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FOTF2012 • 6 years ago

I came across something interesting about the likes of Hubbard and our own human nature that I wanted to share:

"But it [the male myth] is always there at hand because we need it if we are to avoid confronting our own self, which fills us with fear. How else can we explain the fact that again and again we submit to those very people who, personifying the epitome of strength and domination, demand the greatest self-sacrifice of us? Nothing evokes a messianic atmosphere -- a feeling of sanctity -- more than subordination to a "higher" cause. The call to shed one's blood for God, for nation, or for an idea elicits feelings of inner purity, the exhilaration of absolute "love," the intoxication of virtuous self-love. Why is it that we never recognize until later, when the episode has gone down in history, that here was a case of subjection to a powerful madman? Often the best among us are involved, those who want to be free, who forsake everything dear to them. They turn against their own principles and their own feelings when a dictator, Fuehrer, "spiritual leader," prime minister, or duce summons them to battle -- and they feel ennobled. What does this virtuous feeling of sanctity have to do with the true self? Why do we men -- and many women -- repeatedly behave like sheep, especially when confronted with those who most despise, dominate, oppress, and destroy us? Why does obeying them make us feel so good? Why does it release us from the anxiety and uneasiness of having a self of our own, from having to take responsibility for ourselves?

"The oppressor frees us from our secret self-contempt by his contempt for us. How else does a Stalin become a father figure, a Hitler a flawless god?"

(From chapter on "Salvation and Sanctity," in "The Betrayal of the Self: The Fear of Autonomy in Men and Women," by Arno Gruen, pp. 81-82, from 2007 reprint of the 1988 work.)

Or, I would add, how else does a Hubbard become the "greatest friend of mankind" and why else do we shirk our own souls and abandon our values, family, and money? And the betrayal of our selves comes out in pettiness and harshness toward others and church crimes big and little, for deep down those in know self-contempt for having abandoned _their_ own true hopes and dreams only to replace them with counterfeit dreams and pieces of blue sky born from the addled mind of a damaged, narcissistic, prevaricating, sociopath?

Pierrot • 6 years ago

*** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Tuesday the 18th of November

Good morning early birds and night owls,
The score for Monday is up from 70 to 106 new/updated ads bringing our Last 4 Days slightly down from 339 to 335 and the 7 days Regional List down a bit from 666 to 623.
Aptos is showing its nose again with some drug education amongst other lies
Check the Daily Wip regularly later this afternoon and evening, if you have some time, take the
opportunity to do some re-flag.
If you have not done so yet, read the write up : https://whyweprotest.net/th...
RedX spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spr...

DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

Ty Ap : https://www.flickr.com/phot...

Barbara Angel • 6 years ago

Oh my my.... Read here if you want to treat yourself to the wisdom-'ness' of these two victims.
Absolutely Splendid Example of a 'chult' education. Sad, sad, sad for these poor little mind fucked kiddies.
Poor kiddies are also being pumped full of Bhagwan's (Osho) brain farts. Check this out for more soupa power good reads. http://www.biography.com/pe...
The kiddies stumble from one scam to another. What will happen if they ever do learn to think for themselves?

media_lush • 6 years ago

quite a few people are talking about it on my facebook feed.... DListed is the only one to mention scientology so far... and obviously the funniest


(loads of comments further down)

Barbara Angel • 6 years ago

I've tried to post on dlisted with my disqus account as it accepts disqus, unfortunately it says email address must be verified, eight attempts later at waiting for the verification email, nothing has happened. Wanted to leave the post below* but can't find a way to post. Really wanted people to Google Jenna's book, but best not to attempt posting links, many sites won't allow posts with links. The more average people who begin to inform themselves about the chult the better. Food for thought...but no way to spread it. Using 'chult' for church of Scientology cult was sure to slip under the radar. But no verification email opportunity = no opportunity at all. Imagine all the teens who decide to emulate these two poor little fuckers, bet they couldn't write a sentence without spell check, sad huh.

* "These poor little kids, raised in the chult of $ciontology are doomed. $cilon children do not receive a proper education and unless their parent's are celebrities, they work an eight to ten hour day doing hard physical labour, which can include cleaning toilets with a tooth brush. Google Jenna Miscavige Hill and see what its like to be a child in that 'chult'. Would be interesting to see what would happen if these two were given pen and paper and actually asked to write something. Odds are that neither of them will even be able to pass basic spelling levels. Worse still is that in $cilon land a, 'ness' is added to most words i.e. beingness, feelingness, knowingness etc...
The future of these two poor kids is an unenviable one".

media_lush • 6 years ago

Disqus is pretty fecked up right now IMO.... see new Tony post and my comments there... they hate the 'a' word... in the mean time have a look at http://www.vice.com/read/we... ... good stuff; anyway I'm off to bed!

Missionary Kid • 6 years ago

Thanks. The best comment over there was, "Scientology "education" really is an oxymoron." I'm putting it on my list.

Barbara Angel • 6 years ago

Off topic: As previously mentioned not much at all.... is heard about co$ in Aus, unless it's negative, so here is the latest from Tabloid TV. Question is,why buy so much expensive land in a Country with so few $cilons?
Perhaps davey boy really is preparing his hideout in the land down-under? Check this out:

Eivol Ekdal • 6 years ago

A Current Affair - The Church of Scientology buying up big in Oz
"Scientology is the world largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy."

Missionary Kid • 6 years ago

I liked that one, too. I copied it for my list of things said about $cientology.

DodoTheLaser • 6 years ago

Hubbard wrote a policy about people who invalidate Clear and OT states.
It was basically a dead agent policy - only criminal SP's would do such a thing, etc.
It's ironic how many Exes did Clear and OT levels, survived them and told the story.

Lady Squash • 6 years ago

"The Church of Religious Technology created 1946." I am baffled by the date. The first mention I knew of Hubbard officially talking about a church was years later--after the fall of Dianetics (1952). Can anyone shed some light on this? I know that he made cracks about religion and money back then, but it's one thing to make cracks and another to be seriously thinking about it.

Tony Ortega • 6 years ago

The poem was created in 1946. These copyrights came later. CST -- the Church of Spiritual Technology -- wasn't created until 1982. The first 'Church of Scientology' was formed in Camden, NJ in December 1953.

Lady Squash • 6 years ago

Thanks for replying Tony. I appreciate it. I have no idea how you get done all that you do. You are amazing. I read your blog every night.

яовэят ёскэят • 6 years ago

No, 1946 is the creation date of the poems. The "Church" is filing for a renewed copyright at some later date (operating on some probably bogus assignment of the copyright from Hubbard).

deathtoallpoliticians • 6 years ago

the co$ can re-file but the copyright law is quite clear on the issue of renewal for works prior to 1/1/78 in that the original copyright is good for 28 years from the original copyright. this would be the date of the original dianetics manual, ie 1950, so the original copyright was good until 1978. unless, lrh made his application to the copyright office for an extended copyright within 1 year of the 1978 copyright expiring, his works would be considered public domain. assuming, arguendo, that lrh did, in fact, file for the copyright extension by 1977, his copyright would have been extended by 67 years from 1978, ie to 2045. please see the the link to the us copyright office code for yourself: http://www.copyright.gov/ti....

DodoTheLaser • 6 years ago

It looks like the whole yearly Disqus disaster is over.
(By the way, Tony had nothing to do with it.)
Moving on.


romanesco • 6 years ago

Call me a cynic, but that looks like a group of overly optimistic empaths ripe for induction into a narcissist-run cult.

DodoTheLaser • 6 years ago

What is? The hippie song?

Guest • 6 years ago

I love the poetic language some of the bukerioos have. I am not gifted with such vocabulary in English. But still felt the urge to attempt a poetic writing. If its just one little notch better than lroons, ill be happy. (written as I went, no after thoughts or editing)

Look into my eyes Sara betty

See the deep treachery reflect form my soul

For I am your cheating and beating La Fatty

Its love that urges me to hammer you into my mold

For together we shall rule the world

We shall do as we will

You are my elixir

May my libido never fall ill

You act upon me as the finest liquor

May that potion never get dry

For then I shall erase you with vigor

And let bygones be gone by

For I am your cheating and beating La fatty

The only hope for humankind

Axton • 6 years ago

...And my feet are perfect and lovely

Observer • 6 years ago

OT but ... has Jose Canseco ever been a Scientologist?


Eclipse-girl • 6 years ago

Comets circle our sun.
They are not a way to travel through our galaxy.

Jo • 6 years ago

He's maybe a fan of Night of the Comet? http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Frodis73 • 6 years ago

Love this campy movie.

L. Wrong Hubturd • 6 years ago

As a matter of fact.....I think I do remember where he was involved for a time.

Observer • 6 years ago

it sounds like something Elron himself would have come up with.

L. Wrong Hubturd • 6 years ago
Frodis73 • 6 years ago

Omg, that was the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. I didn't know he was a sci and I didn't realize he was this stupid either. His writing skills are just horrid (not that I can write, but I know I can do better than that). Then he includes these two gems:
"Science says man was created of, by, and for evil." WTF? Where did he learn this?
"...Scientology as an acceptable alternative is because it’s a religion mostly based on science and fact."
I almost spit pepsi on the keyboard over that last one. Check it out for some laughs. John P makes an appearance in the comments too.

Ella Raitch • 6 years ago

So he models his writing on LRH?

Graham • 6 years ago

So bad it's sad. By the end of the article I felt guilty about laughing at such an inarticulate idiot.

Observer • 6 years ago


Sherbet • 6 years ago

I think Jaden and Willow Smith ghost-wrote that column for him.

L. Wrong Hubturd • 6 years ago


Missionary Kid • 6 years ago

The animal is leech, which is what LRH was.
Too much water can leach the salts out of your body.

Graham • 6 years ago

And too much Flubtard can leach out the will to live, plus the notes from your wallet.

Missionary Kid • 6 years ago

I couldn't have put it better.

nottrue • 6 years ago
Phil McKraken • 6 years ago

All I could think about when watching that Sea Org guard saying "OK" and "I understand" over and over again was --

ETA: that's not actually in reference to the posted vid, but another vid, suggested by youtube at the end of this one, of the "enlightening chat with Scientology cult guard..."

media_lush • 6 years ago

new post postulated http://scientologybollocks....

Sejanus • 6 years ago

Twice to FLAG and mistreated
Regged steadilly
Lied to
Threw good money after bad.
Lost jobs
Finally clues in and bails....yet still thinks Hubbard is a genius.
This makes my brain cry.

Juicer77 • 6 years ago

O/T - Hey, HappyPantsDance - guess what came in the mail today? "A Twisted Faith" Starting to read tonight...

Jonathan Cummings • 6 years ago

Well, it is pretty evident that L Ron was a bigamist and a liar. He also abused his wives. On a positive note, it should give hope to many portly, balding men with rotten teeth that there could indeed be someone or a few someone's out there to share your life with despite your many, many shortcomings.

Free Minds, Free Hearts • 6 years ago

Eclipse Girl posted this link on Mike Rinder's blog today - not sure if she posted here also? It is well worth a read if you wonder why people don't want to go to Flag. https://backincomm.wordpres...

Eclipse-girl • 6 years ago

Someone else shared it here early in morning. (My apologies for forgetting who did the initial post)

J. Swift • 6 years ago

Back in the "Studio System" days of Hollywood (and even to the present day to some extent) a considerable PR and Legal apparatus existed to handle sensitive matters that could harm earnings. Part of this apparatus was designed to hide and conceal from the public salacious facts about money-making movie stars, directors, and producers. Some celebs and studios even paid money to blackmailers; the great Cole Porter certainly did in order to hide the details of his secret life as a gay man.

Back then, the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover specialized in using his agents to assemble incriminating dossiers on virtually everyone who was anyone in D.C., Hollywood, and the mob. Certain prominent public figures were terrified of J. Edgar Hoover because he had the dirt on them.

In private practice, the notorious Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano made a small fortune as a lesser version of J. Edgar Hoover. Pellicano became known as the "Sin-Eater" in Hollywood for his brutal abilities in making Bad PR go away. Pellicano used spying, threats, and even wiretapping to handle problems for A lost celebs: https://web.archive.org/web...

The FBI raided Pellicano's office in 2002 and found, among other items, C2 plastic explosives. Pellicano was charged and served time. In 2006, was released and immediately rearrested. Pellicano was charged with 110 counts including racketeering, conspiracy, wiretapping, witness tampering, and identity theft. Pellicano was found guilty of dozens of charges and is presently serving a long prison sentence in a CA Supermax.

The Church's "PR" is nothing more than L. Ron Hubbard version of the the bare-knuckled "Old Hollywood" tactics of intimidation, blackmail, bribes or whatever else it takes to keep the Church's PR looking good. Hubbard mixed in some of J. Edgar Hoover tactics by using PI's and his own people to assemble dossiers on his enemies.

OSA is nothing more than a 1950's "Old Hollywood/J. Edgar Hoover" smear machine designed to reflexively attack anyone who threatens the Church's "Your Eternity is a Risk!" shakedown racket. Based upon its monopoly on the Tech, this shakedown racket is led by an aging, decrepit, and insane encyclopedia salesman named David Miscavige.

Pellicano was a walking one-man OSA type of operation. He was abetted by attorney and phone technician who also were went to prison. These tactics always fail over time. Operation Snow White was a spectacular failure of Scientology's vaunted Tech and the Church's claim to be the most ethical group on the planet.

The Church thinks that if it can keep "Good PR" then its "your eternity is at risk" shakedown racket and lucrative Scientology encyclopedia and auditing sales machine can keep going forever,

The problem is that the Church of Scientology is so incredibly immoral, greedy, and depraved that it must chronically work to handle its "Out PR."

However, this chronic effort is so self-involved and insular that the Church must only satisfy itself that a given PR crisis has been handled -- and this is so absurd that the Church itself has become both absurd and clueless as to its actual reputation in Western Culture. Indeed, incidents such as the recent attack on Marty Rathbun at LAX show the blind lashing out by David Miscavige, this even as Church PR Sylvia Stanard tried to sell Scientology as a legitimate religious at the Chautauqua interfaith meeting. No one is buying this nonsense.

The incongruity and hypocrisy of the entire Church of Scientology is highlighted by exquisite professionals such as Tony Ortega and Lauren Wolf whose work serves to rightly undermine and expose the false foundational claims of Scientology and its Founder.

DodoTheLaser • 6 years ago

Such an important post. Thanks!

Observer • 6 years ago

And, of course, Tom Cruise's lawyers were thick as thieves with Pellicano, who was accused of wiretapping Nicole Kidman's phone during her divorce from Cruise.


George M. White • 6 years ago

A GEM of a find, Tony. You made my day.
This Court Order cuts to the quick. Parsons knew Hubbard
and Sara took his money.

Hubbard goes on to mention Parsons in the Philadelphia Doctorate
Course in about 1952.
He should have started to come clean. The pattern of deception was
already established.
Posting this Court Order puts the intensity of the situation with
Parsons in clear perspective. It was very serious. This stuff
should NEVER be erased.

Thanks for this one.

Tony Ortega • 6 years ago

No mention of the schooling they went through that warped them... http://t.co/FfWgCN2e6B