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vs • 2 years ago

the govt cant do much ,country has been left in a socio economic mess by misrule of past decades ----

its only the fall in oil prices that is holding this economy
the education system which is the basis of any nation is totally lost
research of any kind is non existent
sonia very wisely followed a scorched earth policy once she realised she wont be coming to power
the previous govt focused on subsidies to garner votes and people are now used to it be it on lpg or electricity for farmers ,the psu banks have been used to fund projects of politicians and their children thus creating huge npas

the housing sector is totally in control of greedy builders which act as front for corrupt local or naonal politicians thus the focus is totally on getting land acquired by by govt and building commercial projects on it rather than affordable housing

what is the research percentage in india by its industries ,by its universities
if we really are a growing power how much are we focusing on research ,education,infrastructure

tyroinfinzie • 2 years ago

Yes. Let us see how much importance Modi is giving to Education and Research. Oh wait a minute, he does not give a damn about them. He appointed Smriti Irani to head HRD ministry! Does that not say it all? Tell me one measure that Modi govt has taken to change the situation in Research, Education and Infra in the last 7 months? I do not know, if you do, please let me know.

Sid Harth • 2 years ago

Monthly reports have little value. Economic activity is seasonal. One sector may rise but other sectors may not show sufficient activity. Entire picture is required.

joseph17186262 • 2 years ago

Dont press panic button immediately, its monthly report not quaterly or 6 monthly or yearly.

Sid Harth • 2 years ago

Column: GDP Growth OECD vs India

2008: OECD: 0.2% India: 6.1%
2010: OECD: -3.4% India: 5.2%
2012: OECD: 1.3% India: 4.9%
2014: OECD:1.8% India: 5.4%

Headline inflation:

2008: OECD: 3.7% India: 8.6%
2009: OECD: 0.6% India: 9.7%
2010: OECD: 1.9% India: 10.3%
2011: OECD: 2.9% India: 9.6%
2012: OECD: 2.3% India: 9.7%
2013: OECD: 1.7% India: 10.7%
2014: OECD: 1.8% India: 7.6%

joseph475210 • 2 years ago

November figures are out and we are talking Oct. hmm

nagarjun_93 • 2 years ago

Turn in industrial activity will take some time unlike the service sector growth which is immediate
Some actions like "Make in india" which will boost the industrial activity but for this to be seen, some time is required for industries to be setup and functional
Govt shouldn't worry about these numbers and should think of long term interests of the countr

Sid Harth • 2 years ago

Life goes on.