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4thaugust1932 • 3 years ago

Tell Kashmir PANDITS to take their Caste share of land from JK and go build their own nation as per "Communal Award". They're less than 2 million in Jammu Valley.

Nagar Iyer • 3 years ago

BJP will form Government in J & K with 2/3 Majority

amity89 • 3 years ago

Once BJP gets majority in Rajya Sabha then they can abandon 370 and people like us will start purchasing property in Kashmir and make un educated jihadis our servant .

tcgkrishnan • 3 years ago

Better late than never to understand about the Feku

RahulRahul2002 • 3 years ago


V are Legion • 3 years ago

The real situation is different from this.
The Bullets don't ask for an identity card before killing someone.
All Voters are on the target list of extremist separatists.
The overall voter turnout is still 21%, which is a massive disgrace for a genuine Democratic process.
In Kashmir, the separatist sentiment is too strong. It is difficult to lure people to poll booths.
Even the ones who risk going there are treated as traitors on the ground level.
People don't trust the government. They are not even allowed to leave Kashmir.
Every single person of a family is seen as a threat by the security forces, and they can't be blamed.
Kashmiri people have suffered for more than 3 generations now.

Kashmir is a complex issue and it surely can't be solved through the normal procedure. And the locals are well aware of this. That's why they boycott the polls on a large scale.

Only a swift and strong decision can save this 'Heaven'. And this decision has to involve Indian Armed forces essentially.
Pakistan is and will be a big problem for kashmir's peace.
POK - The mega training camp of terrorists is generously funded and protected. The first step essentially has to be the complete annihilation of this block.

But this was deliberately avoided by the UN through perfectly timed ceasefires.

Because instability and a phase of continuous strife is an extremely lucrative asset for the World Powers and leading Arms manufacturers like USA, Russia, China, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, etc.

Sundeep Bhatera • 3 years ago

Sorry, but what abt many from the majority community who may have voted for BJP, i also doubt the authenticity of the reporter, and above everything lets wait until next tuesday.

Dewani19 • 3 years ago

Kashmir is still under terrorist gun rule.No Pandit will dare to jeopardize his/her life there.In Jammu,of course, there was above 80% response from Kashmiri Pandits and all votes went to BJP without any doubt.Kashmir is a different story.There are virtually no Kashmiri Hindus except armed forces.We must not blame a minimal number of Pandit votes in Kashmir.Still many dared and voted for BJP in odd situation in spite of danger to their lives..Bullet is always merciless remember that.Please understand that before giving negative comments here in safe environments of a cozy room far away from a gun.Once a gun is on somebody's head he/she looks up to heavens.

lookman • 3 years ago


Kumar • 3 years ago

No one can people who cant help themselves.

Let them go to hell. Now put a full stop to Pandits. At least one worry is over for ever.

Dewani19 • 3 years ago

Please see my comments above and you will understand the helpless conditions of a very small number of Pandits still left in the valley.For your information above 80% votes went to BJP in Jammu.And minimal number of Pandits in Kashmir are in grave and constant threat of terrorists.Gun has no mercy be it you or me and BJP is not a bullet-proof wall which will save you or me..Still they braved and did vote for BJP though not as much as in Jammu.

Indian Origin • 3 years ago

If Kashmiri pundits cannot drag themselves out of bed and vote, who can help them?

Dewani19 • 3 years ago

It is very easy to say so.But remember bullet is merciless.Terrorists still rule Kashmir and gun is always on one's head.BJP is not a bullet-proof jacket that will save you or me in Kashmir.Of course there was a more than 80% voting in favor of BJP in Jammu.BJP is gaining slow and steadily in J&K and time is not far when you may have their Govt. there provided it holds its roots at the center.Only time will tell that.

Indian Origin • 3 years ago

Did you read the article? less than half of registered voters (registered in Jammu, Delhi) voted. Out of 16000, only 5200 registered and only 2700 voted. Are they afraid even in Delhi?

Indian • 3 years ago

If BJP has tried to use Kashmiri Pandit's votes to win the election, isn't it divisive politics like congress used to depend on Muslim voters to win in other areas? Or, if BJP does it, it's for national unity and for others, it's appeasement?

Balakrishna Chadalawada • 3 years ago

If you look at the numbers, their voting percent is three times that of the constituencies. These jokers always bent on Modi baiting, will say, Wow...Voting Percent climbed from 11% to 21%, great achievement. But coming to Pandits, they will say Pchch...their voting percentage is only 60%

tcgkrishnan • 3 years ago

A small consolation not enough to realise BJP's ambitions,however.