 cent allowance or I got NOTHING and I was NOT allowed to spend it on useless crap!
I could be wrong about you personally, but from what I have seen of sons age group, they are for the most part too coddled and used to have everything handed to them for nothing (like obammaphones).

Henry George • 6 years ago

He specifically referred to an entire "generation" of people getting screwed, so obviously was not thinking "only" of himself. That's why it helps to actually read something *before* reacting to it.

silly • 6 years ago

Most of each generation today are caught up in the "blame the generality" game. Politicians and the elite love that because when people are blaming a generation or a race or a gender...they aren't blaming Congress generally and especially not blaming the individual guilty Congressmen. Authors love that game too. It makes writing easy when they can blame the WH instead of Pres __, Secretary___, Under Secretary___ -- in other words, they don't need to do proper research that would actually help their readers.

I think all machinists should be imprisoned because mine cut the wrong threads on my 5.56 barrel blank.

Don't you know that Americans have been slaves for a long time now? Don't you know that it is politicians who make changes and not generations? Your tirade sounds as self-centered as that of "old fart".

Henry George • 6 years ago

@ HangTheTraitors: Your rant reminded me of the following excerpt from one of Webster Tarpley's radio broadcasts:

“On the Republican side, you can see the Republican strategy. They started with an array of themes last August [‘09]. There were moments in this [health care] debate where Republicans, including McCain, forced votes in the Senate on the 500 billion dollars of Medicare cuts. There was a general awareness coming from people like Dick Morris (an unsavory figure, but nevertheless a successful manipulator in the tradition of Lee Atwater, Karl Rove and others)….Dick Morris pointed out that the way to defeat the Obama bill was to turn the senior citizens against it (the over 65s), to convince them -- to show them -- that the $500 billion in Medicare cuts was a threat to their lives and their future well-being. That is to say, an effective Republican strategy would have concentrated on saying: ‘Don’t let Obama take your Medicare away!’ That’s effective.

“Instead you saw -- as the debate went on, you heard less and less about that, and more and more of the wild, reactionary yahoo charges, ‘Oh, it’s communism! Oh, it’s socialism!’ and above all, ‘Government takeover! Government takeover! Government takeover!’ Well, I’m sorry, it’s not a government takeover of healthcare; it’s a takeover of government by the insurance companies -- and by Big Pharma, don’t forget them. Big Pharma is now shielded from any future attempt to import drugs from Europe, Canada, Japan, where they’re just as good as they are here, or better.…This [was] bargained away by Obama before anything else started. So it [ObamaCare] is essentially the federal government turned into a tool of Big Pharma to keep out foreign competitors -- a cartel in that sense -- and then the insurance cartel that we talked about just a minute ago. So, the Republican slogan -- this constant litany: ‘Government takeover! Government takeover!’ -- this is not effective. Nobody cares. People want access to health care, and whether it’s a government bureaucracy or a private sector bureaucracy means very little to the average person. So the Republicans essentially deliberately narrowed their own base.

“It’s similar to what the Republican operatives did, now, with their manipulation and duping of the Tea Party. They made the Tea Party as narrow as they could. That is to say, there were no Ron Paul people at the Tea Party, there were no PUMA Democrats, there was no anti-war in any way. You had to be a warmonger to get into the Tea Party. This makes no sense.

“Now, let’s just look at the interesting example here [in] Washington last Saturday [3/20/10]….We had two demonstrations going on: we had the tea baggers at the Capitol, and then we had the peaceniks at the White House. Now, let’s look at the tea baggers first. I had the opportunity to visit both of these. The thing that you see with the tea baggers is, of course, this is a lily-white group. This is a rather comfortable, rather well-heeled, middle class group. The main thing you see with the Tea Party is that these are retired military, retired military, retired military. I had a chance to talk to quite a few of them, and, lo and behold, in the course of most conversations it would turn out that this was retired military. They would come with their hats, the ship that they were on, their Army or Marines t-shirt at all ages, and so forth. They’re retired military. So what does that mean? It means that they have got their piece of the federal budget. They’re all on U.S. government military pensions. They’re all available to get TRICARE, or Veterans Administration medical care. There’s an element of hypocrisy in this -- and I’m sorry -- which is: ‘I’ve got my piece of the federal budget, I’ve got my pension, I’ve got my health care for life, and you can be damned!’ The thirty or forty million [without health insurance] they don’t care about. So there’s essentially an element of bad faith at the heart of this.

“And, of course, the people running this are all Republican operatives. They’re all Republican think-tankers. We’ve gone through it before: Richard Mellon Scaife, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute, Dick Armey (Republican leader) -- they're all a bunch of Republicans.” -- Webster Tarpley, World Crisis Radio broadcast, 3/27/10, 1st hour

Henry George • 6 years ago

"Seniors" have long been just as bad in that regard, if not worse:

-- http://www.slate.com/articl...

-- http://townhall.com/columni...

Registered • 6 years ago

export manufacturing and this is what you get.
You didnt build that, the chinese are building it.

CoachK • 6 years ago

millennials are the worst employees ever. always on their damn phones even checking text msgs while the boss is talking to them. let them eat cake.

mzwarrior1 . • 6 years ago

Maybe this will drive them to the truth of the matter - I hope they are not stupid enough - to not see that colleges are also "corporations". These Institutions are not going to espouse the future holds no jobs for their (extorted tuition fees) degrees; which they have to pay back with interest. These pigs with lipstick must be called out.

me • 6 years ago

Obama's dream team.

Camaman • 6 years ago

Those suckers got sucked in big time!

robert • 6 years ago

I just sell drugs. Every generation loves drugs. I am financially secure due to selling illegal and legal drugs. Time for a cold one.

Correct Views • 6 years ago

I am 41, my fiance is 26...because MY generation sold their ten cent souls faster than the yuppies did. I am NOT afraid of the youth because MY gen' was ALSO this dumb. When I was 14 I was speaking about the PMRC in class presentations and I had doe eyed fools staring at me in much the same way they STILL stare blankly like idiots. The YOUTH is stupid today...and that was the exact SAME and STILL IS for gen x. We had the world by the balls....music, art, hell WE are the reason that your bank teller has a tattoo because we REFUSED to conform to the system. THEN we sold out overnight and the Spice Girls were called talent. WE SOLD OUT. F**k my generation. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

PVT. HUDSON • 6 years ago

Maybe they shouldn't have voted Democrap. .

a legal citizen • 6 years ago

Wow....with all this information I'm sure the "powers" of being are celebrating....it's ready to blow wide open!!

buncosam • 6 years ago

Unfortunately,ignorance doesnt respond to intelligence as well as it should. Its a process, only special people can change the world overnight regardless of money or smarts. Its what folks pray for in church because they know them people exist.

JW • 6 years ago

I find myself extremely angry at you and the article above. A similar article could have been written at the time of the Great Depression about that depression. Work hard and get ahead. Self blame when one cannot. No one appears to have learned anything in the intervening period. The foolishness of this was once taught to freshman economics students. Certainly the message should have percolated through and down.

Total employment generally depends on the level of aggregate economic activity which, as you have been pointing out ad nausem, is contracting on a per capita basis. The likelihood of finding a job grows smaller necessarily. If one is concerned with finding a job why support any political program that contracts the economy? Restrictions on power generation required to cut CO2 emissions are a total no no as an example. How many of these job seekers think cutting CO2 emissions is a good idea? Contradictory policies will not fly.

Going to college to get a good job is about as sound an idea as reducing the CO2 concentration in the air--nebulous, uncertain to work, possibly unnecessary. Promises are everywhere that cutting emissions are good for the planet but the proofs are a political football. Why should studying some set of subjects to get a job whose primary purpose is to provide an income and may well have no relation to the subjects studied be any different? The only sure incomes being provided are to college professors.

Working hard is so classic in discussions of employment aspirations. Less so is working stupid. Running twice as hard towards a goal you don't have can put you more than twice as far away when, if you ever do, discover what the goal is. Working stupid certainly involves listening to older people who promise the future with no personal ability to deliver it. There is an aphorism about that: The blind leading the blind.

Stop encouraging people to feel righteous anger for mistakes made. It doesn't help and can likely lead to more stupid decisions. Employment is a chancy concept in itself. Relying on the unknown decisions of unknown people with unknown motivations to assure a livelihood is dangerous in itself. Either accept the truth in this or look for a better solution.

Bruce Cambell • 6 years ago

Breaking News for today the NFL pushes for the gestapo spy police state,some extremely disturbing Facts about Coke and Pepsi,Obama works with China and the globalists to try and sneak carbon taxes and agenda 21 into a treaty,Al-Gore's rape victim revisited,Washington state gun owners will not submit to the draconian new gun laws and protest,and the Michael Brown hoax revealed and the Armys drill to attack and imprison Americans. http://madashellnews.com

winter_is_coming • 6 years ago

Why? Because the Democrat party/ Media lied to them.

silly • 6 years ago

Except for the politicians and CEOs and their owners who are destroying the United States and pocketing the loot, everybody is angry.

I hope the people quickly get angry enough to perform citizens' arrests and carry out the sentences of all our nation's traitors. Honest people cannot progress or even maintain their livelihoods with these criminals having any power whatsoever.

ghoul • 6 years ago

This Jason guy, 33 years old, buys a house for $349,000...
therein lies the problem, young folks wanna start at the top, an' common sense will tell ya' that ya' need ta' start with a foundation first... let's make today's word..."shortcuts"...can't follow a path takin' a bunch of em'

codger • 6 years ago

wha wha wha fricking crybabies! if you think you have it bad try being the parent of one of them! thes ekids have no clue I like many of you have worked hard my whole life i have the same savings balance as the milleniels have becaus eive been supporting one for 31 years. I wil shortly be displaced from my job to enter an existanc eof poverty!

Guest • 6 years ago

US family court judges did their best to finance the destruction of the Christian family and they did a great job. The result is a bunch of idiot youth who's only concept of right or wrong is what they learned on sesame street. It will not end well for them.

jeffydiver • 6 years ago

[Well, it turns out that we lied to them.]

That's the best comment to a comment within the whole article.

incog99 • 6 years ago

Maybe the Obama aid was correct, Americans are too stupid to vote.