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J August • 5 years ago

Somehow, I knew that "Bush" was going to get blamed.

abigail_adams • 5 years ago

Beat me to it!

Amerikztan • 5 years ago

Don't feel bad, a bunch of folks are jumping on the easy joke.

Jubal Durden • 5 years ago

Eating rancid bush meat will lead to all kinds of problems: herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis....

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Oh, forget about the "Bush".

I think I'll stick to redneck road kill.

Did I just say something racist, implying that redneck road kill is safer than bush meat?

Chemman01 • 5 years ago

What's the difference? :)

Just make sure ya got somebody watchen for traffic when ya get down to eat it cause car can kill faster than obola.

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Ah don' let no stinkin' cars take my road kill away from me. I draw faster'n they drive ...

GoFryIce • 5 years ago

That poor guy. Did he get blamed for the Israel-Gaza war yet?

NueeArdente • 5 years ago

Whatever the cause this Ebola thing seems to have gone viral.

sam0 • 5 years ago

they made it viral in your mind

KevSanders • 5 years ago

Ebola is viral.

Ebola virus disease (EVD) or Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by the Ebola virus.

T lady • 5 years ago

I wish this viral virus would spread to Boko Haram now that it is in Nigeria. DIE islam DIE

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Imagine a human dirty bomber -- instead of an explosives vest, he's infested with Ebola ...

lhoward914 • 5 years ago

And they don't even have to figure a way to get them here or even pay for it. The Obama regime does both for them.

Stan Carter • 5 years ago

72 West Africans were captured on the Mexican border. Can you imagine how many were not caught. Also there are millions of illegals who have never received a health check. The ease of spreading diseases such as TB, AIDS, and even Ebola is all but certain. Illegals live in close proximity with one another. Thanks to establishment Republicans and mostly Obama many people will be getting sick eventually.

OldNYFirefighter • 5 years ago

You can blame this one 100% on Obama & Democrats that are looking for voters. Repubs want them deported & the border closed.

adriatica • 5 years ago

Including a lot of potential Dem voters.

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Bio-terror taken to a brand new level.

T lady • 5 years ago

It as the old time way to do biological warfare, send a person or body infected with the plague into a place that was under siege.

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

Typhoid Mary reloaded.

T lady • 5 years ago

there ya go, or the Crusades, they were doing it then, catapulting plague ridden bodies over the walls

Amerikztan • 5 years ago

Looks like Obama already thought of that. I avoid McDonalds here in the U.S. for their questionable meat sources.
The Big Ebola- only .99 on the extra value menu.

Sparkles • 5 years ago

Why do you say like this?

Chemman01 • 5 years ago

There are five variants of the Ebola Virus. One hasn't caused any disease in humans to date. 3 others have low mortality rates and Ebola Zaire is the bad boy. That is the one circulating right now and it has mortality rates over 50%.

sam0 • 5 years ago

and your point is? other than stating something already known?
My point was they are using it to install and unwarranted and unjustified fear

Chemman01 • 5 years ago


Guest • 5 years ago
Guest • 5 years ago
caperick • 5 years ago

I knew they'd blame this on Bush!

Sarthurk • 5 years ago

Trust me, there are those out there who see the headline and do think that very thing.

ohshush • 5 years ago

ok, this string made me LOL ty, KStrett,caperick,Sarthunk

JacksonPearson • 5 years ago


Budvarakbar • 5 years ago

Hey - leave these people alone! -- quit messing with their pure NATURAL ETHNIC - long developed lifestyles!

We have sooo much we can learn from them - like mostly -- DO NOT do what they do!

Webb • 5 years ago

Bushmeat--a collection of wild animal meat including rats and monkeys-- Isn't that regular fare from the current White House mess?

StraysAbound • 5 years ago

No it's the African equivalent to the Redneck road kill.

912er • 5 years ago

Did you ever notice leftists demand traditions of every country in the world be respected and honored except for The United States......and Israel?

Guest • 5 years ago
912er • 5 years ago

Did you see the article posted earlier on the site of the Saudi girl who courageously read the news on tv with her hair showing?You know she is going to get severely punished for that..Another perverted tradition leftists demand to be allowed to exist.

Wait until you see African hot dogs.

Imagine what they will be made of.

Guest • 5 years ago

LOL,omg...Im turning my thoughts off now, thank you.

GoFryIce • 5 years ago

Dogs? Rabid, or Road Kill?

Polaris • 5 years ago

I knew they'd link this to Bush somehow!

allen schell • 5 years ago

I knew it was Bushes fault

balloonpilot • 5 years ago

Dang. Beat me to it.

obamaScares • 5 years ago

Nonsense! Obama ate these along with his dog meat and never got deathly ill.

attackslack • 5 years ago

There they go, blaming Bush again!

Tin Man • 5 years ago

African practices of consuming bushmeat have likely made humankind vulnerable to microbes that would otherwise not have made the jump from other species to our own. HIV comes to mind. Africa needs to be educated, and so does Asia; right now, they are microbial vulnerabilities for our entire race.

muhamedikbar • 5 years ago

Uh, maybe it's a shady government and select few who are really running things that are using science to make humankind vulnerable...people that are sick in the head, making others physically sick, and that are h3ll bent on populations control....

Chemman01 • 5 years ago

Indiscriminate use of anti-biotics by Americans has also made humankind vulnerable to microbes so what is your real point.