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Friskypotpie • 4 years ago

An inline 3 @ 375cc would be nice

Loren Andrews • 4 years ago

One can only hope.......

Ted • 4 years ago

WOW!! Pant , pant.

Tumbles • 4 years ago

If this was that I would have sold my Daytona.

spooky • 4 years ago

But then the price would triple and then its not a beginners bike anymore.

Ted • 4 years ago

Wow! That would be sweet. But till then, thanks Yamaha, Kawasaki & Honda for some really sweet small & mid-size new engines. Most of the motorcycling public
doesn't even want to own 150 to 200 hp. Motorcycles. Insurance to high, prefer to keep my license. ( Suzuki, your 250 is to pathetic to mention, come on already! )

Garth Vandenberg • 4 years ago

If the progression continues we will end up at 650cc's and be back where we started! :)

Doc Dave • 4 years ago

I agree ! How about keeping them all 250's as they were and then see which one can build the best bike!!

Michael Watters • 4 years ago

Should have made it a triple.

Roscoe • 4 years ago

But is it faster then my 1977 RD400?

Ted • 4 years ago

As great as the RD was in it's time, and still is in all out performance, with about 20% less displacement it may not be ( or maybe it will ). Regardless of it's straight line numbers, you won't want to get involved with one on the street if there are a couple of curves in the road. YAMAHA has come a long way in the handling department since then.

Roscoe • 4 years ago

All too true and is the reason I invested in a boxed aluminum swing arm and good shocks. Steering head bearings are rollers now with a shimmy dampener plus I had some pros restore the front forks. It is not my old Buell 1125 R but it is not the pig it used to be.

Ted • 4 years ago

Give me a break here, I'm just jealous because you've got the RD! :-)

Roscoe • 4 years ago

I stripped it to the frame and had it and the wheels powder coated and replaced or repaired everything. New roller bearings, stainless brake line, electronic ignition and on and on. It has new reeds, and a K&N intake with expansion chambers. I paid 12 hundred for the bike and put about 7 grand into it doing all the work myself.

Ted • 4 years ago

Wow! Thanks for the picture, too.

Roscoe • 4 years ago

You are most welcome. I love motorcycles but I am getting so old I barely can get a leg over one. The RD will be my last one.
Back in the late 60's and early 70's I was helping a kid that was racing AMA flat track. He could ride but couldn't wrench. I learned all the two stroke stuff, from lots of nice people, doing that plus I am a FAA licensed aircraft mechanic, airframe and powerplant. This RD was my last project.

abra697469 • 4 years ago

I have been riding for over 20 years and if highway riding was to be kept to a minimum I will take a 250'ish sport bike everytime. It's a lot more fun to ride a lighter, smaller bike doing your best Rossi impression than a 600cc & up in the typical public road.

rdMark • 4 years ago

I've been riding for 3 years now and, besides the FZ-09, this is the first new bike that I actually love the look of and want to purchase. Looks like a fantastic in-city commuter and will likely have plenty of power for the highway.

The OGS • 4 years ago

When I first started on my CB750 in the seventies Honda had 350 and 500 4-cylinders.
I drove my buddy's 350-4 and it was very smooth (if modest in power output).
Now Honda has the single in this comparo, what's up with that?

And these smooth-sounding stock twins will begin going POP POP POP POP POP! once the owners hang some slip-on exhausts on them. An agricultural sound...

I think Honda should build a triple or 4-cyl and maybe Suzuki would build the single?
That would make more sense to me, heheh.
Honda had a V-4 500cc sportbike 30 years ago! My my how times have changed...

Ted • 4 years ago

Interesting point. Always wanted one of those 350 4's, but never got one. Made the mistake of going to lunch to decide for sure. When I got back it was gone! (Used)
Lesson learned. Did have the first year 500 four. Sweet bike. Would cruise 80 all day, and smooth. Oddly, top speed was no greater than CB 350 TWIN, both stock & well tuned. Today's Honda 500 twin is even better than the four ( just rode one). Unfortunately, production cost have gone up considerably since then. They could make it, but it would be priced out of today's market & wouldn't sell in suffucient numbers. Times have indeed changed.

jerome • 4 years ago

People need to stop buying new bikes like this. Their way over priced for what you get buy used and by the time your ready. You will want more bike then what you have. So go head and buy new lose money or buy used and save.

Stueygrenouille • 4 years ago

Without people who buy new bikes, how will you be able to buy used? Also, you're assuming that it's strictly for beginners. Gimme a break. It'll be a great track day machine! Cheaper to fix than a 600 SS and more flickable.

Andrew Cooler Can • 4 years ago

Jerome want to sell his used bike so he can buy a new one;)

Gareth Hill • 4 years ago

Yo, I see it this way too...

NT650Blue • 4 years ago

FWIW, add about 30 Lbs (and probably 65 HP) for a Street Triple (675). Picked up an R version a few months ago and it's fantastic! Super-lightweight, handles very much like my old Hawk GT. :) This is in response to Tumbles and Garth.