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Jocykyh-sd • 9 years ago

Do you think thats is all we gonna get today? :/

JOE • 9 years ago

yeah, only one store per day :/
not counting campaign store

JOE • 9 years ago

not well, sorry

Jocykyh-sd • 9 years ago

Then the week started badly, I just hope this is not another boring week

JOE • 9 years ago

let hope for friday, it officially one month since LE :D

Jocykyh-sd • 9 years ago

Yes! i really hope they get out new LE or YH :)

JOE • 9 years ago

pretty and love decor

Notnoworlater • 9 years ago

I think the prices are kind of high (okay, they are as high as Stardoll is making them, I guess this is the new standard) .... but I really love the background...

nice sofa too... but overall not inspired to do anything with the pieces...

JOE • 9 years ago

yeah they are bit high,
except i think the sofa, 17sd is pretty good, it can go easily over 20sd generally
and it is also well designed

Notnoworlater • 9 years ago

have to agree.. but what the heck am I going to do with another darn sofa... hmmmmm....

I still remember the days of 12 Stardollars being an expensive sofa... I guess I just refuse to buy into the notion of being happy that they didn't go totally crazy with the prices.. and just a bit crazy...

let me know what you do with the pieces.. who knows, maybe I will buy.. ;)

JOE • 9 years ago

me, ever since i got the most chanel and missoni furniture, I'm in excess of decor in my suite.
Many are just sittin in my storage waiting that i buy new rooms to use them. I have like 4 sofas and 3 beds I'm not using because i use the new chanel and missoni one. what a waste :/

Notnoworlater • 9 years ago

I won't even begin to tell you about my storage & I can't buy any new suites, I've bought them all...lol...

na ja... maybe I will buy when they have a 50% off sale.... hahahahahahaha....

Crazynats5 • 9 years ago

I was actually hoping for some clothes :/ BTW, that was fast xD. Thanks Joe!

JOE • 9 years ago

i was hoping for a limited store, :/
yeah, as soon as i see you post i check the spoilers but it was already release XD

JOE • 9 years ago


Crazynats5 • 9 years ago

Guys, there is this background in spoilers... but nothing yet:

Louise • 9 years ago

Stardoll is getting boringggg.

TOP'sTopVIPxD • 9 years ago

If I wake up and a limited collection has been released overnight, I'm flipping a lid LOL. If only SD would message its users...

DoctorWhat • 9 years ago

They haven't hinted anything about YH but I guess you never know with stardoll...

dod • 9 years ago

haha lol :) l ..i am waiting for tributes this or the next weekkkk

dod • 9 years ago

Last week in stardoll was very boriinggggggg

lemongrl42 • 9 years ago

sorry for the OT but is the offer for the free hair if you top up done?

TOP'sTopVIPxD • 9 years ago

Is it Monday in Stockholm? I notice for some things that's the cut off but I'm not sure if that applies here.

deafdeb • 9 years ago

28sd is too much for this, but I styled it anyway.

Bella • 9 years ago

This dress is very versatile and worth the sd.
Can't get enough of it.

Here is my Day 2 Look With it

F A T I M A • 9 years ago

i really like this dress but its to much :/

Guest • 9 years ago

The new Mr. is out. :) I don't know whether you posted about yet or not.

Loki Laufeyson • 9 years ago

You can Read older post's from here - then you would know...

vampirefreak121 • 9 years ago

some one explain how this is possible please???

she gifted the duplicated wigs with Charles proxy, thats why it says 0sd, but i bought from her and it's 100% safe :}

Guest • 9 years ago

Wait till that wig turns into a strand of hair and you lose your money. How hard is it to know and understand that this wig is originally somebody else's design and that this person has stolen it using a proxy? why do you guys support the wrong! How would have you felt, if this was your design, made with hardwork and by spending so much time, and then this person had stolen it, tagged it with their name and sold it for half the price?

JOE • 9 years ago

DON'T BUY, ITS HACKING, they will charge more
sorry for caps

Not all :j

I bought from her & it only took the cost of the wig

vampirefreak121 • 9 years ago

lol okie im just lost for how its possible

Janesjoy • 9 years ago

how i styled it :

Megan_Bowles (SD) • 9 years ago

cool wig

annedrews • 9 years ago

I love it with the turtle neck, might have to buy the dress to rock this style x

Philotas • 9 years ago

The shape of the dress is a little awkward if worn by itself, it can be styled with ease though, in a short time I was able to do three outfits with it, which is good because with that price it better be something I can wear a lot. I'll think about buying, definitely ^^

A R U L I N I • 9 years ago

This is how I styled it :) *refresh*

Ana Clara Medina • 9 years ago

My outfit with the dress:

Prada • 9 years ago

Congrats to JOE for being featured in spotlight :3

JOE • 9 years ago

thks :3

Prada • 9 years ago

np :)

Guys, the LE has a last chance, do you think we'll get a new LE?

Smiler • 9 years ago

yes i saw that too but of course i wont buy cause i can't cause if i could , ain't going to have any piece not sold out haha

JOE • 9 years ago

its just marketing, XD
because the store is becoming invisible due to new releases

Ahh O see, I began to panic aha

How I styled it :3

Sophie • 9 years ago

Lovely. I love the color and the knee-highs, it's very nice.

festive bottom • 9 years ago

im very fond of this dress as a skirt