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Rachel Dube • 1 hour ago

My first Journey concert last night and I loved every second! Thanks for a memorable evening! You are AMAZING!

spankee • 6 days ago

Rock on !

Alberto • 3 weeks ago

Hi, Arnel. I wish you all the best for your incoming American tour with Journey. Sure it will be a huge success!

PureCinnamonRoll • 1 month ago

Hello Arnel! I am doing a report on the Philippines and it says I have to choose a famous person from there, and I chose you! You are such an inspiration to all Filipinos around the world and it's like you're telling people to follow their heart and dreams! I love your songs ad the band! Keep on rocking! Thanks for the motivation!

Alberto • 1 month ago

Arnel, I was converted to a HUGE fan of yours since your debut in Viña del Mar in 2008. I was there and I could not believe my eyes and ears, everybody was like HS!!!! HS!!!!!!. As Deen correctly states, you breathed new life into this legendary band. I have seen once and again most of your videos with your Journey after Viña del Mar in youtube and I can't help getting deeply emotional every time I see them. Time after time, I can't help but just crying on emotion, especially with Faithfully and After All These Years. You brought charisma and feelings into a legendary band that was otherwise just this, a legendary band. As I writhe this, I recall Ross when he says to you in the documentary that Journey's live concerts had never been so successful before. God bless you in your future journey, whatever it might be. A big hug from Chile. And remember, you say that this band brought you back to life, but the opposite is also true. You are even.

edith cabus gayao • 5 months ago

Arnel, you are an awesome example of talent an perseverance in your incredible journey. I have a son in the US who is a singer song writer has been a lead singer to several band goes by name of Larry gEE, Has been plugging on for years and has looked up to you for inspiration. God bless you as you continue inspiring and sharing your talents. Here is one of Larry gEE video: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Christine Gunkel • 8 months ago

Happy Birthday Arnel!!!!!!!!!!!

Grace Ng • 8 months ago


Linda • 8 months ago

Is anyone having a problem getting Arnel's facebook to pull up?

Ginger Wilson • 9 months ago

Awesome voice and GREAT to see u and Journey doing so well. I just watched the Don't Stop believing Journey Men show and it was an awesome experience. Glad that you are a member; you are such a good person. I was happy to see you as a permanent member; it made me cry. I was happy to see your wife and child watching you in the audience. Glad you bought a home and put some of that money away for future when you have no jobs, etc. ... I had seen a few years back Journey got another lead singer and was happy to see you sing so much like Steve Perry. Awesome. I was a teenagers when Journey came out and I loved them always. Everyone loved them... and still do. Keep up the work. I prayed God will keep your voice strong and in perfect shape. awesome. I need to buy your new albums. and downloads.

stay true to your soul and to God.

LindaATX • 9 months ago

Greetings Arnel, from a new fan and supporter! You are a blessing to the world and a true inspiration to me. Just recently saw the Don't Stop Believing documentary and became aware of you and your amazing story. Journey was my very first rock concert back in 1981. But over the years my musical interests went in other directions, so I missed out on knowing about you until now.

I'm so thankful for all the puzzle pieces that fell perfectly into place and allowed you to have this opportunity to be known all over the world! Thank you for all that you do to spread love, peace and kindness, I greatly admire the beauty of your heart and spirit and character.

I love your new album and already got my ticket to your show in Dallas on Nov 17. See you then! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Pamela Bell • 9 months ago

Just heard your interview with Jackie. Once again your modesty overwhelms me.

Eb2008 • 9 months ago

Hi Arnel! We miss you here in Toronto. Can't wait for December 1st. Take care always.

Coley • 11 months ago

Love that this wall is still active. So many people have discovered and fell in love with Arnel. Incredible.

Bonnie • 8 months ago

Oh so very true! Never dreamed that a celebrity could influence my life as Arnel has! He is such a beacon of light for so many!!! Just love listening to, watching him and being a part of his fan base.Happy Birthday Arnel and much love to you😘

MM O'Connor • 11 months ago

Arnel, just watched "Don't Stop Believin' Everyman's Journey" documentary and I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy for you. I was stationed in Subic Bay from 87-90 and saw you play in Caljams. I thought you were incredible then. I saw the way you grew up and you are where you deserve to be. Journey was my first concert with Steven Perry. I have always been a die hard Steve Perry fan but you have earned your right to be the lead singer in Journey. Again, congradulations from some who saw you in your original element.

Yvonne Dagger • 11 months ago

Hi Arnel, My husband & I were at the Toyota New Car Introduction at the Las Vegas Speedway this past week. We were blown away by your performance and voice!!! The concert was fabulous! Thank you sooooo much!!! All our best always, Yvonne & Denis Dagger (Smithtown Toyota, Smithtown, New York)

danmahfood • 1 year ago

Arnel, haven't missed a concert that has been close to home in 5 years. Love your voice and your a great example for others to follow.
Wondering how I could get some cool pics of you in action, signed of course.....Thanks

Robert K • 1 year ago

Hi Arnel, I saw the "Don't Stop Believin' Everyman's Journey" documentary on Netflix last night and was blown away! You and the band are amazing musically but what was even greater was the genuine love displayed by you, the band, your family and fans. I've been a pro musician for about 40 years and your wonderful story with Journey really touched my heart. Thank you my friend! Wishing you and Journey continued success!

Jay • 1 year ago

Hi Arnel! Blessings for you and your whole family ! looking forward to Seeing you In Vancouver Washington in November! You Have Inspired So Many to Never Give up on your Dreams
Keep Hope Alive !! Thank you From My Heart to Yours!!

Jay • 10 months ago

Arnel Please follow me Here or and on Twitter I have a Personal message to share with you thank you
Jay Mather
@JayBirdFlys Means a Lot I have a Special Poem I wrote to my Daughter right after her mom had died and before she got married want to share . called " My Little One" Goggle it if you want .

Deist A Cu • 1 year ago

hello Mr. Arnel . from Philippines here. i always wanted to see u personally and marinig ang wonderful voice mo... ur astonishing voice and ur classic personality

#GO Filipino!
#Para sa Bayan!

Joseph Zielinski • 1 year ago

Arnel, We will see you with Journey at the Borgata in Atlantic City, June 17th. We have front row seats. I will wear my copy of the shirt I threw to you two years ago. It is maroon with silver lettering: The Tailors' Son on the front and Kuya Arnel on the back. I hope you can wear it during one of your wardrobe changes. Joe and Patti

Kasie Mahoney • 1 year ago

Hi Arnel! I'm a huge fan of yours. I love the way that u sing. Especially how u can hold those long notes. I know that "Open Arms" is a love song, but, it reminds me so much of my 9 year old and my relationship in a way. My son lives with my parents. But, every time I see him I start hearing that song in my head. Well, that's all for now. I think that u are a hottie. And u don't look ur ages. God bless u, and I will see u in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 25th.

Amy Holtsclaw • 1 year ago

Last July I lost my lifetime soulmate and Father of my Daughters to Liver Failure and we shared a love of Journeys music until the end. So thank you for keeping the music alive. <3 to you and many blessings

Sue Baker • 1 year ago

Aloha Arnel! Maui loves Journey and loves their new lead singer just a much! We were so excited for the concert that I left home without the tickets! Ugh! But we were early so it was not a problem to get the tickets by concert time. We made it and Journey rocked! Thank you for your electric energy and such a marvelous performance by all! Come again to Maui, we invite you and the band with Open Arms! I like your new look with the short cut hair, cute! Nice Japanese tattoos as well! Aloha till we see you on stage again! Rock on!

Cennet Ω • 1 year ago

Arnel You Are Wonderful! <3

Susan Izdepski • 1 year ago

I am a vocalist.I am 65 years old.Listen...YOU DO NOT NEED TO EVER BE SICK I learned a VERY important trick from a doctor to stop any cold or flu in its tracks.and ..even if you already have it .. although best to do this at the first sign or hint.
Take a very hot shower for 3 minutes..hot as you can...then just very cold for one minute..then hot again for 3 min. and then cold for one. and do it one more time ..3 minutes hot...one minute cold...end with cold..vigorously dry off and lay down for awhile..if you can , take carbon or activated charcoal to draw out virus.but this hydratherapy WILLwork without it. YOU WILL NOT GET SICK. and if you already are sick, it will diminish radically. You will be forcing your lymph glands to pump white blood cells into your blood stream to defeat infection...this works..On Tour you cannot afford to get a cold... I know..just want you to know this..keep up the good work my gifted friend..

Kevin Presley • 1 year ago

Arnel thank you really is not adequate. Hearing you sing these songs takes me back to my teen years growing up hearing Steve Perry sing them for the first time. Never fear that people do not hear you. You singing the songs with the rest of the band brings tears to my eyes for letting me relive those moments when life was so much more simple. I can see Steve when I close my eyes and listen, but I also see you. I see the joy and energy you bring to this music. I promise you I will be taking time to listen to everything you have produced as well. Thank you for bringing youth back if only for a song at a time.

Deborah • 1 year ago

Arnel, you can't sell what you don't own! You can freely give it but you can't sell it! You were given the power of free will and free choice! Don't forget that ever! God is waiting for you to reach out to him! I have no clue why you weigh heavy on my mind but to say that yes, you have a beautiful voice, you've been very blessed but it will be used to destroy you in the end. My heart aches for you and your family. I see your changes with sadness. Some may laugh or mock but if you do read this, you will always remember the words you've read, not because of me but because of the truth contained in it. AmazingFacts.org your freedom lies there.

Christine Gunkel • 1 year ago

Deborah I cannot speak for Arnel but all I want to say is that he has been through so many hardships and struggles and he deserves to be noticed for his humbleness. Arnel is much different from some celebrities, he truly cares about his family and he has been sooo thankful these past years with journey

Dede Lowe • 1 year ago

https://uploads.disquscdn.c... Arnel, saw you in Seattle last summer! My daughter and I enjoyed every second! We'll see you again in Maui in February! Great show! Fabulous voice!

Tammy Lee Kunkle-Monroe • 1 year ago

I just watched the Journey documentary on Netflix for a 2nd time. You are such an inspiration. Not only for your amazing story but also for the way you refuse to let the fame come into your private life. Very inspiring I pray God gives Journey many years more and cannot wait to hear your album. I love the way you sing for Journey, I can't wait to see the way you sing for you

Oddie • 1 year ago

Hello Arnel! Thank you for a great and wonderful show last night (Powerhouse)! I really had a great time. You made my birthday extra special. I finally get the chance to meet you. I hope it won't be the last.😆😆 Always take care of your health. Love from the Philippines. 😊😊

Joyce Boky • 1 year ago

Just wantes to let you know..i am missing you guys like hell.but every time i sign.in thete is nobody here....anyway...did not forget you guys...hope you still know me...D.h....muahhhhh

Coley • 11 months ago

We are still here. <3

Manuel Nox • 1 year ago

Dear Arnel,

I am a Musician and Journey is my all time favourite Rock Band So i made a Vocal Cover from Don´t Stop Believing.

It Would be so Awesome to get a Feedback from the Band you
Are My Heroes

This is the Video


It would be so awesome if you could make this happen.


Manuel Nox

Chris R • 1 year ago

I don't know where else to send this, but would love if Arnel or Cherry could share this heartbreaking story (we are all big fans, my sister and I saw you when you were just here in Raleigh!!). Carlo Bernarte is from Makati City, and his wife Weng is from San Felipe, Zambales. We are trying to bring as much attention to this horrendous ordeal as possible. The Bernarte family, who immigrated to Raleigh, NC from the Phillipines in 2000, saved their money to buy their dream home, and were able to do so in 2004... never did they imagine that their American dream would turn into such a nightmare. Their "dream home" has been hit by 6 cars since 2007 by people speeding and driving drunk, due to the design of the road and what happens at very high speeds...the latest being last month (August). Two of the crashes have resulted in four deaths of drivers and passengers, literally on the Bernarte's front porch, in front of his young children. Many of the drivers did not have insurance so the Bernarte's have had to file through their homeowner’s policy, they’ve been cancelled twice over the years through no fault of their own. The city/DOT has done very little to fix this issue, and have rejected the idea of extending the guardrail and stated the guardrail wouldn't help anyway. Someone from the DOT actually said “"We can't engineer out the speeding and the alcohol. Even if we installed a guard rail there that does not mean someone travelling 120 mph is going to be stopped from hitting their home,” Mike Kennon said the city considered everything from safety to cost to aesthetics and like the state, determined a guardrail in front of Bernarte’s home was not the answer. “The solution is to get people to obey the law,” Kennon said.” That "solution" would help many of the world's problems, but it's not a realistic solution and not one that helps this family sleep any better at night. The 5 of them currently sleep in their oldest son Carl's room, since it is the furthest away from where debris enters and the safest place in the home. They can no longer use their dining room or living room, as they are the most unsafe locations in the home. This couple and their 3 young children are living every day in fear, fear of when #7 will happen. Will one of the kids be on the porch or near the window next time? One of the last times, the stop sign came flying through the living room window, just barely missing their young daughter Sophia's head. The kids had glass in their hair, as you can hear little Carl talk about in the News and Observer video below. A petition was started last month and has almost 30,000 signatures, and thousands upon thousands of supporter comments from not only here in Raleigh, but globally... the petition is requesting the city purchase this home since they have failed to keep this family and home safe due to the major road it sits on. The house should be demolished and made into a natural area at the beginning of the subdivision. That would be the least expensive burden to the taxpayers, and the quickest way to get this family out of this house and into a safe home. By doing this, cars would not end up in other homes and yards, they would certainly hit many trees, but not people or homes. This family cannot sell their home, obviously, as nobody wants to buy a death trap. We are also raising funds through the Change.org petition to try and raise legal fees to take on the government as they have failed to provide a solution to keep this family safe. They do now have legal counsel but we need to raise as much funds as we can in order to keep this moving forward quickly. There is no time to waste. The more signatures and exposure this campaign gets, the closer this family gets to being able to sleep in peace and feel safe in their own home. Please help us share this story, petition and fundraiser... this family deserves so much more.

Here is the fundraiser, petition, and several of the news articles that give more details.

Fundraiser: http://chn.ge/2ccgy5n

Petition to the city and state government: https://www.change.org/p/ci...








Videos and pictures I took from the front porch and living room: https://vimeo.com/182553221

Below is a letter to Mr Bernarte from the city, BEFORE the last 2 crashes:

Dear Mr. Carlo Bernarte,
The City in conjunction with NCDOT have reviewed your request for additional guardrail on New Hope Road in approach of Fawn Glen. Although New Hope Road falls in the City limits, it is on the NCDOT State Highway System. The City maintains the traffic control devices for the State on New Hope Road but does not have the authority to extend guardrail or make changes since it is a State Highway System Road. That said, the City has met with NCDOT multiple times to discuss the reported crashes that occurred near Fawn Glen, several of which resulted in a vehicle leaving the roadway and entering your property. Each case while tragic was a result of the driver failing to obey the posted speed, driving while impaired or a combination of both. Engineers design roadways on the basis that drivers will obey the traffic laws. The curve radii, super elevations (bank of road), and other geometric components are all set based on a design speed which is the basis for speed limits. When drivers disregard the traffic laws, the result can be hard to predict and sometimes tragic. Since poor compliance of the traffic laws often results in crashes, both the City and State have safety programs. Safety programs look for crash patterns that occur over time and a possible cause for them. The goal is to implement countermeasures for the issue causing the crashes. This can be difficult or impossible when the crashes are a result of blatant disregard for the traffic laws.

As noted above, the City and NCDOT recognized that there was a pattern in the left horizontal curve in New Hope Road approaching and through the intersection of Fawn Glen in 2008. We installed additional traffic control devices in hopes of mitigating the speed related crashes. High intensity chevron signs were installed on New Hope Road on September 12, 2008. We also looked at extending the existing guardrail to deflect vehicles that may lose control.

According to the NCDOT Roadside Design Guide, guardrail can only be placed at the face of the curb or at least 13 feet from the face of the curb for a curb and gutter section with a posted speed limit between 45 - 50 mph. Due to the slope of the terrain and public Right-of-Way line, guardrail 13 feet back would not be effective or feasible. Guardrail at the back of curb may have been effective at deflecting out of control vehicles but it also would have impacted the sight triangle for vehicles egressing from Fawn Glen. NCDOT and the City cannot implement any measure that violates existing engineering rules or creates a different safety concern. Since the additional traffic control devices were installed, three more crashes occurred with vehicles leaving the roadway. These crashes were also a result of a high rate of speed, driving while impaired or a combination of the two. The City and NCDOT met and discussed these crashes and possible mitigating measures. We looked at guardrail again. Guardrail can be used for several reasons. Regardless of the reason (typically an unrecoverable slope), it is designed to deflect a vehicle back to the roadway. This is the reason why we did not pursue installing guardrail around the north side of Fawn Glen, where your home is. Guardrail installed wrapping the northern side of the Fawn Glen intersection would create a hazard to vehicles. As previously mentioned, guardrail is designed to deflect a vehicle back into the roadway and not stop a perpendicular collision. This is why NCDOT and the City cannot support extending the existing guardrail or installing it on the northern side of the intersection.

NCDOT and the City did work together to come up with several other measures which hopefully will mitigate the speed related crashes. Some of these measures qualified for NCDOT Spot Safety funding. NCDOT will be receiving funding to install special delineators that mount in the guard rail. In addition, special snow plow-able raised pavement markers will be installed in the curve on New Hope between the two northbound lanes. Lastly, high intensity large oversized fluorescent yellow-green signs will be installed in advance of the curve further alerting drivers. This project just received funding so work should start shortly. In reviewing the crashes, the City noticed that most of the injury/fatal crashes occurred at night. To ensure that inadequate light was not a concern, the City is upgrading the street lights on New Hope Road to new LED type street lights. LED lights are different than traditional incandescent lights and send a focused beam of light to a specific area with very little unintentional light pollution. The LED street lights will be much more effective of lighting the road and curve. Lastly, the City will be installing a concrete "pork chop" (see attached). This concrete island will allow a place for further delineation. Since there is no median break on New Hope Road, the Fawn Glen intersection functions as a right-in right-out. The concrete island will not prohibit any movements but reinforce existing ones. It will also allow the City/NCDOT a place to install additional signage and raised pavement markings.

I realize you requested guard rail but hope this email explains why the City and NCDOT cannot recommend or install it respectively. While NCDOT and the City cannot ensure traffic law compliance, we do realize there is a pattern of vehicles leaving the roadway. However, every case involves a high rate of speed or an intoxicated driver. Neither NCDOT or the City are able to fix the outcome of poor compliance using typical safety engineering. Our hope is the multi-prong approach we are taking (State, and Local) will bring more attention and compliance to the curve in question. If you have any other specific questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to give us a call.

Brandon Watson
Transportation Analyst
City of Raleigh - Public Works

Thank you for your consideration. Should you wish to publish or share this information, you can email Chris Redshaw at bernartepetition@gmail.com. This family doesn’t have time for red tape and delays… you can only get lucky so many times before tragedy finally strikes. We need as much exposure as possible, they deserve to enjoy the comforts of a home, and not live in constant fear.

Oddie • 1 year ago

Hello again Arnel! For the nth time wishing you a Happy Birthday. Now that the tour is over it's about time to spend it with your love ones. I hope to see you when you come back here in the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Arnel!

Mandy Tess Hoit • 1 year ago

Happy Birthday Arnel!! Hope you get to spend it doing what you love and with your family - sending lots of love! <3

Coley • 1 year ago

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Safe travels home. Congrats on another successful year of touring. Enjoy the gift of free time.

Shelley Wilson • 1 year ago

Happy birthday AP!! May the good lord bless you for many many more years , thx for all you do🤗

Linda • 1 year ago

Happy Birthday Arnel*******a little early, and have a safe trip home to your family.

Oddie • 1 year ago

Hello Arnel! I just want to greet you a Happy Birthday and hope your wishes would come true. I hope when you come back to the Philippines I can get the chance of seeing you. Praying for more success and health for you and your family.

So sorry we missed you bro backstage in Chula Vista!! We were guests of Dave Mason band. You were standing RIGHT there and we didnt recognize you with short hair!!! Oh well maybe next time. We have many Philipino friends who would have loved an Arnel sighting and handshake my friend! Maybe next time. We will be at The McCallum Theater Dec 10th in Palm Desert if you want to see us and your in Cali!! Peace Brother ~Michael~

Hannah Gunkel • 1 year ago

Hi Arnel! I'm Elle, 11 years old from Fort Wayne, Indiana. You are my absolute idol! Last year I stumbled upon a video about journey's new lead singer and I immediately fell in love with you and your amazing voice. And one day my Dad came to me and told me that he had tickets to go to Carb day at Indy and that journey was performing...I started to cry and the next few nights I was so happy that I didn't sleep and when we went to the concert I experienced the best day of my life. Whenever I feel sad I just turn on my camera and watch all of the videos I took of the concert. You are so humble and I don't even have words for how much you and journey mean to me! Just today my sister, Hannah and I found your website and the chat.....I went crazy and said "wait, you mean that Arnel...Arnel? Arnel will actually see this?!?!?!" Thank you so much for the inspiration you give to me! P.S I am sending an email to journey@journeymusic.com and I hope that you and the band might get it along with the pic.
~I'm forever yours...Faithfully!~ Love, Elle Gunkel

Toni Phillips • 1 year ago

Please check out this link for a chance to win a giveaway: http://arnelpinedarocks.com...

Coley • 1 year ago

Hi Elle! I am so happy you found Arnel's official site. You will find so much information on Arnel and endless pics/photos. Thank you for keeping the music alive. Enjoy the site!

Hannah Gunkel • 1 year ago

I'm so happy I found Arnel's site too! I will be visiting here frequently and looking out for his response...Thank you and God Bless!

Erin • 1 year ago

Arnel, I knew nothing of your story until yesterday and your continued humbleness is astounding! All that you've had to overcome and continue to take on each day is just remarkable. I pray that you are truly happy for you and not just for us the fans. Sincerely thank you for accepting this life for us and for Journey!