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NotNek • 9 years ago

Israel's undue influence on the American congress kept a lid on this nasty business even back then.

SanPas • 9 years ago

Something about blackmailing Johnson on the unfortunate demise of his predecessor in Dallas.

Tarik Toulan • 9 years ago

So it is not only Palestine that is being occupied by Israel, the US is too.

Guest • 9 years ago

Couldn't agree more.

Amir Thedevil • 9 years ago

Shouldn't you be in Ferguson looting?

John Perk • 9 years ago


Anis • 9 years ago

Like Netanyahu, you mean?

treeman • 9 years ago

Shouldn't you be vacating the land you illegally occupy and give it back to whoever your ancestors stole it from? Or are you just another hypocritical wanker?

Anis • 9 years ago

Parasites do not leave themselves.

rob dixson • 9 years ago

You people WANT to be hated don't you?

Kung-Fu Jesus • 9 years ago

Don't worry, there are a LOT of us here in the US who are not such ignorant fools.
And our numbers grow each day that places like Israel continue to get away with their evils carte blanche.

james cormack • 9 years ago

For evil look around Israel and you will see far worse.

treeman • 9 years ago

No your numbers are relatively static, like your IQs

Dr. David M. Dgani • 9 years ago

He said nothing wrong. Most African Americans are jailbirds and that's backed by statistics. They aren't going to jail to complete their PhD, they're there for killing, looting and raping innocent civilians.

Krankerdelic • 9 years ago

hope you die a miserable disgraceful death, stupid cretin!

Robert Henry Eller • 9 years ago

Maybe they learn this from IDF.

Southern • 9 years ago

That's not true -- the US for profit prison system has an alarmingly high number of people doing serious time for misdemeanors.

The US legal system is among the worst in the world.

Laura Wrzeski • 9 years ago

"Most" A.Americans have never committed any kind of crime. An A American is more likely to be a victim of crime than a criminal.

Michael Hess • 9 years ago

Well upthread I heard you were a racist and I reserved judgement until I saw it myself, yep, you are a died in the confederate wool of racism. I don't suppose you've ever heard of President Obama?

Guest • 9 years ago
Anis • 9 years ago

But only one is jailed in Washington. You want more?

Emma • 9 years ago

Being hated by Arabs could in a way be considered as a compliment.

Hassan Anas • 9 years ago

In a way, you have earned that well deserving compliment in abundance, being a shamelessly proud racist.

Michael Hess • 9 years ago

On what planet?

Batman • 9 years ago

There's a shock.

Gary Anderson • 9 years ago

I have been yelling this at the top of my lungs and no one listens. Oh, and don't forget, the Lavon Affair was an Israel False Flag in 1954 that Israel admitted to in 2005. Yet our pro Israel press didn't even report it.

Dr. David M. Dgani • 9 years ago

Because American press isn't as stupid as average American. Israel is the only hope America has to regain its lost power in the world. The Chinese, Germans, Japanese and Russians sure aren't going to help you. In fact, the Europeans detest America. Your only support comes from Israel.

nickmeister • 9 years ago

You have it backwards. The U.S. is the only hope for Israel and it's time we end this ONE-WAY relationship and rid ourselves of the Zionist parasite once and for all. Americans are no longer being fooled by Israels tricks, schemes and games.

Guest • 9 years ago

Pure and utter nonsense.

chasdurham • 9 years ago


TAI • 9 years ago

The chosen ones have spoken. All hail the chosen ones!!!

Guest • 9 years ago
BambooKlerck • 9 years ago

Watch the Pallywood videos on YouTube to see how a dead man was dropped to the floor and became live and then dead again then the funeral procession continued as before. Great propaganda for Palestinian people worldwide against Israel.

digdeeper • 9 years ago

one little propaganda as opposed to 70 years of zionits claiming to be victims, propaganda?

BambooKlerck • 9 years ago

One little propaganda or a big lie???

digdeeper • 9 years ago

i don't know. i don't bother with these anti palestinian trolls propaganda.

Little Betty • 9 years ago

Israel liberated Palestine from Arab invaders. Remember how many Arabs came to Jewish kibbutz agricultural settlements looking for jobs? Jordan is the Palestinian state. There's plenty of land for you over there for you.

skytag • 9 years ago

Lets see who is invader

- Netyanyahu's parents were illegal migrants from Poland, his father was supporters of greater Israel and he even wanted to cleanse the entire Palestinian population, British closed news paper published by him because it was too hateful.
- Ehud Barak's parent were illegal migrants from Lithuania
- Ariel Sharon's parent were illegal migrants from Russia
- Ehud Olmert's parents were illegal immigrants from Ukraine, his father was one of the founders of Jewish terrorist organization Irgun
- Yitzhak Rabin's parent were illegal immigrants from Ukraine.
- Ezer Weizman's parents were illigal migrants from Belarus and he was a member of Jewish terrorist organization Irgun.

David Ben-Gurion (born Poland)
Moshe Sharett (born Ukraine)
David Ben-Gurion Ptonsk,Poland
Levi Eshkol (born Ukraine)
Golda Meir who came from Ukraine via the United States
Yitzhak Rabin Jerusalem! Yay! Parents were from Europe though.
Menachem Begin (born Belarus)
Yitzhak Shamir (born Poland)
Shimon Peres (born Poland)
Yitzhak Shamir(born Russia)

simonts • 9 years ago

And your antisemitic point is what? Where did your ancestors come to this country of ours from?

Lion Heart • 9 years ago

My bloody foot....

I am against BABY KILLING

If Semite wants to suck the blood of innocent Palest children (500+ recently massacred in Gaza)

then I am a PROUD Anti-semite

Now go and wipe your mouth----blood of Gaza children are still dripping from your mouth

FederalReserve Brown • 9 years ago

me too,,, USS Liberty, the "Fed" and 9/11,, I am PROUDLY American & Anti semitic... jews have wrecked my country.

Guest • 9 years ago
Lion Heart • 9 years ago

Its Jews who believe in "conspiracy theories"....such as "protocols of elders of Zions" were invented to "implicate Jews"

Joe Giron • 9 years ago

Nazi committed genocide, so the Israelis. Zionist are nazis.

SBC • 9 years ago

If the Jews were like the Nazis there would be no Palestinians left. I guess logic isn't your thing huh?

inti • 9 years ago

Still the Jews are worse than the Nazis.
.Sorry Star

Guest • 9 years ago
Thresa Jenkins • 9 years ago

Civilian deaths were not accidents, they were targets. All Palestinians are targets.

james cormack • 9 years ago

Such hatred on this forum.

stucutz • 9 years ago

I'm afraid anti-semetic doesn't have the same meaning it once had...lost it's punch...unfortunately with it's overuse it's getting more
fashionable 'to be than not to be'