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Brad Hawkins • 3 years ago

If he had been caught doing this in his native place of west bengal, then mamata banerjee would have recommended his name for Padma Bhushan.

Spiritual Wisdom • 3 years ago

May be after he met his lawyers he decided to change his story....soon the anti-national bogus secular (BS) brigade will jump in to save this great symbol of secularism and soon he will deny that he is Mehdi Masroor Biswas....denials will continue...captains of the BS brigade Mulayam ,Lalu, Sonia, Yechury etc... will work overtime to prove he is innocent.......in hope to get a few more votes....it is more important to get votes...the nation can go to....you know what

Bahu Virupaksha • 3 years ago

While I do not support the Jehadi criminals. However there are some lessons to be learnt. USA indulges in torture mass surveillance and does all sorts of violations of human rights in the name of freedom and the Indian news media does not even question the USA and its actions. They are treated with kids' glove. Why cannot India do the same sort of hard policing like USA.

Guest • 3 years ago
Bahu Virupaksha • 3 years ago

Yes he would not have been arrested. He would have met the fate of Mike Brown, Troyon Martin and Garner.

Guest • 3 years ago

I wasn't aware those three were involved with terrorism.

Bahu Virupaksha • 3 years ago

Of course the three were not involved in any crime except in one case the minor case of shoplifting, cigars I believe. Yet they were all killed, That is the point.

msd • 3 years ago

no..because india is hell of sickulars which do not allow to do so....its their bread and butter now a days

MyTake • 3 years ago

Opposition will be looking for excuses to gang up on BJP in parliament.

Arvind J Bosmia • 3 years ago

The police should investigate whether his family belongs to the Faraizee sect, a salafist offshoot of islam founded by a Bengali muslim mason named Titoo Miyan in early 19th century. If they are Faraizee, Mehdi would have been nurtured in extremist environment from his infancy. His attraction for ISIS should be considered natural. His father's response in Indian express interview dubs the son's targetting as tendency to link muslims with terrorism!!! Incidently leftist historians have given a positive spin to the Faraizee movement as an anti British rebellion.
If somebody hacked into his account the hacker cannot run it for months as it is in this case. Mehdi has chosen to let him operate the account for long period so it is partnership

SS • 3 years ago

fatt ke haath me aa gayi lagti hai toilet cleaner ki..

veekay08 • 3 years ago

Do not believe even a shred of what he is saying. Interrogate him thoroughly with out any let-up.

Dheeraj K • 3 years ago

By his statement of not involving ..All S!ckulars will be attacking MODI for his Defense...Incredible India !

veekay08 • 3 years ago

First of all rhere r no "sickulars" in India. There r only communal elements like RSS/ VHP/ SS/ I M/ ML etc. All these elements r enemies of India and must be thrown out ASAP.

rajesh • 3 years ago

Its stupid to know that British media did not contact intelligence agencies before making this news public. Media should know nd act better than this. They could have contacted agencies to make arrests nd then publish the news.

netguru • 3 years ago

animals are better, they do not kill for pleasure!

Guest • 3 years ago
netguru • 3 years ago

when did ISIS join Indian Army? read comments carefully before responding!

systematic cessation • 3 years ago

"I did not oppose it..my outright rejection would not have convinced them." He must be mentally challenged then, because no sane person even quarter-educated than this guy is, would be foolish enough to reason stupidly & self-exposingly like that in his defence/ denial. I actually thought he was some intelligent guy.

Dinesh Singh • 3 years ago

It will prove a unsuccessful denial of fact by ISIS agent as today it is not an easy way to escape, if provided an IP address and location of terminal by channel 4 or US server staff.

Manoj Sharma • 3 years ago

this man mehdi is bloody,lia-must be interrogated

drone1953 • 3 years ago

Once this so-called Mehdi ( that is not his real name) is nabbed, our pseudo-seculars and all Muslims, without exception, are going to say that he is as innocent as a six-month old. That is 'Secularism' for you. If he is caught in Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Police Commissioner, known for lenient attitude towards such persons, would offer him a welcome drink, arrange for some counselling by some Mulla and arrange for a vehicle for taking him home.

Sid Harth • 3 years ago

Sources said the intelligence bureau (IB) and Bangalore police were
working in tandem to capture Mehdi, who is apparently on the run after
he told Channel4 police were looking for him but he “won’t resist

Counter-terrorism officials quashed reports of his
arrest in the evening, saying someone with Infosys was questioned but he
was not the man they were looking for. “If he (Mehdi) is found, he will
be handed over to the NIA, which is investigating all IS-related
cases,” one of the officials said.

Local intelligence sources
said tracking him would be easier if Twitter, whose servers are located
in the US, provides the IP (Internet protocol) address and access to the
(now inactive) handle.

But Bengaluru police commissioner MN
Reddi refused to accept this line. “Just because Twitter’s server is
located abroad and there are barriers don’t mean there are no other ways
of tracking the suspect down,” he said.

Indian officials have
contacted their British counterparts for more details about Mehdi’s
account and the posts he had sent to preach the IS ideology of terror.
They also sought assistance from Twitter headquarters, though the social
media platform preferred to take a cautious approach by “carefully
examining the ramifications”.

The terror group has been known to
push its jihadist agenda through the social media, especially for
recruitment, and Mehdi was a prominent disseminator of pro-IS material
who was “talking the talk and walking the walk” unseen and unheard from a
cellphone in Bengaluru.

Laxmi N • 3 years ago

From the last one and half years the law an order situation had deteriorated. Karnataka state had become safe place for terrorists and anti nationalists. The communal violence had increased in almost all districts. Rowdies have come out openly.

Sabyasachi • 3 years ago

Not only Karnataka ,most states are exhibiting the fever.Indians must unite and support the governments in fighting this menace .All of us must help each other in identifying such people.

India.SK • 3 years ago


BBT • 3 years ago

Why is this joker allowed to talk to the press? Lock him up and interrogate him

drone1953 • 3 years ago

Nab this fellow, encounter him and shoot him down.

veekay08 • 3 years ago

Before that get all info from him.

geo • 3 years ago

So admit that you are the man behind it all and hope that the channel will not publish it as a headline article. Wow, what logic.

subodh1945 • 3 years ago

NSA GET AT THIS MEHDI - fellow shd not get away - will sing like a canary - to NSA

luuuuke • 3 years ago

Mr Mehdi needs to talk to NSA and the police not Hindustan Times.....

Sabyasachi • 3 years ago

Good one Luuke!