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Will Harris • 4 years ago

Lisa, thanks for your comment. Frankly am just flattered that anyone has read the piece, let along commented on it! And you are quite right re Coke. I hadn't perhaps realised how smart they were being, bbut then I'm not sure they did either...

Will Harris • 4 years ago

Rob, I think you have hit the nail on the head here. The old understanding between brands and the branded is under pressure as our identifies multiply. I have no idea how this will resolve itself...i just know somehow it will!

Rob Hobson • 4 years ago

Not quite sure I understand your point. Yes, we like stereotypes. In fact, generally speaking we like simplicity. We distrust nuance. But if we're all several different people, why would we search for one brand to be all things to us? If a brand stands for something, then - as a logical truism - it can't stand for everything. Why would I want it to?

Lisa van Heereveld • 4 years ago

Interesting article, thank you. Reminds me of how Coca Cola decided to just simply use people's actual names on their products.