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akka69 • 9 years ago

KW should know that not all disabilities are visible.
His total lack of brain or heart is the perfect proof of that....

Michael • 9 years ago

Doesn't look like too many people were at that concert anyways, I wouldn't be, maybe if he starts making JESUS walks type songs again

Anonymous • 9 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of Kanye West or even a much of fan at all of his music, and I understand what the author of this article is trying to say, but i feel like every other thing this man does or says is almost always taken out of context or misconstrued by the media and then these incidents are used to justify more mass hate. I've seen some of his interviews, in particular the one with Jimmy Kimmel after the BBC interview skit (watch it if you want another perspective on him), and he comes across as a passionate but misguided person who can't completely handle the pressures of being a celebrity. He's earnest but can be insensitive and awkward and doesn't completely take into account the affect his actions may have on other people (ex: Taylor Swift), and makes things worse by overreacting to things or making his points in an awkward or clumsy way (lashing out at the media out of frustration for being skewered again). I don't think he necessarily has bad intentions when he wanted the crowd to stand up- he's explained he was trying to get everyone to have a good time and I believe he was not trying to bully or discriminate against anyone.

When you are labeling someone you don't know personally and never met a scumbag, saying he doesn't deserve to live, passing horrible or extreme judgments based on things you see in the media and trying to spread hate towards that person, without trying to understand where the person in question is coming from, you are behaving just as badly as you think they are, if not worse.

Guest • 9 years ago

"He's earnest but can be insensitive and awkward and doesn't completely take into account the affect his actions may have on other people (ex: Taylor Swift)"

I might have bought that if his rudeness wasn't habitual. He GOES OUT OF HIS WAY to be like that. Part of being a celebrity... hell part of being an adult, is that you're expected to have a filter, self-control, manners! He's got none of these, I don't care how you justify it!

Justjean • 9 years ago

Why in the world would a performer demand that folks who have PAID to see him should stand for him before he deigned to perform for them, and not just "the crowd" but EVERY able-bodied person in it? Forced honor is no honor at all. What business is it of his whether someone cares to stand for him BEFORE he even begins? Needy much? Power-hungry much? His fans should have stood and walked out. His daughter will no doubt despise him before she's grown.

Zach • 9 years ago

As a life long disabled man in a wheelchair who also happens to work in the music business, sadly I'm not shocked by this. Most people just don't think before acting or speaking. Either that, or people don't know how to act, nor what to think about or say to a disabled person. It's not hard, but it's also not something most people are exposed to early enough or often enough to know how to interact with a disabled person.

As for Kanye himself, I'd gladly give up my handicapped parking for the rest of my life if I didn't have to hear about him or his wife's family ever again.

Takei's meme though, that's just plain funny. It is a joke after all. I would laugh about it, even if it was me in the photo. I guess I just don't view it as much as making fun of disabilities as much as it is making fun of people's love for liquor, and I happen to love my adult beverages as much as the next guy. I certainly wouldn't let my disability get in the way of enjoying alcohol or me having a great time and enjoying my life.

Joey Rooster • 9 years ago

Not a fan of Kanye, but who's more foolish? The fool or the fools that follow them? ~ Obi-Wan

Tom Barnett • 9 years ago

Once again Kanye shows himself as an arrogant, classless fool!

Jeff • 9 years ago

Is it really news that Kanye West is self-absorbed, egotistical, and not extremely intelligent?

GlobeAnalyst • 9 years ago

Nothing but a piece of "S--T", he's bread crumbs? And his stink wife. Not the baby, baby is cute!

Jeffro451 • 9 years ago

Memo to O'Mara: You're wrong. The police didn't have probable cause. They didn't have the right to ask for ID. Miss Watts had every right to refuse the officer. You can win an argument with the police. You just need to know your rights and have the guts to not cave in.

pattha990 • 9 years ago

Wrong article.

TwilightSparkle • 9 years ago

I thought he was a gay fish. Or is he an ex-gay fish? I can never keep track with this guy.

What what what? • 9 years ago

Do you like fishsticks?

TwilightSparkle • 9 years ago


Bubba • 9 years ago

Kimye are truly proving to be the lowest class in American Culture.
Proof positive that Money and Class are independent of one another.

FSUfan • 9 years ago

Thats the case with the majority of hip hop artists

Martin • 9 years ago

West appears to be a despicable egoist. There is something very wrong with anyone who attends his next concert.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

The SUPREME leader of the great nation of DPRK seems to be his inspiration.

Whiteguiltxx • 9 years ago

I'm going to start supporting Kanye West..... Why?

When it becomes mainstream to insult person X , then it becomes uncool.

So if you want to be cool and hip ... support Kanye and you'll anger your parents and grownups.

FSUfan • 9 years ago

In order, a short list of people that need to disappear forever:

-The Obamas
-Justin Beiber
- Kanye
- The Kardashians

DannyLA • 9 years ago

I agree with Kanye West to dissappear, but I hope you too dissappear for good. Lol !

Whiteguiltxx • 9 years ago

White Guilt Liberals

Pologize • 9 years ago

I do hear some banjo music.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

Howdy, buddy. Where is your banjo ?

ruemorgue • 9 years ago


FSUfan • 9 years ago

Predictable comeback.. Looks like I hit a nerve as you're obviously a fan of them all.

ruemorgue • 9 years ago

LMAO - Troll got trolled.

Phil Toole • 9 years ago

If you're a performer and you need to ask for audience participation, maybe you chose the wrong line of work.

Sean Smith • 9 years ago

Dear CNN, I'm never commenting on another article of yours until you open up comments on the controversial subjects. You know, like the Middle East. Who cares about Kanye West and his vapid wife? Let people discuss real issues. Thank you.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

Dear Sean
We don't need you. Go away.

Guest • 9 years ago

Dear Sunandan, gladly. Enjoy discussing idiotic non-events like this while the world is at war.

tallulah13 • 9 years ago

Sean has a great point. You do not.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

CNN and the cronies that nudge them in specific directions learned a lesson during the Ferguson issue. The Internet is a double edged sword. If someone can use it to sway opinion against Iran, Russia ,China and now, Venezuela ( notice how CNN carried more derogatory articles about them , but not Saudi Arabia ) , the same applies to their own country. Angry ,jobless people with guns get swayed easily.
So, buddy, no more comments for you.

Sean Smith • 9 years ago

Silly me, believing in this quaint old-fashioned idea of "Free Speech." Adios.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

Aren't you from the same country that tried Communist sympathizers through a grand jury, forced filmmakers with socialist leanings out of work etc etc ?

Sean Smith • 9 years ago

LOL, you tell me no more comments for me, then you ask me a question. Then on the one hand you argue for censorship in the media, then you criticize censorship that happened before I was even born. Any other ways you'd like to contradict yourself?

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

Taking pride in your country's achievements( for which you personally did nothing) and lambasting everyone but yourself for all the sh@#$t happens around, this is a strategy you guys have honed quite well(wasn't me, liberals/conservatives/atheists/bible thumpers are responsible). You aren't exactly any different.

Sean Smith • 9 years ago

Wow, you're quite the intellectual. The only thing you know about me is that I made a comment to CNN to encourage them to open up comments on more serious matters, rather than vacuous topics like Kanye West. For THAT, you go off on some mini-rant making all sorts of assumptions about me, my country, my politics, what I've contributed to the world, etc. etc. All of which you know ZERO about. I guess since you don't have a real point to make but like to hear yourself babble, you have to resort to ad hominems.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

Don't be coy. You know that i am right ..

Sean Smith • 9 years ago


Sean Smith • 9 years ago

Thank you.

tallulah13 • 9 years ago

People had already paid for a concert. Kanye West was utterly out of line for holding the service he was paid for as a hostage to his childish demands. His ignorant commands to people with disabilities is just the icing on the cake.

PaleMoon • 9 years ago

Kanye West has his own disability. He was born without a functional brain. This totally talentless and irrelevant bonehead and the tramp he sleeps with are nothing more than a media invention. Pathetic.

AndyDaniel • 9 years ago

Although this article is about his appalling behavior to his wheelchair-bound fans, his behavior to his able-bodied fans is only slightly less appalling. Who is he to demand anything of his customers beyond the purchase of a ticket and to not disturb others? By threatening to not continue unless people stood, he basically forced people risk the anger of the crowd if they didn't comply.

tallulah13 • 9 years ago

I didn't see your comment when I made my own. I agree with you completely. Has his performance rated it, people would have stood without his demands.

Sunandan K • 9 years ago

They should have thumped his head with beet bottles. It is empty anyway.

j7apple • 9 years ago

If you actually went to a West concert, you deserve the abuse.

Boris Roberts • 9 years ago

Kanye West is a loser. Having money doesn't give you class. I bet he parks in handicapped parking too, since he's so "special."

ALL LIVES MATTER • 9 years ago

Kanye = self important duechebag